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helen weeks in the dark

In The Dark Episode 1 Recap

As the series gets underway, we see an individual digging up dirt in the rain. After the intro, we see DI Helen Weeks (MyAnna Buring) chasing a suspect. The suspect is quickly cornered. Helen’s partner seems interested in stunning the suspect with a taser. Helen talks them out of it and winds up getting punched in the stomach. Helen is… Read more →

holly and sara three girls episode 3

Three Girls Episode 2 Recap

At the very beginning of the 2nd episode, Holly Winshaw (Molly Windsor) gives another interview. She starts from the beginning and walks the police officer through her entire ordeal. She admits she doesn’t know what Amber (Ria Zmitrowicz) knew. Seconds later, the police knock on the door and Elliot Young (Brian Fletcher) answers. Amber is ushered downstairs and placed under… Read more →