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Madam Secretary Finale Recap and Review

When the Madam Secretary finale opens, Juliet (Nilaja Sun) is shown at the prison. A few seconds in and Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) enters. Liz insists she is there to save her life, but Juliet doesn’t seem interested. Elizabeth uses Juliet’s kid and attempts to learn about Juliet’s comrades. Juliet insists Liz quit and is actually the traitor. Liz escapes… Read more →

Madam Secretary: Kill List Review

The Madam Secretary Kill List episode opens with Aiden Humphrey (Hill Harper) feeding his children. The family is watched through their web camera, by Juliet (Nilaja Sun). Next Elizabeth is seen speaking to her therapist, Dr. Kinsey Sherman (Marsha Mason). The pair discuss Juliet and bringing her in, before Liz speaks about their history. Liz insists Juliet betrayed everyone and… Read more →

Madam Secretary: Spartan Figures Review

When the episode opens, Elizabeth (Tea Leoni) and Henry McCord (Tim Daly) enjoy a snowy getaway. They contemplate keeping their second home, instead of selling. Stevie and the other kids show up riding horses, before Jason (Evan Roe) and Alison (Katherine Herzer) argue over Alison’s Taylor Swift like Instagram account. Of course, Nadine (Bebe Neuwirth) and Blake Moran (Erich Bergen)… Read more →

Madam Secretary: The Time it at Hand Review

Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) speaks at a charity event for the Society For Global Aid. Matt Mahoney (Geoffrey Arend) receives congratulations for writing the speech, before he is interrupted by an old school colleague, Zach (Frankie J. Alvarez). Zach offers to write a report on Matt. Elizabeth is stopped by Gary Coomer (Dennis Boutsikaris), who asks if she would help… Read more →

Madam Secretary: Tamerlane Review

At the beginning of the episode, Andrew Munsey’s (Patrick Breen) house is searched, as he fitted with an ankle bracelet. Andrew is put under extreme surveillance, in hopes of finding more evidence. They also cut off his communications to prevent him from notifying his coconspirators. The President and Elizabeth discuss the situation. President Conrad Dalton (Keith Carradine) insists this could… Read more →

Madam Secretary: The Ninth Circle Review

At the beginning of the episode, Isabelle (Marin Hinkle) pays Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) a visit, at her home. Elizabeth apologizes, before they express their dismay over Juliet’s betrayal. Isabelle reads the note, which was left for Liz. The note insists Juliet is acting to help protect her country. Henry insists it feels like Juliet is working on something bigger.… Read more →

Madam Secretary: Whisper of the Ax Review

At the beginning of the episode, Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) hangs out with her friends, Isabelle and Juliet, while discussing the upcoming budget show down and her biggest rival, Senator Everard Burke (John Bedford Llyod). Juliet (Nilaja Sun) reveals that she lost custody of her kids. At the office, Liz talks about the budget with Daisy (Patina Miller), Blake (Erich… Read more →