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With the premiere of the third season of Sundance TV Rectify, it is time to get caught on the first to seasons, with our Rectify synopsis. Although the show might not receive the most massive viewers, the Rectify reviews are outstanding. If you haven’t caught up with the first two seasons, this is definitely one of the best shows to binge watch! After that, you’ll want to turn into Sundance to catch the show on July the 9th at 10 eastern. Below, you will find a Rectify synopsis, so you can get caught up!

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Rectify Season 1

The first Rectify series starts off with the release of death row inmate, Daniel Holden (Aden Young). Daniel, who has been on death row for 19 years, is released after new DNA evidence surfaces, thanks to his new attorney, Jon Stern (Luke Kirby), and sister, Amantha (Abigail Spencer). Although the event should be celebrated, it is mainly ridiculed and causes a lot of trouble at home, when Daniel returns to his mother, Janet Talbot (J. Smith-Cameron), who has remarried to tire store owner Ted Talbot Sr. (Bruce McKinnon). The pair attempt to invite Daniel back into their home with open arms, but Daniel’s stepbrother, Teddy (Clayne Crawford), isn’t so keen to the idea.

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Daniel attempts to reconnect with his family, especially his half-brother, Jared (Jake Austin Walker). Unfortunately, the relationships are awkward, at best. Of course, Daniel’s freedom isn’t set in stone, as the state Senator Roland Foulkes (Michael O’Neill) vows to bring him to justice. Shortly after Daniel’s release, the family is hounded by the local sheriff, Carl Daggett (J. D. Evermore).

Carl Daggett

An original witness to the crime, George Melton (Michael Traynor), meets with another witness, Trey Willis (Sean Bridgers). Both men testified again Daniel and sent him to death row. George seems to be ready to reveal something big, but Trey stella him to keep quiet. After the meeting, George kills himself and his body floats down the river. At it is revealed that Daniel was imprisoned for killing his 16 year old girlfriend, Hanna Dean and placed flowers over her body.

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As the TV show Rectify progresses, Daniel is forced to try and readapt to a normal life. After many failed attentions and constant harassment on the streets, Daniel ventures to the attic and listens to an old mixed tape that he receive from Hanna. Daniel and Teddy Jr attempt to bond, but Teddy asks one too many personal questions. This results in Daniel revealing a prison attack to Teddy and leaving him in shock. During this time, Amantha maintains a full force relationship with Jon. The pair run into Hanna’s brother, Bobby Dean (Linds Edwards).

Rectify Kerwin

Throughout this period of time, we’re also introduced to Daniel’s old prison friends and nuisances. During his prison stint, he formed a relationship with Kerwin Whitman (Johnny Ray Gill), who was imprisoned for a drive by murder. The pair form a strong relationship, unlike the one Daniel shares with Wendall Jelks (Jayson Warner Smith). Jelks antagonizes and harasses both men constantly.

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On the outside, Daniel becomes a church member and develops a relationship with his step bother’s wife, Tawney Talbot (Adelaide Clemens). The pair speak about religion and the afterlife. Daniel goes on a spiritual journey with the Goat Man and visits a pecan grove, with a strange statute. When he sees the statute, he is reminded of Kerwin, who is eventually executed for his crime. Afterwards, Daniel returns to the family’s tire store and Daniel reveals he is going to be baptized.

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Teddy and Daniel wind up at the tire store together. A drunk Teddy goes overboard and ends up getting choked unconscious. Daniel gives him a little prison revenge, before leaving him on the floor. Near the end of the season, Daniel tells Amantha that he has no idea what happened to Hanna. Trey discovers George’s body in the river. After stripping the corpse of his belongings, he allows the body to float on down the river.

Bobby Dean Rectify


At the end of Rectify Season 1, Daniel heads to the cemetery with Hanna’s mix tap. He is confronted by Bobby Dean and some of his buddy. They beat him mercilessly, before Bobby urinates on him. Afterwards, they depart and Daniel is loaded into an ambulance. A final flashback shows the aftermath of Kerwin’s execution and Daniel attempting to cope with the loss of his friend.

Key Moments

  • Daniel is released
  • Introduction to Kerwin and Wendall
  • Trey and George contemplate Daniel’s release
  • George kills self and Trey covers it up
  • Daniel forms a relationship with Tawney and gets baptized
  • Daniel attacks Teddy
  • Daniel is beaten into a coma, by Bobby Dean



Rectify Season 2

Rectify Season 2

The Second Season of Rectify starts off right where the first one stopped. Daniel is stuck in the hospital in a coma, while Bobby Dean returns home. Sheriff Daggett insists he is going to investigate the attack, although his partner, Lid Comphrey, insists it would be a terrible idea and get the whole community of Paulie against him. During his coma, Daniel and Kerwin travel to the pecan grove, where they discover the statue’s head is missing.

J Smith Cameron Rectify


With the tire shop on the downslide, Teddy Jr begins conjuring up ways to increase the revenue. He believes renting out the rims could be a viable opportunity. His father suggests otherwise and refuses to go along with the scheme. At the same time, Tawny and Teddy’s relationship begins to crumble, as she admits Daniel was romantically attached to her. Meanwhile, Daniel’s lawyer, Jon Stern, visits another client, Hollis. Hollis lied about his DNA and used Stern. During this time, Sheriff Daggett continues the investigation and attempts to interview a witness to the crime. Daniel finally awakes from his coma.

George Melton Rectify


As Daniel awakes, he is greet by Daggett, who attempts to gain insight into the attack. Of course, Daniel doesn’t give up Bobby Dean, who is jailed, and insists it was a stranger. Ted continues trying to push his business idea, as he attempts to get Janet to sign the contract and join in. Dagget is forced to let Bobby go, after he tells him that he owns Daniel for not turning him in.

Daniel goes a little stir crazy after being released and travels to Atlanta. He visits an art gallery, before visiting Kerwin’s family. At home, Amantha contemplates moving to Atlanta with Jon. Daniel is harassed in a cafe and begged for an autograph. When he refuses, he is belittled. Once he finally returns home, he begins tearing apart the kitchen, in order to start a remodeling project. This results in conflict between Ted Sr and Daniel, which eventually transfers to Janet and Jed. Daniel’s previous attorney Rutherford Gaines passes away. Teddy Jr takes his coffee grains story to Dagget, after getting jealous about Daniel and Tawney’s relationship.


Daniel and Tawney Rectify

With high hopes, Daniel attempts to find his mother an old fashion gas stove. He encounters a strange fellow, Lezley, who agrees to help. First though, Lezley gets Daniel into all kinds of chaos with drugs and shooting CDs. Tawney discovers that she is pregnant with Teddy’s baby, but wants to keep it a secret. This only inflames Teddy. During Tawney’s birthday party, he reveals the information. Daniel visits Rutherford Gaines’ funeral, before Dagget is forced to tell the Senator about the coffee grains attack.

Daniel does mushrooms, which were given to him by Lezley, and visions of Hanna speaking to him, as well as Trey and George. After this, he visits Trey and attempts to discover any information he can. The pair wind up visiting George’s trailer in Florida. While there, Trey insists Daniel never had sex with Hanna, but he admits that most everyone did. He suggests Daniel saw everything from a distance. After Daniel is ridiculed, he slams Trey again the wall and breaks the paneling.

Trey Rectify

After the pair get drunk, stoned and pass out, Daniel awakes to discover he has been left behind. He attempts to make it back to Paulie on a bicycle, but is ultimately forced to call Tawney, who picks him up and drives him home. They chat about their relationship and Tawney admits it cannot go further. Dagget attempts to find new information about the case, by speaking with the old sheriff. When Daniel finally returns home, he is confronted by Jon about a potential plea deal. If accepted, Daniel would be forced out of the area. Jon insists that Daniel should fight it, with Amantha doing the same. Teddy finally gets his rim business up and running, but it falters.

Daniel Holden Rectify

After this, Daniel receives his confession tape and listens to it, while he attempts to reenact the murder. Jon contacts the District Attorney and rejects the current plea deal. Tawney has a miscarriage. Daniel learns about the plea deal, which would banish him from the entirety of Georgia aside from one single county. Senator Foulkes continues trying to pressure Ted into filing charges against Daniel for the coffee grains attack. Tawney and Teddy fight over the miscarriage, before Tawney leaves and heads to a motel. Teddy visits one of his rim customers, who refuses to pay. A fight ensues and Teddy gets his money’s worth.

Tawney calls Daniel and invites him to the motel. She questions, whether or not he is a bad person, and he admits he is. The pair discuss leaving Paulie. Daniel finally tells Tawney about his attack of Teddy. Senator Foulkes and DA Pearson setup a meeting, so Daniel can confess to the murder. Amantha visits Daniel and tells him about a new lawyer being sent from Justice Row. They argue over Daniel’s decision to plead guilty.

Dagget travels to Florida, in hopes of speaking to George. He discovers information about Daniel being there and checks the security footage to see Trey and Daniel together. Tawney heads home and confronts Teddy about his assault. She apologizes, before leaving with some belongings. Daniel meets with Foulkes. First, he denies the rape and murder and insists his first confession was coerced, before he admits to everything. Teddy arrives at the police station and finally agrees to press charges on Daniel.

Key Moments:

  • Daniel awakes from his coma and travels to Atlanta
  • He meets with Kerwin’s family, as he said he would
  • Tawney gets pregnant and miscarriages
  • Daniel meets Lezley and gets his mother an old fashioned stove
  • Daniel confronts Trey and the pair visit George’s trailer
  • Trey seemingly leaves evidence of Daniel behind in the trailer
  • Tawney leaves the truth about Daniel’s attack
  • Daniel accepts the plea deal and confesses
  • Teddy finally attempts to press charges on Daniel


With the third season of Rectify Sundance right around the corner, it is time to get excited! There is absolutely no doubt that Aden Young is the Star of Rectify, but the entire show is brilliant and very heartfelt. The fact that it is tucked away in a treasure chest on Sundance TV makes the Rectify TV show that much more special. Be sure to check back, because I plan on writing about the future episodes.

I haven’t seen any Rectify review for the third season yet, but I expect it to be amazing, even if it only 6 episodes. Are you going to be watching? Let me know what and tell me what you think about the show!

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