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Seven Types of Ambiguity Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of the 5th episode, we jump back in time. Simon Heywood (Xavier Samuel) arrives home after being accused of kidnapping his student. Simon receives a little hope when he gets the letter from Anna (Leeanna Walsman). Then, the couple meet by the pier. We jump back to the present and begin to see things from Gina’s perspective. The judge confirms that there is a sufficient amount of evidence to charge Simon with kidnapping. May (Zoe Bertram) speaks with Gina (Susie Porter) outside of the courtroom. May asks how long it will be before the trial begins. May wants to know if Simon will still claim his innocence. She claims that pleading guilty might be better, since it would likely lead to less time in prison.

simon heywood seven types of ambiguityGina agrees to ask Simon his opinion. Gina reminds Simon how Anna behaved in court. He insists that she doesn’t know what Anna was thinking. He remains adamant that he wants to plead not guilty to the charges. Back at the office, Gina speaks with Robert Henshaw (Alex Papps) about her biggest fear. She admits it would be missing something. Then, she receives a call from Alex (Hugo Weaving) asking her what she is wearing to the night’s dinner. We jump forward to that night’s party. During the event, Gina receives praise from Gideon Pozniak (Jacek Koman). When Gideon leaves, Gina admits this is the first time she has even been invited to one of these parties. Alex believes she might be moving up in the world. When Gina returns home, she finds her daughter, Rebecca (Eva Lazzaro), sleeping on the couch.

susie porter seven types of ambiguityGina checks her daughter’s cellphone. When Becca wakes up, she asks about Gina’s night and compliments her appearance. Then, Gina asks about her daughter’s bully Lucy. Becca promises everything is fine and refuses to open up. Once Becca has gone to bed, Alex arrives with food. During the meal, Alex is asked about his relationship with Simon. He admits Simon reminds him of himself when he was younger. As Alex prepares to leave, Gina invites him to go to bed with her. The two have a little fun. In the morning, Gina tells Alex to pretend everything is normal. He agrees. Then, Gina rushes to get her unruly kids ready for school. She also explains that their babysitter Svetlana (Claudia Greenstone) will be caring for them this week, since she will be busy with the trial. The kids are not happy.

actress susie porter seven types of ambiguityDirty dishes in the sink lead Becca to believe that her mother has a boyfriend. At the office, Gina contacts Alex and asks him about Simon’s meet with Anna after the Carlo incident. Gina admits that Anna’s statement suggests otherwise. Alex takes her to Simon’s apartment and shows her the letter. Later, Gina sits down with May and William (Anthony Phelan). William makes it clear that he no longer intends to pay for Gina’s services, unless she convinces Simon to plead guilty. Gina has no intention of doing that. Alex and Gina visit Simon and tell him about his dad’s comments. He is told he doesn’t need to make a decision right away. Then, Simon is asked about the meeting. He mentions the card, but can’t remember if he contacted her by phone. The following day, Robert and Gina scan through evidence.

Xavier Samuel seven types of ambiguityThey chat about the car that Anna as driving, before Gina learns about Joe losing his job. The family has also decided to put their house on the market. Gina gets a call from her daughter. She is forced to rush home right away to pay the babysitter. She also learns that the babysitter is quitting. Alex visits again that night. Alex admits he likes creeping around. In the morning, May visits Gina at the office. May admits she has some money put away and will happily continue paying for her son’s defense. May hands over a suit for Simon. On the day that the trial is set to begin, Gina runs into problems at home. Her daughter doesn’t want to go to school and the other one does. She is forced to call Alex and enlist his help. Gina chats with Simon and gives him tips for looking good for the jury.

simon and gina seven types of ambiguityAs soon as the trial begins, Simon pleads not guilty to both charges. Then, Detective Staszie (Sarah Peirse) takes the stand. She is forced to admit that Sam wasn’t sexually or physically abused. Gina manages to sneak in a comment about Anna giving Simon permission to pick up the boy. Outside, Gina thanks Alex for his help. Then, Gina gets news that the prosecution has a new witness. The man, Frederick Zwier, was Simon’s cellmate and claims to have heard Simon make incriminating statements. Gina manages to stall long enough to get in touch with Gideon. As it turns out, Frederick tried to pull the same stunt in an earlier case. Gina manages to make Frederick look untrustworthy. After Frederick is finished, Joe Marin (Alex Dimitriades) takes the stand. He expresses his disdain for Simon. Then, Gina gets to ask her questions. Gina asks him about his prostitute friend and the state of his marriage.

chris pender seven types of ambiguityThat night, Alex and Gina go out for dinner. The waiter knows Alex’s names. He admits he comes here often. Then, Alex’s wife and kids enter. Gina realizes that Alex intended to use her to make his wife jealous. She dismisses herself immediately. Gina returns home and is comforted by her daughter. They agree to drop their armor and be honest with one another at home. The following day, Angela (Andrea Demetriades) is questioned. She is asked about changing her statement. She admits that she didn’t understand the enormity of the situation until she spoke with Alex. Back at the office, Gina lashes out at Alex and insists he could be charged for perverting the course of justice. Robert tries to enter, but is sent away. Gina tries to end her fling with Alex. Then, Robert enters with the phone records.

susie porter actress abc seven types of ambiguityIt shows that there no calls between Simon and Anna. However, there was a call to an unlisted number on the day of the kidnapping. Anna questions Simon the following day. Simon begins questioning the idea of changing his plea. Gina reminds him that Anna is up next. She pleads with him for something new, but he gives up nothing. When Gina leaves, she checks the visitor records and learns that Anna visited Simon recently. That night, she calls Alex and asks him if he knew about the meeting. Neither knew about it. Gina also asks if the Heywood family owns property outside of the city. Alex confirms that they own a house at Mornington Peninsula. Alex tells Gina the truth about the dinner and wanting to make his wife jealous. The following day, James Tierney, who works for Transurban, takes the stand.

actress andrea demetriades seven types of ambiguityThe man tells the jury that Anna never headed towards the airport. Instead, the toll records show that she was headed east. This convinces Gina that she was heading to the Heywood property in Mornington Peninsula. Gina and Anna come face to face in the bathroom. Both remain silent. Anna prepares to take the stand. Simon stares at her. And, the episode ends.


Seven Types of Ambiguity Review

The 5th episode might not have been as good as the previous, but it was still excellent. The courtroom drama was gripping. It felt surprisingly authentic and not overly dramatic. Simultaneously, the relationship between Alex and Gina was intriguing. In the end, Alex simply wasn’t over his wife. Poor Gina was used by Alex in a last attempt to win back his wife. Does Alex’s situation parallel with Simon’s? Or does Anna actually reciprocate Simon’s feelings?

Hopefully the truth is unveiled in the 6th and final episode. It will be interesting to see what Anna has to say and who has been telling the truth. The episode was excellent. A 9 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Seven Types of Ambiguity right away.

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