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Seven Types of Ambiguity Episode 3 Recap

As the episode ends, we see Simon Heywood (Xavier Samuel) being arrested for kidnapping Sam (Harrison Molloy). Then, Angela (Andrea Demetriades) knocks on Simon’s door. Simon answers and invites her inside. Angela steps inside and see Sam on the floor drinking chocolate milk. Simon returns to Sam and continues playing cards with the boy. Angela seems a little weirded out by the situation. She pulls Sam aside and asks what is going on. Sam promises that everything is fine. Angela calls Dilara, but doesn’t get an answer. She brings Sam sandwiches before notifying the police. She and Simon are arrested moments later. Both are taken to the station. Angela is questioned. She admits she had never seen Simon with the boy before.

angela seven types of ambiguity episode 3Angela seems stunned to learn that Simon has been charged with kidnapping. However, Angela is told that she has done the right thing. In a flashback, we see Angela hanging out with Simon. It appears Simon has cooked for her. They listen to music, before Angela spots the picture of Simon with Anna. She doesn’t seem to mind. We jump back to the present and see Angela leaving the station with her sister, Dilara (Sophia Katos). They’re ambushed by journalists, but escape without answering any questions. Dilara seems convinced Simon has done something wrong. Once they return to the apartment building, they see Simon’s door covered in police tape. Dilara begs for taxi money, before leaving. We jump back in time and see Simon and Angela walking the dog.

andea demetriades seven types of ambiguityThey discuss their future plans. Simon doesn’t seem interested in much. As for Angela, she seems to imply that they could start a relationship together. She tries to urge Simon to get over his past. He doesn’t seem interested in doing that at all. Later, Angela is shown getting ready for the night. Angela works the club. She meets with Mitch (Anthony Hayes), before Joe (Alex Dimitriades) interrupts. Angela follows Joe back to a private room. In the present, she visits her sister. She confesses Simon has not called her yet. She defends him and insists he isn’t a pedophile. Angela’s mom asks about the arrest, but she doesn’t have a clue about Angela’s tightknit relationship with Simon.

angela seven types of ambiguitySeconds later, Angela’s father introduces her to Bakatur. They’re encouraged to talk. When everyone leaves, Bakatur comforts Angela by revealing he has a girlfriend. She seems glad. Back at home, Alex Klima (Hugo Weaving) visits and gets the keys to Simon’s apartment again. He encourages Angela to visit Simon. She also reveals that the police want her to be a witness. However, she doesn’t want to expose her job, since her family believes she works at a casino. In another flashback, Joe complains to Angela about Anna. He explains that his wife uses sex against him. He also confesses he has suspicions that she could be sleeping with someone else. Joe gets angry when thinking about losing Sam to Anna. Back in the present, Angela is called back to the police station.

sam and angela seven types of ambiguityThis time, the detectives ask Angela whether or not Simon might be homosexual or pedophile. To cover for Simon, she eventually explains that she is his girlfriend. In a flashback, we see Angela strip off her clothes and try to entice Simon. He refuses the offer nicely. Angela speaks with Dil about what she has done. She admits she hopes her mother will not find out during the trial. Once again, Angela is forced to give money to Dil. This time, it goes to her son. The next day, Angela visits the station in an attempt to see Simon. The receptionist refuses to let her in, since Simon is at the hospital. Alex enters. Angela tells Alex that she is to blame. She explains that she was in love with Simon. She told Simon about Joe’s marital problems and that might’ve influenced Simon’s actions. Angela expresses concern that Simon might’ve been following Anna.

andrea demetriades seven types of ambiguityIn a flashback, we see Simon return home soak and wet. He refuses to tell Angela what happened. Angela tells Alex about her comments to the police. She admits she lied to protect Simon. Alex reveals that the defense intends to argue that Simon was seeing Anna. He admits her comments might weaken the case. Angela is forced to return to the police and retract her statement. She is also forced to admit that she hooks for a living and Joe is one of her clients. She remains adamant that she had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Detective Staszie (Sarah Peirse) warns Angela that changing her statement could have serious consequences. Nevertheless, Angela changes the statement. At work, Angela is pulled aside by her boss, Moira (Fiona Macleod). She is let go temporarily, due to the publicity surrounding the case. Angela returns home and tells her mother that he work hours have been cut at the casino.

detective staszie seven types of ambiguityHer mother tries to encourage her to return home. Angela refuses. Back at home, Dal drops the kid off at Angela’s place. Dal also bums more money. Angela gets a call from a journalist, who asks about her profession. Angela tells her sister the truth, but it seems Dal already knew. Angela visits the prison and is finally allowed to see Simon. His face shows the signs of an assault. Angela tells him about her secret being brought to light. Angela admits to calling the police, but Simon is willing to let it go. Afterwards, Angela returns home and tells her mom the truth. She is told to leave immediately. Dal rushes outside and offers Angela supports, before she drives away. That night, Angela gets a call from her boss.

actor xavier samuel seven types of ambiguityAngela is offered a new job, but the visits will happen at home. She quickly agrees. She gets dressed and heads to the client’s house. When the door opens, we see a wounded Mitch standing inside. He invites her in and tells her he believes they can help one another.


Seven Types Of Ambiguity

Seven Types of Ambiguity continues to intrigue. I am fascinated by the drama revolving around the kidnapping. However, it is the human aspect of the series that makes it so compelling. Each episode has tackled a new societal problem. Joe’s episode detailed the struggles of a workaholic. The second episode showed Alex’s struggle with a divorce that he didn’t want.

This episode was a little similar to Alex’s and Joe’s. Everyone has romance troubles. However, Angela had a big secret that she wanted to keep hidden from her family. Her feelings for Simon eventually exposed those secrets to the public. And now, we’re prepared to focus on Mitch. It appears Mitch and Joe have had a falling out. What does Mitch know or what does he suspect?

The 3rd episode was great. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Seven Types of Ambiguity right now.

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