Stalker: A Cry for Help Review

In the 10th episode of Stalker, several random individuals are brutally attacked, which forced the TAU to attempt to connect the victim, in order to stop the mysterious stalker.

The show opens at a bus yard, where bus driver, Henry White (Jeff Howard), is attacked from behind and beaten by a woman. Next, Beth (Maggie Q) tells Tracy Wright (Tara Summers) about seeing her and Perry (Erik Stocklin) together. She tells her about Perry’s stalker past and insists he is using Tracy to get close to her. Tracy is shocked, after seeing pictures of Perry’s wall, which is covered with drawings of Beth. Beth tells Tracy to make contact, without tipping him off.

Henry visits the TAU and informs Jack (Dylan McDermott) and Janice (Mariana Klaveno) about the attack, which he blames on a woman named Nora Garcia (Marieh Delfino), who he believes has the hots for him. He admits to having a one-night stand with Nora, before blowing her off. He insists Nora was too rough sexually, which turned him off. Beth finally arrives at work. Janice questions her about being late, but she is elusive.

Jack and Janice attempt to make contact with Nora, who works at the dry cleaners. Nora insists Henry is a big guy and should be able to take up for himself. Thanks to her boss, Nora has an alibi, which clears her. Afterwards, Henry is at home brushing his teeth, when he is startled by a strange noise. He finds himself locked in his room, before being beaten and knocked to the bed. The mysterious woman straddles Henry and nails his hands to the header of the bed. Jack and Janie investigate the crime scene and discover the woman made entry through the window. Jack suggests the woman wanted Henry to feel helpless, while Janice insists the attacker didn’t want to kill. At the hospital, Henry confirms it wasn’t Nora that attacked him. He knows the woman, but doesn’t know her name.

Afterwards, Ben Caldwell (Victor Rasuk) tells the team that Henry had no enemies. Meanwhile, Danielle visits a hair salon, where Sophia (Chasty Ballesteros) gives her a hair cut. Back at the TAU, the group find an image of the stalker, using CCTV from Henry’s bus. That night, Sophia is attacked at the salon, by Danielle. Back at TAU, Jack tells Beth about the new attack. Meanwhile, Perry, or Brody, makes contact with Tracy, who tells him she has morning shift and will call him later.

At the hospital, Sophia tells Beth and Janice about the attack. Sophia denies knowing Henry, but Janie and Beth are suspicious of her answer. Tracy visits Beth at the TAU, which surprises Jack, who didn’t know Beth had friends. Ben finds a missing persons report for Danielle, whose real name is Cori James (A Leslie Kies). They meet with her mother, who confirms the pictures are of her daughter. Barbara (Jennifer Parsons) says Cori’s friend, Meg, recently died from an overdose, which changed her personality. Beth and Jack explore Cori’s old bedroom. Jack finds a yearbook, which has two student’s pictures blacked out. The TAU insists something happened in high school, which set her off.

Next, the TAU bring in Henry and Sophia to question them about their high school class mate. Both continue to deny everything. Finally, Henry reveals that Sophia’s husband, Scott Mason (John Brotherton), raped Cori in high school. Afterwards, Scott and Cori share a drink in a bar, before heading out to be alone.

While Ben attempts to trace Scott’s cell phone, Henry and Sophia begin revealing the truth behind Cori and Meg’s rape. Henry admits to holding Cori down, while Sophia watched and did nothing. Meanwhile, Scott attempts to make his move on Cori, before he admits to knowing her. He attempts to subdue Cori, but she beats him down. Janice offers her help to Beth, who turns it down.

Ben has traced Scott’s cellphone to the Botanical Gardens, where Cori and Meg were raped. Cori begins removing Scott’s pant, with a pair of scissors in her hand. Scott apologizes and begs, before head butting Cori. When the team arrives, Cori throws Scott at them and runs into the woods. Beth follows her and offers help, before being attacked. Beth gains the upper hand, before Cori breaks down and sobs. Cori is arrested.

Back at TAU, Scott insists he didn’t rape anyone. He suggests the women cooperated. Scott is cocky, since the statutes of limitations has already run out on the rape charges. Beth interviews Cori, who says she didn’t go to police, because she was afraid of what her mother would think. She blames herself for Meg’s death. She also admits to trying to file a report later, but it was futile, which is why she took justice into her own hands.

Ben delivers a letter from SID to Beth. Cori is allowed to watch, as Beth confronts Scott about raping a 15 year old girl. Cori begins to sob, as an eerie rendition of “Always Something There to Remind Me” plays in the background. Beth calls Tracy and announces she is coming over with take out. As she tries to get into her vehicle, she is confronted by Perry, who tells her that she always stops at that specific restaurant for dinner. He questions her about Tracy, before saying both women are tragic. Perry seems upset about being smacked around. He suggests he reminds Beth of Ray, who killed her entire family. After Perry finally leaves, Beth sobs in her car.

Back at TAU, Beth confronts Janice and tells her that she messed up and needs her help. Janice agrees to help.


Another fun and brutal episode of Stalker. Again, the show is a wild ride, which ends the same. The cops show up and save the victim. Afterwards, an eerie song is played and some wild revelation is revealed. Will this habitual formula grow old eventually? Quite possibly, but it still seems to work. The episode was just as fun as the last. Nobody can complain about the violence, since it was targeted towards both sexes.

Of course, it was Erik Stocklin’s performance at the end that elevated the episode, which deserves an 8 out of 10.

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