State of Affairs: Bellerophon Review

In the latest episode of State of Affairs, Charlie (Katherine Heigl) and Nick (Chris McKenna) search Yemen for Omar Fatah. Meanwhile, the CIA continues to look for Al Moosari (Nick Shakoour). Also, the homeland potentially faces a new threat.

The episode begins with a White House fence jumper, who enters the Oval office and sets off the alarm. The man, James Wilcox (James Allen McCune, The Walking Dead) is brought down by secret service, before telling them that they’re all going to die. Next, Charleston speaks with President Payton (Alfre Woodard) and tells her the truth about Omar Fatah. The president blames Charleston for Aaron’s death, before ordering her to keep her promise of killing all involved in Aaron’s death.

Raymond Navaro (Nestor Carbonell) and the group begin to track leads involving Wilcox and a potential terrorist cell. Next, Nick Vera is shown breaking out of his restraints and getting free. When he escapes, he discovers he is in Yemen. Next, Wilcox is interrogated. It appears Wilcox has become a member of a Jihadi group. Allahu Akbar! Due to his involvement with Wilcox, Ahmad Ahmadi (Anil Kumar) is taken into custody.

Next, Charlie heads to Yemen, where she runs into Nick. The pair discuss Nick’s torture and Nick’s wanted status in Yemen. The pair discuss looking for Fatah in Yemen, where they will have no CIA backup. Next, Senator Kyle Green (Melinda McGraw) speaks on television, about President’s unlawful arrest of Ahmad. The group again turns their focus to Aleek Al Moosari. Kurt (Cliff Chamberlain) and Maureen (Sheila Vand) continue the hunt, by checking out Egyptian postal mail. Next, Nick and Charleston discuss the search and agree Fatah is taking all of the heat, before trying to pass a check point. Charlie gives Nick her gun, since he has no papers. The guards request to look inside the trunk. Chaos ensues when Charlie gets out of the car and the guards find alcohol inside the trunk. With an Australian accent and a bribe, Nick secures their access through the check point.

While Wilcox rampages through his cell, his professor, Ahmad, is questioned. Wilcox is discovered dead in his cell. Nick and Charlie head to a restaurant to look for Omar Fatah (Farshad Farahat), but end up running out and splitting up. They eventually get back together and commender a vehicle. Ahmad continues to deny being involved in terrorism. Ahmad is slapped and pushed around, which immediately ends the interrogation and send Ahmad free. Lucas (Adam Kaufman) is reprimanded for his actions.

Thanks to the mail search, Kurt discovers pictures of Moosari. Next, the President and crew watch as the operatives prepare to take out Moosari. Nick and Charlie hear about the news. Their planned paid off and they get contact info for Omar. Meanwhile, the operatives approach the compound, where Moosari is hiding out. Charleston requests the President call off the attack, since she is scheduled to meet with Omar in two days. The President forces the Seal team to stand down. Next, Vera and Tucker discover a message, which tells them to send Vera to the meeting with Omar.

Afterwards, Vera and Tucker share a drink at the motel and Tucker tells Nick he isn’t going. The pair prepare for a little love making, which goes on for around five minutes. Argh! Afterwards, Raymond tells the group about Omar and the fact that he is a CIA asset. Next, Nick and Charlie share a kiss, before splitting up. Senator Green attacks the president again on television. Kurt tries to offer Maureen a drink, but she refuses. Instead, Lucas pays Muareen a visit and she lets him in.

Next, the President speaks with Senator Green, in hopes of getting her to shut up, but she refuses. Kyle says she will not stop, until the President is gone and someone else is in. Finally, Vera meets with Moosari and is punched, before being taken captive.


With the course State of Affairs is taking, it is full speed ahead towards a quick cancellation. Try as they may, viewers cannot seem to force themselves to like this train wreck. This was certainly a bad way to return from a short break. Much of the episode was flat and lacked any feelings or emotion. On the other hand, much of the conclusions were very predictable. The President’s actions were obvious, as was the relations between Tucker and Vera. It was also very predictable for Vera to be taken captive again. Is this to show’s go to move, when the writers have run out of ideas? The episode deserves a 5.0 out of 10.

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