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Seven Types Of Ambiguity Finale Recap

As the finale starts, we see Anna Marin (Leeanna Walsman) strolling down the street. She approaches a building and stares through the window. Simon Heywood (Xavier Samuel) appears behind her. She turns around and it appears Simon has disappeared. In the present, Joe (Alex Dimitriades) asks his wife if she is ready to go. Anna hugs Sam and her mother before heading out to the vehicle. Before she jumps in the vehicle, a text message stops her in her tracks. Its contents remain unknown. We jump back in time to the day of the kidnapping. Anna is shown cruising down the road with a big smile on her face. She checks her phone and notices several text messages. Then, Anna gets the call from Joe and learns that Sam is missing.

leeanna walsman actress seven types of ambiguityAnna gets out of the vehicle and places a call to an unknown individual. She cancels her previous plans and returns home to help with the search. Back in the present, Anna lets Joe know that she is nervous about testifying. He insists she did nothing wrong and should just answer the questions. In another flashback, we see Anna visiting Simon at the jail. She questions Simon about the kidnapping and asks how he knew what Sam looked like. Simon reminds her that she told him everything on the pier. Another flashback shows the couple’s meeting on the beach. They speak about their current lives and Anna’s family. Then, Anna is asked if she is happy. She doesn’t answer, before we jump back to the jail. Now, Anna is asked about the state of her marriage.

simon and anna seven types of ambiguitySimon remains convinced that he didn’t kidnap Sam, since he intended no malice. Now, Joe and Anna enter the courthouse. Anna makes her way to the restroom. In the stall, she sends a text message to an unknown individual. She is told to stick to her story. In another flashback, Anna tells Joe that she blames herself for the kidnapping. When she exits the stall, Anna encounters Gina Serkin (Susie Porter). The two women stare at one another, but say nothing. We jump back again and see Anna meeting with Angela (Andrea Demetriades) in private. Anna reveals her identity and begins asking Angela about Joe. Angela admits Joe was one of the clients she didn’t mind seeing. She also confirms that Simon talked about her frequently. Eventually, Angela admits she is in love with Simon. Angela tells Anna about the day of the kidnapping and Sam’s activities.

angela finale seven types of ambiguityBack in the present, Anna is told to get something to eat and that she is up next. We return to the jail house visit. Simon tells Anna about saving Sam. It is clear that she totally believes the story. Simon promises he would have never hurt Sam. Simon explains he felt he had to do something to stop her. Anna is called to the stand. Gina quickly asks her about the toll records and catches her in the first lie. She admits she wasn’t going to a conference in Sydney. She explains she was going to stay at a hotel room for a few nights. She suggests she was going to be by herself. In a flashback, we see Anna visiting a restaurant and meeting with Donald Sheere (Andrew McFarlane). Anna confesses she has planned the weekend down to the last detail. In the present, Anna claims she needed a break. Joe rushes out of the courtroom.

andrew mcfarlane seven types of ambiguityThe prosecutor manages to get a break. Joe confronts Anna outside and demands to know what is going on. The prosecutor arrives and warns Anna that she could be charged with perjury. Back in the courtroom, Anna is asked about giving Simon permission to pick up Sam. In the past, Anna tells Simon how scared she and Joe were. Simon explains he wanted to repay her for loving him in the past, when he thought nobody could. He also admits he wanted to stop her from having an affair. Simon confesses he thought his actions would bring Anna back to the city and strengthen her relationship with Joe. Anna insists it worked. Simon explains he never really got over Anna and will always love her. In the present, Anna changes her story and says she did indeed give Simon permission. The trial is stopped, as Simon’s family and defense team begin to celebrate. Back at home, Anna heads outside and finds Joe sitting in the vehicle.

actor xavier samuel seven types of ambiguityAnna encourages Joe to come inside. He agrees to get some items and leave. He also admits he doesn’t know who Anna is anymore. Anna makes it clear she did the right thing. Joe suggests Simon pulled the blinders over her eyes. Anna wakes up late in the morning and is forced to rush and get Sam to school. When they return home, Anna speaks with her mother. Anna’s actions are ridiculed. Her mother suggests Anna had it all and threw it away. She makes it clear she is taking Joe’s side. Anna heads out into the city. She visits Mitch (Anthony Hayes) and asks about Joe. She also encourages Mitch to go into business with Joe, since they’re such a good team. When Anna leaves, she spots a drunk Joe returning to Mitch’s place. The following day, Anna meets with Don. Don thanks her for keeping his name out of it. She also learns he has arranged to deal with the perjury charge. Anna asks Don about getting Joe a job. That receives a laugh.

anthony hayes seven types of ambiguityAnna becomes upset and gives Don a piece of her mind. She leaves seconds later. Then, she speaks with Detective Staszie (Sarah Peirse) and learns that the charge has been dropped. Anna meets with Alex (Hugo Weaving) next. She asks him about divorce and how to know if the marriage is over. Alex tells her about his own situation. Then, Anna contemplates visiting Simon. Anna meets him seconds later. She tells Simon about Peter. Peter was her previous child. He passed away. She admits she changed her story as a thank you to Simon for saving Sam. Now, she admits she wants Simon to stay out of her life. He doesn’t put up an argument and seems happy. Anna meets with Joe at home. Joe confirms he is probably going into business with Mitch. Then, Anna finally tells him the truth about Don.

finale seven types of ambiguityAnna insists nothing happened and she thought lying in court would help them both. She finally admits she is afraid of Joe’s temper. Joe explains he thought Sam’s birth would bring Anna back to him, but he ended up going to elsewhere for sex. He threw himself into his work and hated coming home. He confesses he hated her sadness and he didn’t know how to fix it. He explains that their hardships hurt him as well. Anna admits she doesn’t know how to help anyone. She can’t even help herself. Anna confesses she thought she could handle everything with the trial on her own. She admits she never knew marriage could be so lonely. Joe reminds her that he is still right there. Simon cries out for Anna as the episode ends.


Seven Types of Ambiguity Review

The finale was definitely different that what I expected. It had plenty of twists and turns and kept me guessing from start to finish. The ending will likely disappoint many, since it was somewhat open ended. However, we could easily suggest that Simon’s plan worked out in the long run. Perhaps Joe and Anna opening up to one another was a step in the right direction for their relationship? It seems they kept those feelings inside for a long, long time.

Did Simon’s scheme finally pay off? While I thought the ending was satisfying, I wouldn’t mind see additional episodes either. It would be nice to see Don punished. Plus, I’d love to know where Simon went from there. We are left to our imagination I suppose. The series is definitely one of the best I have watched this year. The finale scores a 9 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Seven Types of Ambiguity now!

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