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Seven Types Of Ambiguity Episode 2 Recap

As the 2nd episode begins, we see someone struggling under water. It appears to be a young boy. Then, we see another individual dive into the water. Seconds later, Alex Klima (Hugo Weaving) wakes up to a phone call. Alex learns about Simon (Xavier Samuel) being arrested. Alex quickly rushes to the station. Along the way, he calls Gina Serkin (Susie Porter) and requests her assistance. They meet outside. Gina asks Alex why Simon would call him. He admits he doesn’t have a clue. However, he doesn’t believe Simon has anyone else. In a flashback, we see Simon’s first meeting with Alex. Simon explains that his father agreed to pay for the sessions.

hugo weaving seven types of ambiguity episode 2After entering the building, Alex speaks with Simon’s parents, May (Zoe Bertram) and William (Anthony Phelan). William explains that Simon has been charged with kidnapping. Alex meets Joe Marin (Alex Dimitriades) briefly and gives him some change for the soda machine. Alex also catches a glimpse of Simon’s Anna (Leeanna Walsman). Gina and Alex sit down with Simon seconds later. Simon promises that they did nothing, but watch television and play games. He also admits Sam was only supposed to stay with him for a few hours. Then, Simon explains that he knows Anna and this is all a big mistake.

gina seven types of ambiguity episode 2Simon refuses to say whether or not he still has a relationship with Anna. Gina admits Simon will likely have to stay for the night, but she plans to ask for bail in the morning. Afterwards, Alex asks Gina what would happen, if Anna did indeed ask Simon to pick up her son. Gina wonders why Anna would remain silent, if that is true. May interrupts and seems awfully happy-go-luck for the current situation she is in. When she leaves, Alex reveals she is heavily medicated. Alex heads back home. He watches two young kids outside of his apartment. Then, he remembers speaking with Simon about his initial encounter with Anna.

hugo weaving seven types of ambiguity episode 2Simon gives Alex a rundown of their relationship and explains that they just seemed to click. When Alex walks up to his apartment, he finds his son Adam (Ben Keller) sitting outside. Adam is invited inside, as Alex tries to get to the bottom of his problem. Alex also notifies his wife. Adam complains about his parents splitting up. Alex promises that they’re trying to sort it out. In the morning, Adam is returned home. He is quickly reprimanded by his mother. Alex compliments his wife and then asks about the fight. She admits Adam saw the divorce papers on his desk. Alex seems dumbfounded, since he hasn’t even received the paperwork yet. Next, Alex gets a call from Gina, who has bad news. She confesses that Simon’s bail application has hit a roadblock.

gina seven types of ambiguityGina gives Alex a rundown of a missing boy, who was last seen in Simon’s care when he was a teacher. Since Simon was a suspect, the police are hesitant to let him go. Alex immediately meets with Simon. Simon reveals that Carlo was his student and his failed the boy. He explains that Carlo’s parents didn’t pick him up one day after school. He watched the boy. When he let Carlo go to the bathroom, the boy disappeared. Again, Alex turns his attention to Sam and Anna. Alex explains that he wants to help, but needs more information. Simon tells him he can help by walking his dog. Alex heads to Simon’s apartment. He is greeted by Angela (Andrea Demetriades). Angela lets him into the facility and gives him the key to Simon’s apartment. Alex enters and finds Simon’s dog inside.

simon and alex seven types of ambiguityAlex also finds a whiskey bottle and a book. The book is called Seven Types of Ambiguity by William Empson, which is the dog’s name. He also finds a note from Anna. It seems the letter was sent after Carlo disappeared. Anna offers her support. Alex takes Empson to meet his kids, Rachel and Adam. He asks them to watch the dog for a few days. Adam likes the idea, but Rachel does not. Later, Alex returns to Gina’s offices. He is shown a newspaper article, which refers to Simon as the pedophile teacher. Gina reveals that Simon has been placed in protective custody at the jail. Then, the conversation turns to Alex’s family. He admits things are going good and he is planning to drop in for dinner that night. Gina explains that she rarely had dinner with Jim after their split.

alex klima seven types of ambiguityThat night, Alex shows up outside of his home. He tosses a bundle of flowers aside and finds an excuse to get in. He gives Empson a good rub and says hello to his son. He apologizes to his wife for dropping in unannounced and explains he wanted to pick up some winter jackets. He also finds his daughter cooking in the kitchen. Deborah (Maria Theodorakis) doesn’t seem comfortable with Alex’s presence. When he goes upstairs to get the jackets, he overhears them chatting about him. Adam wishes to invite Alex to dinner, but his wife and daughter do not. He leaves after promising to look at the divorce papers. When Alex returns home, he calls Gina and tells her the truth about the dinner he made up. In the morning, Alex heads to Sam’s school and looks at the kids over a fence.

susie porter seven types of ambiguityThen, he visits Simon and asks how he could’ve picked Sam out of the crowd. Simon is forced to admit he met Sam once. He explains he once went to Anna’s house to leave her some books. Then, he noticed Sam fall into the pool. He dove in and saved the boy. Alex takes the information to Gina. She doesn’t believe it and also admits she thinks Alex might be blinded by Simon. Alex wishes he could speak with Anna. Alex meets with Simon’s parents that night. William makes it clear he has no respect for Alex’s profession. William also admits his son is good at telling people what they want to hear. Alex returns home and listens to taped interviews with Simon. He remembers breaking the code of his profession and having a drink with Simon at his home.

anthony phelan seven types of ambiguityHe remembers seeing a drawing on Simon’s fridge. It appears the drawing was done by a young boy. The two men speak about rejection. Alex visits Anna’s house just in time for her to return home. He pleads with her to come forward and tell the truth about her relationship with Anna. She seems dumbfounded by Alex’s comments and tells him to leave or she will notify the authorities. In the morning, Alex tells Gina that Simon must be having an affair with Anna. Gina receives a phone call about Alex’s nighttime visit. He is reminded to stay away from the prosecution’s witness. Alex visits Simon and asks for him to tell the truth. Simon insists he already has. Alex gets a little antsy. Simon suggests he take a step back for the time being. Alex explains that Anna no longer needs protecting. Simon explains that love has forced him to protect her.

xavier samuel seven types of ambiguityAlex admits love is great when it is reciprocated. Simon remains cryptic when asked if he was having an affair with Anna. Alex speaks with Deborah that night. He demands to know the truth about their breakup. Deborah tells him that she doesn’t know whether or not she ever really loved him. She explains that she is tried of pretending. In the morning, Alex visits the jail and finds Angela arguing with the receptionist. She pleads for his help and expresses her concern that Simon has been bashed. She also blames herself for his current situation.


Seven Types of Ambiguity Review

Boy, Seven Types of Ambiguity is a fascinating watch. I was skeptical that this episode would be as good as the first, since it focused on the shrink, who isn’t necessarily one of the lead characters. My worries were quickly quelled. The episode was equally good, if not better than the first.

Hugo Weaving brilliantly acted the role. Simultaneously, it was gripping to watch the interactions between Alex and Simon. Was Simon simply toying with Alex by using his own struggles against him? What type of relationship does Anna share with Simon? Have they recently reconnected or is Simon simply obsessed with a former flame?

Alex’s situation with his wife closely aligned with Simon’s relationship with Anna. Was that coincidental or a well planned scheme by Simon? I am totally hooked at this point. In fact, Seven Types of Ambiguity is one of the best shows I have watched this year.

This episode scores a solid 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Seven Types of Ambiguity right now.

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