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Ascension Finale Review

The Ascension finale wrapped up a lot of loose ends, while leaving the viewer grasping for answers. When the episode begins, Viondra Denninger (Tricia Helfer) reads the results of the computer software, which grants couples the right be married. While Samantha Krueger (Lauren Lee Smith) believes this to be rigged, Martin Carillo (Mark Camacho) insists the results are received based… Read more →

Ascension: Part 2 Review

When the show opens, Stokes (Brad Carter) is locked in an isolated room. Harris Enzmann (Gil Bellows) watches everything happen from Earth. Gault watches Lorelei Wright’s (Amanda Thomson) test. When questioned about Ascension, she refers to it as a trap. The librarian tells Gault the best thing for them to do is to move on with their lives. Presley (Michelle… Read more →

Ascension Review

When the show opens, we travel to a a period of time, which is fifty-one years into the one hundred year journey through space. Everything comes to a halt, when the body of Lorelei Wright (Amanda Thomson) is found dead. Back on Earth, Harris Enzmann (Gil Bellows) visits his father, Abraham, in the hospital. Outside of the hospital, Harris is… Read more →