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the code series 2 finale

The Code S2 Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale, we see Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) emerge from a building and surrender to police. After the intro scene, Jesse is contacted¬†on the phone. Lara Dixon (Sigrid Thornton) is on the other end. Jesse begins listing is demands, but Lara informs him that Nasim (Michael Denkha) has already fled. A flashback shows Hani and her… Read more →

Nolan and Daryl The Code

The Code S2 Episode 5 Recap

The episode begins during the chaos at the protest. Kiki (Emele Ugavule) has been shot and Ned (Dan Spielman) attempts to record the event. Tahila (Annabelle Malaika Suess) is escorted home, while Ned and Meg (Ella Scott Lynch) remain behind. The couple finds Jan Roth (Anthony LaPaglia) comforting his wife. They attempt to encourage her to get up and walk,… Read more →

the Kaspion Key the code

The Code S2 Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the 4th episode, we see Ned (Dan Spielman) out on the streets surrounded by protestors and chaos. Two men on a motorbike arrive and open fire in Ned’s direction. After the intro scene, Ned, Jesse (Ashley Zukerman) and Meg (Ella Scott Lynch) arrive in Papua. Ned and Jesse speak about Meg’s potential relationship with the pilot… Read more →

Jesse Banks The Code S2

The Code S2 Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Gary Hunter (Guy Edmonds) rushes to prepare for his meeting with Jan Roth, while simultaneously preparing to shop Callum to HeBeLove. Callum McCray (Otis Pavlovic) is shown crying in his room, before the intro begins. Hani (Adele Perovic), Remsey (Greg Kapernick) and the others are escorted to the border office and questioned. It is… Read more →

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The Code S2 Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) is shown submerged in water. After the intro scene, Courtney (Liz Harper) and Michael McCray (Sandy Winton) are shown in a flashback with their son. Seconds later, Callum (Otis Pavlovic) wakes up in Gary’s house. He tries to escape once again, but finds the door locked. He bangs on the… Read more →

Renewed: The Code Season 2

Have you caught up with the Australian drama, The Code, which is currently available on Netflix? If you haven’t you might want to do so, within the next few months, because the series has been renewed for a second season. The series, which airs on ABC1, premiered on September 21, 2014. It was renewed for a second season in June… Read more →

The Code Review S1.E6

When the show starts, we are right back where we left off in the last episode. The brothers and Lyndon Joyce (Dan Wyllie) are still at the meeting point. Lyndon suggests the brothers should run, before the cops arrive. Despite Jesse’s (Ashley Zukerman) pleas, nobody seems interested in helping him find the location and condition of Hani (Adele Pervoic). Ned… Read more →

The Code S1.E5 Review

When the episode opens, we see Hani Parande (Adele Perovic) in the back of Andy King’s truck. It appears she is being held within a torture room. Next, she is placed in a chair and a plastic bag is placed over her head. Next, Ned Banks (Dan Spielman) and Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) are sitting around their house. Ned is… Read more →

The Code Review S1.E4

The episode opens with Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) lying out in the barren wasteland. With blood coming from his nose, it appears he has been attacked. We flashback and Jesse is seen at a car park, where he cannot afford to pay for his stay. The attendant appears to rush off to call the cops, as Jesse pursues him. Meanwhile,… Read more →