Stalker: My Hero Review

When the episode opens, we’re introduced to Dave Knox (Michael Rady) and Nicole Clark (Phoebe Tonkin). The pair share an embrace and kiss on the pier, before Dave proposes and Nicole agrees to marry him. Sadly, the ring is a little too big, but she doesn’t seem to care. The pair enjoy the rides and attractions, while a shady figure in a hoody follows them. The stalker bumps into Dave and steals the ring, before a chase ensues. They enter a creepy room with silly mirrors. Dave is attacked from behind, as the stalker makes his escape.

Janice Lawrence (Mariana Klaven) tells Beth Davis (Maggie Q) that no charges have been placed on Perry’s (Erik Stocklin) credit card. Beth insists Ray (Eion Bailey) will come for her. Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) arrives and tells the pair about the couple. Despite Beth’s difficulties, she insists they be sent to her office for an interview. The pair mention a red truck, which has been following them for approximately three years. Dave mentions an old flame, Stephanie (Ashley Johnson), who went a little off the deep end at work, when they split. Nicole describes her very controlling and intimidating ex.

Next, Stephanie is interviewed, by Janice and Ben Caldwell (Victor Rasuk). She admits she would’ve picked Nicole over her too. She insists she has moved on and doesn’t drive a red truck. Next, Nicole’s ex, Mike Harris (Sam Page) is interviewed. He happens to be the beach captain and Nicole is his lifeguard specialist. He admits to still loving Nicole. Mike has an alibi. When the interview ends, Amanda Taylor (Elisabeth Rohm) speaks with Jack about having dinner on Friday with Ethan (Gabriel Bateman). The TAU agrees to look into the pair’s personal lives, since Mike and Stephanie don’t appear to be responsible.

Dave and Nicole hang out on the beach with friends, when Dave agrees to go on a beer run. On the way, he walks through gasoline and is confronted by the hoody figure, who sets the gasoline on fire. Dave goes up in flames, but makes it back to Nicole, who turns hysterical. Next, Ben and Jack head to the beach, where they encounter Trent Wilkes (Warren Kole), who tells them Dave didn’t make it through the night. Ben speaks to the witnesses, while Jack thanks Trent for helping him get to see his son. He questions Trent about Friday, but Trent says he won’t be able to make it.

The witnesses are unhelpful, while Jack and Trent check out the tunnel. Janice is able to dig up the death of a 12 year old boy, Pedro Vasquez, three months ago, while Nicole was on watch. The boy’s family filed a lawsuit against the city for criminal negligence, but the judge ruled against them. The boy’s father spoke to the media and suggested Nicole should suffer. Janice and Beth speak with Nicole. They ask her about Pedro and she walks them through the timeline of his death. Jack and Ben speak with Pedro’s father, Juan Vasquez (Hector Luis Bustamante), who insists his son wouldn’t swim in an area, without a lifeguard. He insists the system is rigged to favor the pretty white girl, but denies the murder. Juan spent 3 years in Chino for arson in a similar crime. He insists he was at home with his estranged wife, Isabella (Andrea Savo).

Nicole packs her belongings from the lifeguard stand, before walking the beach alone. She runs into Mike, who offers her help packing up. Nicole sends Mike under the pier, since he thinks he heard something there. Of course, he is attacked. She finds Mike knocked unconscious. She is able to wake Mike. Beth speaks with Nicole and tells her someone is coming after her, while Mike insists he didn’t see his attacker. Jack brings up inconsistencies in Mike’s story. Jack discovers a web camera, which he believes could have potential. Ben scours surveillance footage and discovers a red truck, with the mentioned sticker. They discover the truck is registered to Isabella.

Isabella is interviewed. She tells them she works at one of the gift shops on the pier, but has been calling in sick lately. She says she sits in her truck and watches Nicole sometimes, while admitting she doesn’t want Nicole to be happy. Jack and Trent spar over Isabella and the evidence against her. They agree to search Isabella’s house for evidence. Amanda confronts Trent about his jealousy over Jack and he brings up the Friday night. Amanda apologizes, since they already had plans.

Nicole hangs out with Zoe (Nicholle Tom), before heading to bed. Her bathroom light goes off, without warning. She runs out of the room, after hearing someone calling her name from the bathroom. Beth and Janice investigate the bathroom and discover a hole under the cabinet, which leads to the crawlspace. The pair believe someone has been living in the crawlspace and wanted to be close to Nicole. Beth informs Nicole, who insists she is going to stay with Zoe.

Janice shows Beth a piece of evidence in the crawlspace. The lighter shows the letters MH. Janice suggests it belongs to Mike Harris. Trent questions Mike about the lighter. He insists he keeps it at work and someone must have stolen it. Mike requests a lawyer. Jack tells Trent the lighter is too obvious. The pair argue. Janice shows the group photos and news clippings about Nicole from the crawlspace. Janice suggests it could’ve been someone, who was rescued by Nicole.

They scour the list of those rescued by Nicole and Beth finds Zoe’s name on the list. The group pinpoints all of the evidence on Zoe. Meanwhile, Zo and Nicole head to the pier. Zo tells Nicole she loves her and will help her. She takes it further and admits she’s loved Nicole, since she rescued her. She begins to propose to Nicole using David’s engagement ring. Nicole finally puts the pieces together, before Zo puts a knife to her throat.

The TAU attempt to track down the pair. Eventually, they decide to check the pier, since it is the place, where the pair first met. Nicole attempts to talk sense into Zo, but Zo wants them to jump into the water together. Jack and Beth arrive, when Nicole makes her escape. Zo threatens to throw herself in the water, but Nicole tries to talk her out of it. Zo tries to throw herself over, but Jack saves her.

The ending music begins, while Beth gives the engagement ring back to Nicole. Beth insists everyone should go home and let her be alone tonight. Trent breaks off his relationship with Amanda, since he believes she still has an interest in Jack. Jack speaks to Amanda and offers her support, but she insists she is fine. At home, Beth invites Jack into her home. He says he needed company tonight and brought food and movies.


The episode was fun, creepy and a little bit different, since one of the victims died. The Perry and Ray plot was put on hold, while Beth waited for their arrival, which never came. Phoebe Tonkin was excellent, as the helpless victim. With a few episodes left, it would be nice if the show broke the formula and took an entire episode to focus on the drama with Beth and her stalkers. Otherwise, the episode deserves a 7 out of 10.

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