the code series 2 finale

The Code S2 Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale, we see Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) emerge from a building and surrender to police. After the intro scene, Jesse is contacted¬†on […]

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The Code S2 Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) is shown submerged in water. After the intro scene, Courtney (Liz Harper) and Michael McCray (Sandy Winton) […]

Renewed: The Code Season 2

Have you caught up with the Australian drama, The Code, which is currently available on Netflix? If you haven’t you might want to do so, within the […]

The Code S1.E5 Review

When the episode opens, we see Hani Parande (Adele Perovic) in the back of Andy King’s truck. It appears she is being held within a torture room. […]

The Code Review S1.E4

The episode opens with Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) lying out in the barren wasteland. With blood coming from his nose, it appears he has been attacked. We […]