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Brickleberry Review Amber Alert

In the latest episode of Brickleberry, a new and hot female ranger joins the park, which makes Ethel (Natasha Leggero) feel uneasy. Meanwhile, Denzel (Jerry Minor) is moved to a fire lookout tower, which happens to be secluded. Woody (Tom Kenny) introduces Harold and immediately announces his retirement. Ethel and Malloy (Daniel Tosh) argue over a sexist joke. Ethel has… Read more →

Brickleberry Review: High Stakes

Its BRICKEBERRRRRRRRYYYY! Woody (Tom Kenny) doesn’t have arse cancer. Instead, he was just shoving a bunch of foreign objects up his bum. The doctor misses his chance to kill another patient. Ew, Connie eats her own pubes. Malloy (Daniel Tosh) attempts to find a date on Craigslist. Excellent jokes about Ethel and her man stick breath. Woody is depressing and… Read more →