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Hiding Finale Recap

When the episode opens, Nils pays a visit to Kosta (Nathan Page). Nils immediately ridicules Kosta for using Danny Stolz. He insists Kosta has messed up big time, by exposing the business. Dimity interrupts and halts the conversation. In his sleep, Lincoln (James Stewart) imagines he sees a templar and Nils gunning him down, before he wakes up. At the… Read more →

Hiding Episode 7 Recap

The episode begins with John Pinder (Stephen Curry) receiving a wakeup call from Rebecca (Kate Jenkinson), who informs him about Lincoln’s predicament. During the chaos, Rebecca receives a call from her other daughter, Brianna Novak (Airlie Dodds). The call is abruptly ended, due to the confusion of the situation. In the car, Danny Stolz (Anthony Gee) demands Lincoln’s phone. He… Read more →

Hiding Review EP6

At the beginning of the episode, Lincoln (James Stewart) is shown working at the university. Isaac Ulrich (Mitchell Butel) interrupts and speaks about Lincoln’s background. The pair talk about post traumatic stress syndrome, but Isaac changes the subject. One of the top students, Harriet (Cariba Heine), enters, before Lincoln storms out and reads the new information regarding deception. Mitchell (Lincoln… Read more →

Hiding Recap EP5

The episode begins with a flashback of Lincoln blowing up a car, before playing it cool and getting out of trouble, when the cops arrive. As it turns out, he is telling his criminal exploits to Jacq Maccelstone (Zindzi Okenyo). She asks Lincoln, if he could run her tutorial, since she has run into a scheduling complication. Once he is… Read more →

Hiding Recap EP4

When the episode opens, Lincoln (James Stewart) dreams he is heading to the morgue, with Nils (Marcus Graham). Nils transforms into Kosta Krilich (Nathan Page), before they harass Toop. The conflict ensues and a young girl is shown, before Lincoln wakes up. Rebecca (Kate Jenkinson) insists she is going to contact to her brother to find out about the baby.… Read more →

Hiding Review Episode 3

It seems the Swift family is adjusting to their new lives, as Lincoln (James Stewart) has started earning money at work and Tara (Olivia DeJonge) has taken a liking to the school’s drama club. Of course, Mitchell (Lincoln Younes) doesn’t want to go back, but Rebecca (Kate Jenkinson) solves that problem with a little water. Tara attempts to take the… Read more →

Hiding Review EP2

The episode starts with Lincoln Swift (James Stewart) freaking out, while retrieving his morning paper and mail. Rebecca (Kate Jenkinson) arrives and attempts to bring Lincoln to his senses, before the pair disappear inside. Mitch and Tara attempt to memorize their new background and identities, before they receive a knock at the door. After an initial scare, it turns out… Read more →

Hiding Review

During the beginning of the episode, we meet the Quigg family, Troy (James Stewart), Maree (Kate Jenkinson), Mitchell (Lincoln Younes) and Shaneen (Olivia DeJonge). The father, Troy gets into a bit of trouble, in what appears to be a drug deal gone wrong. He makes it back home and sleeps through the night, before it is raided. At the jail,… Read more →