Hiding Finale Recap

When the episode opens, Nils pays a visit to Kosta (Nathan Page). Nils immediately ridicules Kosta for using Danny Stolz. He insists Kosta has messed up big […]

Hiding Episode 7 Recap

The episode begins with John Pinder (Stephen Curry) receiving a wakeup call from Rebecca (Kate Jenkinson), who informs him about Lincoln’s predicament. During the chaos, Rebecca receives […]

Hiding Review EP6

At the beginning of the episode, Lincoln (James Stewart) is shown working at the university. Isaac Ulrich (Mitchell Butel) interrupts and speaks about Lincoln’s background. The pair […]

Hiding Recap EP5

The episode begins with a flashback of Lincoln blowing up a car, before playing it cool and getting out of trouble, when the cops arrive. As it […]

Hiding Recap EP4

When the episode opens, Lincoln (James Stewart) dreams he is heading to the morgue, with Nils (Marcus Graham). Nils transforms into Kosta Krilich (Nathan Page), before they […]

Hiding Review Episode 3

It seems the Swift family is adjusting to their new lives, as Lincoln (James Stewart) has started earning money at work and Tara (Olivia DeJonge) has taken […]

Hiding Review EP2

The episode starts with Lincoln Swift (James Stewart) freaking out, while retrieving his morning paper and mail. Rebecca (Kate Jenkinson) arrives and attempts to bring Lincoln to […]

Hiding Review

During the beginning of the episode, we meet the Quigg family, Troy (James Stewart), Maree (Kate Jenkinson), Mitchell (Lincoln Younes) and Shaneen (Olivia DeJonge). The father, Troy […]