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Constantine: Angels and Ministers of Grace Review

The show opens with the introductions of Taylor (April Billingsley), who attempts to score some drugs, before her brother’s funeral the next day. While trying to consume the drugs, she is attacked by a monster, who forcefully injects her. She wakes up, with blood vessels visible all over her face. John Constantine (Matt Ryan) speaks with Chas Chandler (Charles Halford)… Read more →

Constantine: A Whole World Out There Review

At the cemetery, a group of students speak about Jacob Shaw (William Mapother), who believes he can create new worlds. The students perform a ritual, which transports each to a different location. One is confronted by an evil presence, while another is asked for help. Finally, Adam (Shamier Anderson) drops a vase, which places everyone back in their bodies. Next,… Read more →

Constantine: Quid Pro Quo Review

When the show opens, we witness an evil spirit casting a wicked spell. Next, we’re introduced to Chas’s daughter, Geraldine Chandler (Alexa Nisenson). While she plays with her dolls, the evil rushes in and attacks her. John Constantine (Matt Ryan) attempts to comfort Zed (Angelica Celaya), by telling her he casted a spell, which will protect the property, but she… Read more →

Constantine Review S1.E9

When the show opens, Anne Marie (Claire van der Boom) escapes from the sewer with the babies. Chas (Charles Halford) questions her about John (Matt Ryan), who is still fighting the monster inside, while bleeding from the gunshot wound. Constantine turns himself into a gem, which stops the attack. Manny appears and questions John’s decision. Manny (Harold Perrineau) insists he… Read more →

Constantine: Blessed Are the Damned Review

In the latest episode of Constantine, a preacher reviews an angel’s wing, which allows him to perform miracles. Of course, his actions come with consequences. The episode opens with Paster Zachary (Patrick Carroll) discussing his sermons with Sarah (Juliana Harkavy). Zachary insists on using poisonous snakes like his father did. Next, he is seen handling the snakes in his church.… Read more →

Constantine Review: A Feast of Friends

The episode opens with Constantine’s old comrade, Gary Lester (Jonjo O’Neill) attempting to board an airplane. It seems Gary has brought a possessed bottle back to Atlanta with him. The sheriff picks it up and drops it immediately. AH! Massive cockroaches everywhere! They even crawl into Officer Ned Pepper’s (Mark Jeffrey Miller) mouth. John Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Zed Martin… Read more →