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The Game: S1.E6 Review

In the finale of BBC’s The Game, the team is still struggling to come to terms with the KGB bombing. Meanwhile, Operation Glass is edging towards its explosive conclusion. Will the MI5 be able to solve the puzzle and prevent a devastating disaster? When the show opens, Sarah Montag (Victoria Hamilton) discusses the mole situation with Odin. She confirms she… Read more →

The Game: S1.E5 Review

The revelations from the previous episode carry over, as the team struggles to cope with the ideal of a mole amongst them. The Soviet crisis continues to spiral out of control, while Wendy Straw (Chloe Pirrie) delivers the team a much needed break. Also, Sarah Montag (Victoria Hamilton) finds herself in danger. Can Alan (Jonathan Aris) make the right decision… Read more →

The Game: S1.E4 Review

In this episode of BBC America’s The Game, Joe Lambe (Tom Hughes) discovers the Reds are one step ahead of them, which influences him to attempt to convince the team to pull a dangerous scheme involving a double agent. Of course, this causes the other members of the team to grow anxious. In the meantime, Alan Montag’s (Jonathan Aris) discovery… Read more →

The Game S1.E3 Review

In episode 3, the team finds a potential spy, who happens to have connections to the United State’s military. With access to United State’s military bases, are the team in over their heads? Daddy also attempts to help a Chinese dancer defect safely. Will a mistake from Wendy Straw (Chloe Pirrie) allow Bobby Waterhouse (Paul Ritter) to gain the upper… Read more →

The Game: S1.E2 Review

In the latest episode of BBC’s The Game, the committee is set to investigate Tom Mallory, who is a ruthless man currently locked in prison on assault charges. Joe Lambe (Tom Hughes), Jim Fenchurch (Shaun Dooley) and Arkady (Marcel Lures) are together at the beginning of the episode. Joe goes to the meeting point. Arkady attempts to meet his target… Read more →

The Game Review: Pilot

The Game (BBC) is a sophisticated, spy drama that explores the Cold War. After a former KGB officer attempts to defect, he provides the MI5, with information regarding the Soviet’s Operation Glass. The show explores the MI5’s new special committee, which is tasked with investigating the Soviet’s operations. Among the MI5’s team, we have Daddy (Brian Cox), who leads the… Read more →