Stalker Review: Fanatic

The episode opens out by the pool. An attractive actress, Nina Preston (AnnaLynne McCord) is practicing her lines in the jacuzzi. She hears music coming from her house and believe it is her assistant and sister, Emily (Heather Matarazzo). BEHIND YOU! Rose petals cover Nina’s bedroom floor. The stalker makes his move and frightens the actress. Dang! Nina has a whole professional panic room. Bad arse! She turns on the alarm.

Beth Davis (Maggie Q) shares a conversation with her friend, before heading to work and receiving her mail. Ruh Roh! Someone has sent her the article exposing her past. Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) shows up and informs her about Nina. He is also aware of Beth’s distress.

Jack flexes some muscle and gets rid of the paparazzo’s. Janice (Mariana Klaveno) and Ben (Victor Rasuk) join the investigation. Turns out that Janice watches Nina’s television show, Savage Shore. Perhaps the stalker was emulating a character from the show? Nina explains she put in the panic room thanks to the incident with Sandra Bullock. What did Jesse James do this time for God’s sake?

The team explores the stalker’s access to Nina, who is spread widely throughout the Internet. Uh oh! Stalker: The Fappening? The team is prepared to bring in Nina’s former stalker, while Beth investigates and attempts to discover who sent her the mail.

Heather Miller (Bethany Orr) arrives for the interview. She doesn’t admit to being a stalker and instead says she was only trying to simulate an episode on Nina’s television show. Janice sounds a little like a Stalker herself. Heather explains she was at home watching the season five marathon of Savage Shore. She is a little nutty and wants Nina to know the team spoke with her.

We catch a glimpse of Savage Shore, which actually looks pretty awesome. When is the show going to hit Netflix? The stalker emulates the show’s villain, mask and all.

Once the show returns, the photographer, Eddie Gaines (Scott Michael Campbell), is being interview by Beth and Jack. He reveals he has a source, who provides him with information regarding Nina’s whereabouts, which lets him get the best pictures.

Tracy (Tara Summers) continues her sex tryst with Perry Whitley (Erik Stocklin). Perry invites her to a movie, before she leaves. Perry steals Beth’s phone number from Tracy’s phone, after she hops in the shower. Here comes the prank calls! The Threat Assessment Unit checks out Eddie’s bank account to discover his source. The sister, Emily!

Emily insists this is her way of protecting her sister. Otherwise, she seems a little jealous. It also sounds like Nina is a little ungrateful of her sister’s work. Nina grills her sister. And they go back and forth, before Emily leaves. Outside, she discovers a flat tire. She receives help from a stranger. The stranger gets enraged and attempts to attack Emily for being mean to Nina. Emily runs away, but is hit by a car and Paul makes his escape.

Emily awakes in the hospital, but is unable to identify her attacker. Nina describes the fight with Beth. Beth insists that Nina not give up on her sister. Meanwhile, Perry has broken into Beth’s house and is enjoying the interior. He dances a little jig, while listening to her tunes. Next, he heads to the closet and sniffs her clothes, before finding a box of her childhood belongings. Then, he lays down on her bed and grins from ear to ear.

Janice has made a link between the attacks and the television show. It appears that the stalker is reenacting scenes from the show and believes Nina is the only one, who is willing to overlook his imperfections. The Threat Assessment Unit searches through Nina’s email to discover someone with a connection to the attacks.

It turns out the stalker’s name is Robbie (Brendan Sexton III). The team visits his house and chats with his mother, who says he is a good boy. Of course, Jack finds a similar mask at his place and also discovers that Robbie is monitoring Nina’s Twitter feed. Nina and her agent leave Emily’s hospital room to get some food. After the elevator clears, Robbie knocks out the man and attempts to sweet-talk Nina. Before he gets anywhere, she hits him with some mace!

Jack and Janice interview Randy, who now has bloody red eyes. He insists Nina had been emailing him and chatting with him for a long time. Beth chats with Robbie’s mom, who insists her son wouldn’t do something like this. Beth explains he has been stockpiling his meds and has delusions. She explains that Robbie will eventually go to prison.

As it turns out, Robbie’s email is full of letters from Nina. Dear mommy, Nancy (Molly Hagan), has been fueling her son’s obsession. She signed up for a studio tour earlier in the day and seems to be on her way to attack Nina! She stabs a guard outside of the studio.

As the show returns, Nancy enters Nina’s trailer. Nancy pretends to be with wardrobe and takes some of the dresses from the closet. She reveals herself as Robbie’s mother. Nina grabs the cup of coffee to protect herself. A struggle ensues, Nina is slashed on the arm, but escapes the trailer. Now, it is a game of hide and seek, as Jack and Beth rush to Nina’s aid.

The chase continues, as Jack discovers blood on the ground and clears Nina’s trailer. Beth discovers the stabbed guard on the ground. Meanwhile, Nina continues to hide from Nancy. Nancy finds her and the pair fight over the knife. Nancy gets the knife and prepares to stab Nina! Beth rushes in and attacks her. Nancy is hauled off and will receive special help.

This episode’s epic ending song begins. Didn’t I, Didn’t I, Didn’t I see you crying? An eerie rendition of Cheap Trick’s “I Want You to Want Me”. Janice explains she was unable to find anything on the Internet regarding Beth. Jack says she must’ve gone through something traumatic.

Back at Beth’s house, she fails to find the individual who mailed the letter and notices some of her items have been moved around. While Jack drinks, Beth shows Tracy the letter she received. Beth mentions  her sister and the incident. Perry calls Tracy, who says she can’t go on their date. Of course, Perry is already aware of this, as he spies on Beth and Tracy from outside.


Wow! Now, I really want to check out this Savage Shore show! Ha! Stalker continues to impress. The celebrity stalker plot was exceptionally interesting. While AnnaLynne McCord did a good job portraying the stalker actress, Brendan Sexton was excellently creepy as Robbie.

Still, the best aspect of the show is the stories surrounding Jack and Beth. While Jack’s stalking took a backseat this week, Perry stalking Beth was amazing. It was creepy, exciting and fun to watch Perry finally inch closer to Beth by casually exploring her house. And then the ending, which is always the best part of Stalker! The awesomely eerie remixed music lets you know it is coming and this ending didn’t disappoint. Beth is in shambles, as Perry plays a warped game of Stalker and Prey. Overall, this episode deserves a 9 out of 10.

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