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Are you into anime? The 2012 television series, Sword Art Online, is currently available on Hulu. If you’re a fan of anime and enjoy MMORPG games, you should definitely check out this little gem. Of course, like many of these shows, all of the dialogue is spoken in Japanese. Therefore, you’ll need to read. Surely, you know how to do that. The first season of the show contains twenty five episodes. Anyway, here’s a short description to get you hooked.

The Japanese anime is set in the year 2022. A new virtual reality device, Nerve Gear, has been released for RPG fanboys to salivate for. Nerve Gear allows players to control their avatars using their minds and nerves. Of course, only around ten thousand players get their hands on this new innovation. The lead character, Kirito, has already played the game, when he took part in the beta. Sound familiar yet? Those who’ve already played MMORPGs will feel right at home with this clever series.

As soon as Kirito is dropped into the game world, he develops a bond with a new player, Klein. This newbie is having difficulties fighting off the easiest monster in the game, a boar. Supposedly, these meanies are equivalent to smiles in other games. Welp, the two form a friendship and quickly discover that something is terribly wrong with their game world. Neither are able to logout. This throws Klein for a loop, since he already ordered pizza and is getting hungry. Sounds more and more familiar every minute doesn’t it?

Soon after this discovery, the two are magically transported to the center of town, where they’re greeted by thousands of players and the game’s master, Kayaba Akihiko. It is here that MMO players will get a real scare. The developer of the game, Kayaba, confirms that this is not a bug in the game and that players must reach the top of the 100 floor stage, in order to clear and leave the game. But this isn’t the scary part. All of the players receive a present in their item storage boxes. Upon using the item, a mirror, all players are transformed from their avatars into identical recreations of their human form. ARGH! Scary!!!!!

At the end of the episode, Kirito and Klein go their separate ways. Overall, the game is very clever and covers all of the MMO/RPG bases, including leveling up, item storage and even combat. Of course, Sword Art Online has no magic, but it appears to have a array of sword skills. The graphics are great and the dialogue is good, if you don’t mind reading or can read that symbolized stuff.

Why you should watch?

Well, if you’re a fan of RPG games and MMOs, this television series should be right up your alley. It is definitely a clever take on the world of video games and virtual reality. Since the entire season can be watched for free on HULU, there is really no reason to pass up this clever role-playing game anime. Can Kirito and Klein make it to the next floor? Continue watching to find out.

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