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American Crime Finale Recap

Each of the families attends church, before Hector Tontz is shown in prison attempting to put together a defense. Russ (Timothy Hutton) finishes renovating the home and attempts to make contact with Mark to no avail. He calls Barb (Felicity Huffman) and warns her about the DA letting Carter Nix go free, but she doesn’t answer. Aliyah (Regina King) preaches… Read more →

American Crime Recap EP9

At the beginning of the episode, Barb (Felicity Huffman) practices her shooting skills. Aliyah and Timothy Little (Cedric Duplechain) discuss Carter’s chances and the evidence against him. At the prison, Hector is transported again, while Russ begins repairing the house. He takes a break and inspects pictures of his son showing off with corpses, during the war, before burning them.… Read more →

American Crime Recap Episode 8

At the beginning of the episode, Carter Nix is interviewed for a television segment. Aliyah is shown organizing a rally for Carter. He ends the interview, after questions tick him off. Timothy Little (Cedric Duplechain) insists the group may be getting a little too big. Next, Mr. Gutierrez watches the attack video, before he attempts to get Tony out of… Read more →

American Crime Recap EP7

At the opening of the episode, Hector is seen adjusting to his new prison, while Carter Nix doesn’t seem to be fairing very well back in his cell. At the Gutierrez house, Tony speaks to his father regarding Jenny. Aubry is questioned about the attack and it is suggested that she needs to testify against Nix. At work, Russ is… Read more →

American Crime Review EP6

At the beginning of the episode of American Crime, Barb (Felicity Huffman) ridicules the actions of the DA for allowing Carter to get out on bail. Aliyah Shadeed (Regina King) speaks to her attorney about Carter’s ransacked apartment and the bail money, which is all gone. The pair contemplate whether or not Aubry will testify against Carter. Russ (Timothy Hutton)… Read more →

American Crime Review Ep4

At the beginning of the episode, Aliyah Shadid (Regina King) attends church. Aubry attends a group counseling session for her drug problem, but exits early. Barb returns to the salon again and attempts to get her hair fixed. She receives a head massage, while answering questions about her situation. Once she has finished, she heads to the airport and picks… Read more →

American Crime Ep 3 Review

When the episode opens, Mr. Gutierrez has breakfast and listens to a nurse reported regarding the murder. He shuts it off, after growing upset. Before he leaves for work, he attempts to say goodbye to his daughter, Jenny (Gleendilys Inoa), but is ignored. When he steps outside, the media and journalists await his arrival. Meanwhile, Tony is forced to play… Read more →

American Crime Review: EP2

When the episode opens, Carter sits in jail, as the judge prepares all of the inmates for arraignment. At the same time, Gwen’s parents attend church service. Afterwards, Carter Nix is charged with the murder, while Barb watches. Tony is processed into a juvenile detention facility. Mr. Gutierrez attempts to speak on his son’s behalf and get him bail, but… Read more →