State of Affairs: Ghosts Review

In the latest episode of State of Affairs, Charleston Tucker (Katherine Heigl) returns to Washington and must face the consequences of her actions. Meanwhile, the Ar Rissalah threat continues to compound.

When the show returns, we see an aid worker, who has been taken prisoner. He was evidently caught with dangerous weapons, which he claims was small pox vaccinations. However, the Red Cross has never heard of the man, Jack Dawkins (Derek Ray), which is definitely bad news. That night, a fire fight takes place, as an armed group enters and quickly subdues Jack, since they believe he is worth a great deal of money.

When the show returns from a break, Charleston is woken up bright and early in the morning. Charleston is questioned about her killing in the previous episode. Her interviewer suggests she may be suffering from PTSD, but she denies it. She is returned to her previous assignment. Meanwhile, Maureen James (Sheila Vand) stands up for Charlie. Lucas Newsome (Adam Kaufman) warns the team that Jack has been taken hostage by the People’s Army of Colombia.

It appears there is a backpack outside, which is possibly filled with explosives. Next, Maureen meets with President Payton (Alfre Woodard) and briefs her about Jack. David Patrick (David Harbour) enters and tells them about the bomb. Maureen suggests it would premature to rely on any one theory, before departing. It seems the President is having a difficult time, without Charlie. Meanwhile, Charlie rejoins the team and learns about the bomb from Kurt Tannen (Cliff Chamberlain). Charlie informs the team about how she and Nick Vera (Chris McKenna) worked with Omar Fatah (Farshad Farahat).

It is revealed that the group wants 10 million or they’ll kill Jack. Out in the jungle, Jack is able to distract his captors and get away. Next, Charlie and Earl (Christopher Michael Holley) check out photographs of the monument, in order to find out, who planted the bomb. Next, Maureen confronts Lucas believing he screwed her up with the President. Charlie attempts to give Maureen a little encouragement and agrees to help her.

In Saudi Arabia, Vera is forced to strip, before being allowed inside the compound. His cellphone is destroyed during the process. Next, Charlie and group continue tracking the backpack bomber. Charlie, Earl and Maureen believe they’ve found Jack’s location, by using the radio station to track his sounds. David confronts the President and tells her the rescue could be good for her. Marshall Payton (Courtney B. Vance) is in attendance and requests to see his wife alone. Marshall admits his hatred for people like David, before telling the President to rescue Dawkins, but keep it a secret.

Next, Vera is taken to the middle of the desert, where he is questioned about Fatah. Next, Charlie and crew watch as the rescue helicopter attempts to rescue Jack. The operatives find a battlefield and dead FARC soldiers. It appears Jack was taken by a group of pros this time. Charlie believes Dawkins has already been rescued in an attempt to humiliate the President. Meanwhile, Nick shows off his skills, by identifying some gems and examining the carat count of a ruby. Of course, it was a trick question and Nick correctly identifies the red diamond.

Charlie finds Jack and welcomes him home. Charlie meets Victor Gantry (Adam Arkin, Sons of Anarchy), who is responsible for finding Jack. Next, the President calls Marshall and apologizes, before Marshall meets with Senator Kyle Green (Melinda McGraw). Kurt confronts Maureen and questions her about her situation, before admitting to having a drinking problem. Meanwhile, Charlie and crew attempt to gain information on Gantry. It appears he is working with the Creed Group.

Meanwhile, Nick and Aleek Al Moosari (Nick Shakoour) stop near an airplane. The President visits Jack and tells him it is nice to see him home. She apologizes to him and thanks him for helping her in Kabul. Next, Maureen confronts Charlie and tells her she resigned as brief and wants Charlie to take the job back. Next, the group has found the individual responsible for placing the bombs. It appears the hand traces back to Stacy Dover (Gracie Dzienny). Next, the President speaks with Charlie and they discuss the Creed group. The president invites Charlie to come back as briefer.


All in all, this was not a good episode of State of Affairs. In fact, it was likely the most absurd yet. For starters, there was simply too much going on, at once. We have Nick running through the desert, Jack going commando in the jungle, backpack bombs throughout, Presidential relationship problems….ah! It was way too much. The show is barely able to carry one plot line. It was foolish to attempt this, especially when everything was left hanging in the air.

The episode wasn’t a total failure, although it was pretty close. Marshall Payton visiting the Senator was clever. Otherwise, Jack’s escape was very unrealistic and cheesy. Nick’s venture with Moosari wasn’t worthwhile and Charlie is right back in the briefer spot. Very predictable. The episode scores a 4.5 out of 10.

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