Babylon TV Show Review EP6

The show opens with Banjo (Andrew Brooke) and Robbie (Adam Deacon) rejoining the police force. Sharon (Nicola Walker) gives a press conference and confirms the news, but […]

Babylon TV Show Review EP 5

Since they’re suspended, due to the shooting, Banjo (Andrew Brooke), Warwick (Nick Blood) and Tony (Stuart Martin) attempt to relieve their stress, with a little paintball. The […]

Babylon Ep4

When the show opens, Commissioner Miller’s (James Nesbitt) corpse is dragged from the water, while Liz (Brit Marling) attempts to intimidate the reporter, who is trying to […]

Babylon E3 Review

When the show opens, the commissioner works out angrily. Meanwhile, Robbie (Adam Deacon) is put in charge of talking down a suicide jumper. The jumper goes over, […]

Babylon Episode 2 Review

The episode starts with a training exercise, in which Robbie (Adam Deacon) lets the team down. Meanwhile, Liz (Brit Marling) gets high with her ex-boyfriend, Granger (James […]

Babylon Review

When the show opens, we’re introduced to the out of control police force of London and police commissioner, Richard Miller (James Nesbitt). We also get to know […]