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brett top of the lake

Top Of The Lake Season 2 Finale

As the finale begins, Pyke (Ewen Leslie) and Robin (Elisabeth Moss) continue sleeping together. Soon, they learn about the disturbance at Silk 41. Miranda (Gwendoline Christie) calls and gives Robin an update. Then, Pyke and Robin rush to the scene. Robin checks a body, which is being hauled into an ambulance it isn’t Mary. Stally (Christiaan Van Vuuren) and the… Read more →

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Top of the Lake Series 2 Episode 5 Recap

In the middle of the night, Puss (David Dencik) picks up Mary (Alice Englert). In the morning, Pyke (Ewen Leslie) visits Robin (Elisabeth Moss) and learns about his daughter’s whereabouts. It seems he has a panic attack of sorts. Then, Brett (Lincoln Vickery) meets up with Robin and Miranda (Gwendoline Christie) at the morgue. The detectives use Brett’s recollection of… Read more →

Ryan Johnson Doctor Doctor

Doctor Doctor Episode 6 Recap

When the 6th episode begins, we join Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser) and Penny (Hayley McElhinney). The couple has just finished working with a patient and is headed back into Whyhope. Hugh invites Penny for a beer. She agrees, before spotting the watch Hugh has purchased for Ajax (Matt Castley). Penny ridicules Hugh’s choice and insists Ajax isn’t the type of… Read more →