frances happy valley finale

Happy Valley S2 Finale Recap

When the episode begins, Catherine (Sarah Lancashire) heads to the school and lets the principal know about¬†Frances attempting to put thoughts in Ryan’s (Rhys Connah) mind. The […]

happy valley s2 e5 frances

Happy Valley Recap S2 E5

When the episode begins, Catherine (Sarah Lancashire) and her friends take Ann (Charlie Murphy) out for drinks, in hopes of getting her to cheer up. Catherine and […]

Happy Valley Series 2 Episode 3

Happy Valley Recap S2 E3

When the episode begins, we witness Catherine (Sarah Lancashire) attending a counseling session with a therapist (David Crellin). Catherine obviously doesn’t want to be there, but speaks […]

Happy Valley Review

Happy Valley is a crime/drama that began airing on BBC One, April 29, 2014. When the series opens, we are introduced to rough and tough police sergeant, […]