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Season 2 How to Get Away with Murder Recap Ep 5

When the episode begins, we see someone running past Emily’s body. It turns out to be Bonnie. She jumps into her vehicle and tells Asher that it’ll all be okay. Several weeks before, Asher attends court and prepares to testify against Anna. He recalls Bonnie telling him about killing Sam. Bonnie spins a tale about Sam trying to rape her, before she killed him with a lamp. Back in the courtroom, Emily (Sarah Burns) attempts to call Asher to the stand, but he rushes out instead.

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Bonnie returns to Anna and is ridiculed by her. Annalise tasks Frank with discovering what Wes (Wes Gibbins) and Nate are up to. Asher arrives and confronts Annalise. They speak in private. Annalise speaks to Asher about the difficulties of women, who are raped. She attempts to convince him to keep his mouth shut, before he leaves. Asher returns to Emily and confirms he knows who killed Sam.

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Asher’s dad belittles him, while Emily prods Asher for evidence. Next, Emily and Anna meet for a hearing regarding the Hapstall case. Anna receives bad news, while Connor argues with everyone at Anna’s house. During the conversation, Wes receives a text message, which pleads for his assistance. Unfortunately, Anna arrives and prevents him from leaving. She tasks the kids with getting the evidence tossed out. She calls Bonnie, who is waiting outside of Asher’s place.

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They speak about the situation, before Asher interrupts and speaks with Bonnie. Asher questions whether or not Frank was involved and Bonnie admits he was. However, she insists the others were not. Asher thanks Bonnie for telling the truth, before he exits. Frank shows Anna Nate’s cellphone records, which introduces them to Levi. Anna catches Michaela talking dirty to Levi (Matt Cohen) and hides her phone.

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Next, Nate speaks with Annalise. She admits she lied about why Nia wanted to see her. She tells the truth about the pills and admits she didn’t do it. The pair share a bonding moment, before Nate departs. Back at the house, Laurel sexually bombards Frank. Caleb speaks to Michaela, who insists they’ll get the testimony thrown out. Emily manages to get Asher another immunity deal, but he remains hesitant. Asher bashes his father for protecting himself and nothing more.


Meanwhile, Bonnie and the others watch a video of the Hapstall sibling’s aunt accusing them of murder. Meanwhile, Oliver helps Connor hack for the trial. Oliver is unable to find the rest of the video, but he learns that Connor loves him. Meanwhile, Emily takes Asher to the bar. She attempts to convince him that he doesn’t have to be like Annalise. Anna and the others watch the video, which Oliver obtained. As it turns out, the police deleted the video, but kept the audio.

Season 2 How To Get Away With Murder

In the courtroom, Annalise interviews the police officer. The judge ridicules Annalise for potentially obtaining the evidence in an illegal manner. She also allows the testimony to remain. Catherine (Amy Okuda) lashes out at the judge about racism and is blown off. Wes meets up with Levi and the pair prepare to speak with Bruno (Simon Kassianides). Levi pulls a gun on him and pressures him for information. Wes convinces him to put the gun away, but continues prodding Bruno for information.


Wes returns to Anna’s house and the kids continue freaking out. Bonnie tells them nobody is going to get arrested. Frank interrupts and insists everything is going to be fine. Wes looks strangely at the keys on the table, before Annalise interrupts and tells everyone to shut up. She goes off on everyone, before inviting Bonnie and Frank into her office. Wes gets close to the keys and a flashback shows Bruno telling him that Frank only wanted to use his storage locker. Annalise tells Frank to handle Levi and Bonnie to handle Asher.

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They exit and Frank retrieves his keys. Annalise requests a moment with Wes in his office. Laurel convinces the others that Wes could be trouble. Anna and Wes speak about his other classes, which is really, really stupid, at this point. They speak a little, before Anna confronts Nate. Wes confirms he got the key to Levi, before Michaela interrupts. Nate tells Annalise about Wes’ suspicions. Michaela, Connor and Laurel learn about Levi and eggs 911.


Both groups argue back and forth. Wes shows them the key. Annalise breaks down to Nate and attempts to quell his concerns. The cops arrive and pop Levi’s trunk. They find a bunch of drugs inside. Obviously, Frank planted the drugs. Wow! What an eye roller. Next, Bonnie and Asher share a moment. She apologizes and admits she made mistakes. Bonnie tells Asher she loves him and pleads with him not to testify. He admits he loves her as well, but insists she cannot keep living this way. Afterwards, she calls Anna and asks for help.

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She admits Asher is going to testify and agrees to take the blame. Wes and the others check the locker and find Sam’s luggage. Wes opens it. Meanwhile, Annalise visits Asher and prepares to show him something on his computer. Sam’s luggage is full of cash. A flashback shows Frank setting up the entire thing. The group argues about the meaning of the money, before everyone leaves Wes behind. Annalise shows Asher an old video of Bonnie being molested by her father.


In the present, Bonnie and Asher stop at a gas station. Bonnie uses the bathroom and attempts to clean the blood off of her body and clothes. When she returns outside, Asher is gone. He is shown at the police station preparing to make a statement.



Although the episode had some excellent moments, a few really shattered the show’s believability. Frank setting up everything so effortlessly and Oliver’s flawless hacking skills are getting laughable. The whole drugs in the trunk scenario is so cliche and Frank managed to pull it off so easily that it was ludicrous. Finally, I nearly lost it, when Annalise asked Wes about his other classes.

That was really a terrible mistake and made the writers look very inept. Although these are minor flaws, they were easily noticeable and I was half paying attention. Overall a 6.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with the other Season 2 How to Get Away with Murder episodes now!

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