State of Affairs Finale Review: Deadcheck

President Constance Payton

When the State of Affairs finale opens, Charleston Tucker (Katherine Heigl) pays a visit to Raymond Navaro (Nestor Carbonell) and tells him about Nick Vera’s betrayal and the truth about Hakem and Omar Fatah (Farshad Farahat). She explains that Omar’s body will not be found, but his DNA will be, which was his plan all along. After she resigns and sets her sights on tracking down Omar, President Constance Payton (Alfre Woodard) takes the stage and tells the American people that Sheikh Ali Hakam has been killed thanks to an American operation. She also explains that Omar was also killed in the operation.

Raymond Navaro

Charleston tells the President the truth about Omar and Sheikh, which upsets her greatly. Charlie explains her explanation and her plan to set out and kill Omar. The President agrees. Next, Blondie (Sierra Love) shares a drink, with a man, who notices her Pegasus tattoo and relates it to Ar Rissalah. Charlie meets with Syd (James Remar) and receives some unregistered weapons.  The President tells David Patrick (David Harbour) that she wants Senator Burke (Rex Linn) jailed for leaking the photos of Charlie. David insists this is a terrible ideal, but the President refuses to back down. Meanwhile, Dashiell, Lucas and Maureen James (Sheila Vand) discuss Charlie’s resignation. Maureen insists it is time to focus on the Ar Rissalah vests.

Kurt Tannen Raymond Navaro

Kurt Tannen (Cliff Chamberlain) speaks to Raymond about a potential member of Ar Rissalah and the TKG working with Omar. It is revealed that TKG created the problem and the solution regarding the terrorist. Victor Gantry (Adam Arkin) speaks to the president and congratulates her for getting her man. She is shown a video of Omar, which was picked up three hours ago. Meanwhile, Charlie arrives in Afghanistan. Gantry attempts to blackmail the President. He requests a hunting license from Constance. Next, the man, who was with Blondie, wakes up in a mall, with a bomb vest on, before exploding.

State of Affairs Finale

Next, Jared Blum and Christiane Lender are investigated, by Lucas Newsome (Adam Kaufman) and crew. The FBi raids Christiane’s apartment and finds her hanging. During their investigation, Charlie speaks to Maureen and tells her about Fatah being Ar Rissalah. Charlie tells Maureen to speak to Kenneth Travers (Aaron Christian Howles), if she wants to discover the location of the vests. He explains he was going to take the vest to a man named Mark. He also gives two other names, Al and Enid. Marshall meets with his wife and tells her that he is tired of her presidency. The pair agree he should head back to the Bay Area for awhile, until he clears his head.

State of Affairs Deadcheck

Charlie coordinates, with Earl Givens (Christopher Michael Holley) from Afghanistan. The pair work to find out the terrorists’s next target. Charlie discovers that the Pegasus constellation is being used, as a map, by Omar. Next, another bomber is prepared to strike in San Antonio, Texas. The President tells David that Granty wants the TKG to be contracted to hunt down alleged terrorists. The pair agree it is a terrible idea. The man, with the bomb in San Antonio, calls the cops and insists he cannot do it, since it would require him to kill children.

David meets with Senator Burke and the pair discuss the President’s potential downfall and their own futures. Charlie calls Nick’s phone several times, in order to listen to his voicemail. While Kurt attempts to infiltrate TKG, Charlie tries to find Omar. in the Hindu Kush. Kurt steals all of TKG’s files, but is tailed by Emily. On his way out, he runs into Gantry. The pair confront Kurt about his actions. Gantry doesn’t seem too worried. Meanwhile, Charlie spies on a camp from a distance. She calls the President and lets her know that they’re nearly there. Charlie insists the situation is odd and says she feels Aaron close by.

State of Affairs Charleston Omar Fatah

Meanwhile, agents track down all of the vests, before disarming or blowing them up safely. David visits the President and hands in his resignation. Kurt returns to headquarters and tells them about the data logs, which he downloaded. Meanwhile, Charlie sneaks up to the camp and blows up a jeep, before a firefight ensues. She is saved, at one point, by a sniper. Finally, she runs across Omar. The pair discuss Omar’s deceitful plan, but he insists Charlie and the President got exactly what they wanted. Gantry speaks to the President and inquires about his offer. Gantry insists the President has limited options, when it comes to Charleston.

Omar and Charlie speak about Islam and the American’s views of Muslims. Charlie shoots Omar twice in the chest, before giving him one in the back of the head. She attempts to notify the President, but nobody answers. The sniper dives towards Charlie’s position, with the airplanes sounding overhead, as if they’re going to strike the location.


Well, State of Affairs is finally over and is unlikely to return. So, how was the finale? Well, it was basically alright and nothing more. The vest bombs were recovered far too easy and the one that did explode did so in a cheesy manner. It was nearly laughable, when looking at the realism of the situation. Was Jared Blum drug into the mall, without anyone noticing? Come on!

On the other hand, Charlie’s solo mission to bring down Omar was totally cliche and felt very awkward. It gave me cringe chills, at several points. However, the ending was a little clever. Did Charlie meet the same fate, as her true lover, Nick Vera? Obviously, Aaron became a moot point, after a few episodes, which made Charlie’s call to Constance very strange. The State of Affairs Finale deserves a 5.5 out of 10.

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  1. ramaraz says:

    I heard this show is great! Dispite being a "fictional" TV show many of the points they make are very real issues in our society.

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