State of Affairs: Bang Bang Review

Charleston Tucker (Katherine Heigl) is forced to get a smallpox outbreak in Panama under control. Meanwhile, an old political rival makes President Constance Payton (Alfre Woodard) suspicious of Charleston.

The episode opens, by showing us American aid workers treating sick patients in Colon, Panama. A group of thugs enter and demand drugs. During the process of the robbery, an earthquake hits, which knocks some vials to the floor in the basement. The broken vials contain small pox.

Next, Charleston speaks with Omar Fatah (Farshad Farahat), who is still held captive. She tells him that she wishes to kill people too. When we flash back to present time, she receives a mysterious text message, with a picture of a gun and the words, “Bang, Bang”. She visits Nick Vera (Chris McKenna) and questions him about the message. She wonders if the pair is being stocked or blackmailed. They put their heads together and discover the targets of the harassment, themselves. DUH!

When the show returns, Charleston has made it to the office, where she encounters a guy, who is attempting to use Rosetta Stone to learn a new language, French. Charlie interrupts his enlightenment and threatens to destroy his tablet. Afterwards, the group discuss a “glorified gang bang”, Shiekh Hakam. The group then reveals information regarding the smallpox. Charlie gives each member of the group a task to complete.

Senator Kyle Green (Melinda McGraw) pays the president a visit. Green speaks about the report of the incident in which Aaron was killed. she suggests there is something within the report, which could harm the president. After Green leaves, Charlie and Navarro (Nestor Carbonell) brief the president and bring up the smallpox issue. They come to the conclusion that the smallpox was left behind by the Americans. Go figure.

In order to get the lazy CIA operatives to work overtime, Charlie bribes them with some fatty taquitos. Thanks to their newly acquired carbs and calories, the team comes up with a plan to recover the smallpox, by spending in Jack Dawkins (Derek Ray). After their brilliant plan, David Patrick (David Harbour) pays a visit to the President to discuss Senator Green’s visit. He interrupts a conversation between Marshall (Courtney B. Vance) and his wife. Marshall suggests Green has ulterior motives. David promises to look into the matter for her.

Afterwards, Charleston informs Jack about his task, while Nick has been stalking someone. He enters the home and holds the man at gunpoint. The man, Dale (Matt Bushell) has been taking pictures that he shouldn’t have. Nick wants to know why and what he did with the photos. He threatens to break Dale’s face. Dale admits to selling the photos to the Creig Group for money.

Next, Charlie has an encounter with a friends of Syd’s (James Remar). The woman provides Charlie with a program, which will allow her to listen in on the microphone of the individual sending the text messages. Yeah right! After Charlie enters, she runs into Nick, who tells her about the photos. They’re upset that the Creig Group, which is a private military company, has the photos.

We flashback to Charlie watching, as Nick beats up Omar. Of course, his interrogation and tortue is worthless, beside turning Omar bruised and bloody. Finally, Jack heads in to recover the smallpox vials. The soldiers enter the hospital and obtain the vials, without any resistance. On their way out, they encounter the American aid workers and a few others, who’ve been infected with the disease.Jack insists on bringing the group some vaccines. Despite her reluctance, Charlie caves in and gives the okay for Jack’s plan.

When the show returns, Nick is on the prowl again. This time, he is following Syd, who happens to be feeding pigeons. After a brief argument over who is manlier, both admit to working for the Creig group. Despite being involved in illegal activities, both men express their loyalty to Charleston. Afterwards, Syd suggests Nick has been speaking to a dog that he believes to be a human dressed as a dog.

Next, Charlie listens to the microphone of the individual sending the texts. Since it is coming from inside, she attacks the IT guy, but his tablet got thrown down the chute. Charlie digs through the garbage and discovers some top secret intel, which is for her eyes only. Charlie now suspects her team of harassing her. Next, she visits the State dinner and drinks a non-alcoholic drink, which is surprising. The President gives Senator Green a few choice words about using her son’s death to further her career.

The team is hit by a stunner, as Dawkins has been captured. The President pleads with Charleston to help get Dawkins back. She straps on some armor…agree to help. On her way home, she runs into Nick and tells him that someone on her team is sending the text messages. After a flash back of Aaron, Charleston gets sexy time with Nick. Syd calls and leaves a message that the gun, which killed Aaron came from the CIA. A group of men break into Charlie’s car and take Nick. She listens to the voice message, which says Nick’s bullet killed Aaron.


Well, the end of the show was fairly interesting. However, the rest was a drag. Despite Nick and Charlie being in over their heads, they sure don’t act like it. The show feels like a canvas with millions of small, gray, dull colors. There is really no drama, excitement or emotions of any kind. Part of it has to do with the poor setup of the show. The rest of the blame should be placed on the flat actions, especially from Heigl. The show is a drag and will soon be drug into the depths of cancellation, if it doesn’t improve soon. The episode deserves a 5.5 out of 10.

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