Shows to Watch: The Missing

The Missing is a drama, mysterious television series that is a collaboration between BBC and Starz. The series began airing on BBC on October 28, 2014, with the American debut taking place tonight, November 15, 2014. The series is based around the disappearance of Oliver Hughes (Oliver Hunt).

The series will follow Oliver’s father, Tony Hughes (James Nesbitt). Tony becomes obsessed with his son’s disappearance and goes above and beyond to discover the truth regarding the events leading up to his son going missing. Nesbitt is a great actor and should pull off the role exceptionally well. He is likely best known for The Hobbit, Jekyll and Waking Ned Devine. If you’ve never seen the psychotically crazy Jekyll, it is highly recommended that you do!

Nesbitt stars alongside his onscreen wife, Emily (Frances O’Connor). Frances has appeared in a little bit of everything from Once upon a Time to the cancelled Vegas to the British masterpiece, Mr Selfridge. The series will also explore the story from the perspective of a French police detective, Julien Baptiste (Tcheky Kayro). I am sure all of these character’s stories will intertwine and leave us guessing to the true mastermind behind Oliver’s disappearance.

Lucky souls of Britain will already be enjoying this intriguing mysterious drama. However, Americans will be able to check it out tonight on Stars at 9pm. Will Tony be able to unravel the puzzle and save the life of Oliver? Or will he find that his son has befallen a much worse fate? You’ll have to tune in to the eight episode series tonight to find out!

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