Stalker: Tell All Review

The estranged wife of a famous athlete is harassed, as her scandalous tell all book is about to be released. Will the TAU be able to discover the identity of the suspect and put an end to it? Also, Beth Davis (Maggie Q) finally sheds light on her bleak past.

The show opens inside of a house, where an intruder alarm is going off. Stella (Laurie Fortier) calls the authorities, but he approached by the intruder from behind. Whenever she runs out of the front door, she runs into friendly arms.

Next, Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) is going for a job, when he runs into Ethan (Gabriel Bateman), who begins questioning him. Jack wonders how Ethan got this far from home, before taking him to school. Meanwhile, Janice Lawrence (Mariana Klaveno) discovers Beth’s secret. Beth reveals that Ray came from money, which allowed him to serve a minimum sentence at a mental institution. Janice suggests getting Perry Whitley (Eric Stocklin) arrested, in order to obtain a search warrant.

Jack and Beth question Stella, who blames the stalking on her ex-husband hockey player, Tom Wade (Jason Wiles), who was rough and abusive. Beth and Jack interview Tom and question him about fracturing his wife’s face. He denies the allegations and says that Stella is a pathological liar. Tom suggests the team should investigate Stella’s many other friends and enemies.

Stella attends a charity event with Oliver Granzinger (Assaf Cohen). She is confronted and questioned above the break-in, by Cynthia Walker (Chandra West), who supposedly slept with Stella’s husband. After an argument, Stella visits the lady’s room, where she encounters an odd, elderly lady (Sarah Benoit), before being attacked. Next, Beth and Jack interview Cynthia, who provides an alibi for Richard (Marco Dapper), who followed Stella into the lady’s room. Cynthia brings up Stella’s book, which mentions a lot of bad things about her. She insists the book made her out to be loose and easy.

Next, the group speak to Stella and Oliver. Stella insists her book is the truthful and she only wanted to set the record straight. Janice visits the dorm, where Perry stays and checks out his belongings. She takes pictures of his bare walls, before Perry enters and confronts her. Ben Caldwell (Victor Rasuk) has been reading Stella’s book. He seems to be enjoying it. They’re discover a connection to a plastic surgeon, Dr. Roger Chase (Matt Roth). He is angry, because the book claimed he was on oxycodone. The doctor received the book from an unknown individual in the mail. He insists he doesn’t stalk, but instead sues.

Stella pays a visit to Cynthia and tries to sugarcoat the book. She apologizes several times, before leaving. Afterwards, an intruder breaks in and attacks Cynthia. Next, Beth interviews Stella and tells her about Cynthia’s abduction. Jack questions Amanda Taylor (Elisabeth Rohm) about Ethan. Jack insists Ethan may know more about him than they think. Amanda suggests he could have overheard a conversation.

Next, Jack talks with Oliver, who published the book and sent advanced copies to several individuals, in order to stir up controversy. Ben discovers people, who were criticized in the book, were abducted. Using the book’s chapters a guideline, they discover that Tom Wade is the possible next suspect. Dr. Chase is finishing up in his offer and taking pills, when a bag is thrown over his head and he is abducted.

Janice and Ben discover that the stalker is going in the order of the original manuscript, which puts the doctor, before Tom. Since only a few people had access to the original, the group is able to narrow down their suspects. Janice belittles Stella, until she admits to hiring and using a ghost writers, Cameron Robbins (Paul McKinney). Beth and Janice discover that Cameron attempted to seduce Stella, but she turned him down, which could potentially cause him to stalk her. Afterwards, Ben and Jack search for Cameron. The house appears to be empty, but they discover records of the meetings between Cameron and Stella. They also discover a two-day old video, in which Tom mentions paying Cameron to do something for him, before Tom knocks him unconscious. Jack finds Cameron dead in the closet.

Stella returns home, where she finds everyone tied up, with tape on their mouths. Tom enters and tells her that he did all of this for her. Janice speaks with Jack and is updated about Cameron. She passes the information on to Beth. The pair head to Stella’s house, where Tom is expressing his regret for being a terrible husband. He holds a gun to Cynthia and demands she apologize to Stella. After a little pleading, Stella gets the gun and fires it at Tom, but misses. The pair begin to fight, as Stella rushes up the stairs.

Janice and Beth arrive and remove the tape from the hostages. Janice calls for backup, while Beth heads upstairs. Beth locates Stella, but Tom is missing. As Stella escapes down the stairs, Beth is attacked from behind. She fights back and tosses Tom down the stairs. Then, he is hauled off on a stretcher. Afterwards, Janice visits Perry, who says he is on his way to the library. Janice reveals that she has been investigating Perry’s past and his mother, who died, when he was 4. Janice suggests Perry is attempting to replace his mother, who died suspiciously. Police believed Perry’s father killed his mother. Janice continues pushing Perry, by telling him that the coroner said it was a suicide. Perry attacks Janice, before being arrested.

Amanda watches as Ethan plays video games, while “Enjoy the Silence” plays in the background. Jack enters and sits down with Ethan, while Amanda watches, with a smile on her face. Meanwhile, Perry is hauled into the police station, as Beth watches.


Stalker continues to impress. The episode was filled with an interesting case involving a psychotic hockey player, who happens to be stalking his ex-wife. Once the case was over and the eerie music begins, we enter the highlight of the show. Here, Beth finally strikes back at Perry, with the help of Janice. With Perry behind bars, will this put an end to his stalking or will it only inflame his anger? Either way, it was fun to watch Mariana Klaveno transform into a monster and belittle Perry. For that, the episode deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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