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Stalker: Salvation Review

When the show opens, we’re introduced to Isabelle Martin (Sara Paxton), who is being pursued by a friend of her ex-boyfriend, Oscar Ramirez (JD Pardo). She is able to fight off her attack and retreat into her friend’s apartment. Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) wakes up in Beth Davis’s (Maggie Q) house, before heading to take Ethan to school. After Beth… Read more →

Stalker: Lost and Found Review

The show opens with the introduction of Coach Baker (Andrew W. Walker), who is being stalked. He heads under the bleachers to get his cellphone, which was mysteriously placed. He reads threatening messages, before the bleachers begin to close on him. Despite a close call, Baker is able to escape, with his life. Jack Larson (Dylan McDermott) discusses the case… Read more →

Stalker: My Hero Review

When the episode opens, we’re introduced to Dave Knox (Michael Rady) and Nicole Clark (Phoebe Tonkin). The pair share an embrace and kiss on the pier, before Dave proposes and Nicole agrees to marry him. Sadly, the ring is a little too big, but she doesn’t seem to care. The pair enjoy the rides and attractions, while a shady figure… Read more →

Stalker: The News Review

When the opens, we see the set of KCAX news and are introduced to John Bardo (Kerr Smith), the anchor. John receives strange text messages, before he receives a video of his daughter, Emma. When the show goes live, John panics and begins calling for help and the police. Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) arrives at the Threat Assessment Unit and… Read more →

Stalker: Crazy for You Review

In the latest episode of CBS’ Stalker, a suicidal mental patient is suspected of stalking a psychiatrist. The TAU unravels a startling mystery involving the stalker. Also, Beth (Maggie Q) discovers an alarming revelation, during the investigation into her own stalking. When the show opens, Jay Karnes (Adam Lewis) sits down with one of his patients, Philip (Jeff Williams). After… Read more →

Stalker: Skin Review

In the latest episode of CBS’ Stalker, the skinheads come to town and terrorize a man’s normally calm neighborhood. In order to receive protection from the Threat Assessment Unit, the man must reveal the truth about his spotty past. A friendly neighborhood cookout is interrupted by Jax Teller and the Sons. Mark Evan Richards (Marc Blucas) fears for his family’s… Read more →