Stalker: Salvation Review

Stalker Isabelle

When the show opens, we’re introduced to Isabelle Martin (Sara Paxton), who is being pursued by a friend of her ex-boyfriend, Oscar Ramirez (JD Pardo). She is able to fight off her attack and retreat into her friend’s apartment. Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) wakes up in Beth Davis’s (Maggie Q) house, before heading to take Ethan to school. After Beth catches up on the latest ongoings of Perry and Ray, she interviews Isabelle, who is unable to identify the name from the night before. Isabelle’s friend, Lucy (Samaire Armstrong) also doesn’t recognize the man. Jack and Ben Caldwell (Victor Rasuk) work to identify the individual.

Isabelle and Lucy reveal that Oscar was a big time drug user. Isabelle also admits to having sex, with Oscar, at least once. She also confirms Oscar’s aggressiveness. Perry Whitley (Erik Stocklin) and Ray (Eion Bailey) discuss Michelle and their stalking habits. They also discuss each of Beth’s comrades. Ray suggests Jack is sleeping with Michelle, but Ray refuses to believe it. Perry suggests removing Janice (Mariana Klaveno) first, since it’ll have a bigger impact.

Stalker Oscar

Meanwhile, Oscar is brought in and interviewed. He denies knowing the unidentified man and insists he has been sober for three months. Jack reveals Isabelle inherited five million dollars and suggests it was a motivation for Oscar. Regardless, he is released and told to stay away. Next, Isabelle goes out on the town and everyone seems to be picking on her. When she gets into her car, it is surrounded by unknown individuals, before she speeds away. The next day, Isabelle reports the information to Beth.

Janice and Jack begin researching the possibility of cult stalking. Jack receives approval from Amanda Taylor (Elizabeth Rohm) for Ethan to stay the night, at his place. Next, the group begins to investigate Clark Jennings’s (Craig Gellis) financial statements. The man runs the TFC company and is set to inherit a few million dollars. Jack and Beth discuss dinner plans, while checking out Clark’s house. After letting themselves in, they hear a woman crying, before discovering a weird cult-like scene.

The leader, Abraham (Michael Landes) eventually emerges and confirms everyone lives together. He calls their group The Celestial Fellowship and denies knowing Isabelle. The pair tour the property and learn about the cult, which includes 32 members. Back at the TAU, the group works to get a warrant for the compound. Meanwhile, Perry questions Ray’s absence, when he returns. Ray shows him a gun, which he obtained. Perry insists nobody gets physically hurt.

Jack suggests the cult is attempting to scare Isabelle, in order to convince her to join the cult. Meanwhile, Lucy takes Isabelle to the cult compound. Isabelle is introduced to Abraham and insists she knows him, before passing out. The TAU are unable to find Isabelle and discover weird cult babbling on Lucy’s social media sites. At the mansion, Abraham prepares for Isabelle’s initiation. Lucy insists Isabelle be allowed to leave, if she wishes to. Abraham agrees, before knocking Lucy unconscious.

Stalker: Salvation

Janice was able to find a fingerprint on the brochure for the cult, which comes back to Abraham, whose real name is Robert Foster. They discover the FBI investigated him in the past for fraud and sexual crimes. They also find out that he is from the same city as Isabelle. SWAT and TAU swarm the compound, where they find Lucy on the ground, but everyone else is gone. Beth and Jack head to the forest thanks to some information from Ben.

Abraham wades into the water, as he prepares to initiate Isabelle into the cult. He forces her into the water. The police arrive at the scene and find the cult’s van, but it is clear. When the police find them, all of the cult members scatter, but they’re all eventually brought down. Isabelle admits to knowing Robert from the past. When their relationship got weird, she alerted his mom and they never spoke again.

That night, Jack prepares for dinner with Ethan, while everyone else goes their own way. After Amanda leaves, Jack and Ethan begin playing video games. Beth pays a visit to Isabelle and offers her support, before being invited in. Janice nearly blows Ben’s head off, when she suspects someone of following her. Amanda is confronted by Ray, who knocks her unconscious.


Salvation was definitely a typical episode of Stalker, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead of a single stalker, we receive a whole cult full, which was a nice twist. It was also depressing, but somewhat nice, to see Beth take comfort in her fellow stalked, Isabelle. At this point, it is fairly obvious that Perry has gotten in over his head, with Ray. This shows at the end of the episode. The episode deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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