Terrible Angels Review

Terrible Angels is a drama/thriller that debuted on October 15, 2013.

When the show opens, we are introduced to Linda Grossel (Una Jo Blade), who is a hardcore drug addict and sells illegal drugs to get a her fix. She has two small children she neglects so she can go out prostituting to get more money to buy drugs. Her ex-boyfriend is in prison, due to illegal drug charges and she is out of control. 

She breaks into her boyfriends, home and attacks him because he is with another girl. He calls the cops on her and they catch her in the act of inhaling illegal drugs off of tin foil. She is immediately arrested, taken to jail, and booked. Her children have been taken by the Department Of Children’s Services, due to neglect. After a brief stay, she is released on bond.

Linda is in desperate need of a fix so she goes out on the prostitution prowl for clients and cash. After getting thrown out a bar, she heads down a desolate alleyway, where she is approached by a strange man, Justice (Hank Cartwright). He entices her with money and drugs, which she reluctantly excepts.

When Linda wakes up, she finds that she has been taken captive. She is chained to a tree on a long metal leash. Justice shows up every so often to bring her food and threatens her with punishment, if she does not behave. 

She hears someone yelling for water. She looks around and sees white PVC pipe coming out of the ground, which is where the voice is coming from. They have been captured just she has, except they misbehaved and ended up buried in coffins, six feet under. 

Linda stays captive for quite some time, until she is able to escape. She ends back up in jail because she missed her bail hearing. Detective Ben Nolan (Michael Madsen) questions Linda about her disappearance. She reveals her story to him, but he is skeptical and she accuses him of disbelieving her. 

Will Linda be able to help the other captives that have been captured by the ruthless Justice? Will she ever be able to live a normal life, with her kids, and without drugs?


Terrible Angels is a very odd movie. When it first started, I thought, “this movie just isn’t for me”, but I waited for about fifteen to twenty minutes and I sure am glad I did. This twisted tale is an example of a harsh drug treatment program. With almost 61% of teen from the age of 12 to 17 addicted to some type of prescription or illegal drug, we could definitely use the government approval for this type of drug treatment. I would advise anyone that has teenagers to watch this movie. 

Una Jo Blade should be commended for how well she portrayed the terrified Linda. If you are looking for a horror flick, keep looking, but if you are looking for a good twisted thriller, you should watch this movie. All in all I liked Terrible Angels and feel that it deserves an 7 out of 10.

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