Run TV Series Review

Run is a 2013 television mini-series, which aired on Britain’s Channel 4 Network. The series is also currently available on Hulu. It only lasts 4 episodes and each focuses on a different individual. There are four major leads, Kasia (Katharina Schuttler), Carol (Olivia Colman), Richard (Lennie James, The Walking Dead) and Ying (Katie Leung). The series starts with Carol, who has a tumultuous home life, with two crazy children. Of course, it doesn’t help that Carol absolutely loves her alcohol, drinks excessive and steals from work.


Carol steals cellphones and other electronics from her workplace, while selling them to Ying. The first episode primarily focuses on Carol and her two sons, who are both loose cannons. The pair wind up committing a heinous crime against, Tomek (Levan Doran), which impacts the rest of lead characters. After Carol’s brief story is told, the next episode focuses on Ying, who is an illegal immigrant. She is forced into selling DVDs and electronics on the street by her handler, or pimp. She winds up selling horrible DVDs to Richard, after Carol cuts off her supply.


Jamal (Gershwyn Eustache Jnr) enters the picture and gives Ying a way out, but will she take it? The third episode focuses on a homeless, recovering addict, Richard. Richard tries to stay on the straight and narrow, while trying to reconnect with his daughter. Unfortunately, nothing seems to go his way, as he gets himself into more and more trouble, as the episode unfolds. He eventually commandeers and abandoned vehicle, which belongs to Kasia (Katharina Schuttler), who is the main lead of the fourth and final episode.


As the series unfolds, it is revealed that Kasia is Tomek’s wife and she is involved in a crazy marriage scheme of her own. Quickly after learning about her husband’s death, she discovers that he was having a relationship with a stripper, Tara (Jaime Winstone). As she digs deeper, she discover more and gets herself in more and more trouble. The characters are slightly connected, but their stories couldn’t be more unique.


So, how is Run? Well, the series has obtained some negative reviews, due to its failure to better interlink the main characters. I suppose this could be a downfall, but I didn’t find it annoying or lacking at all. Each of the episodes and each character was equally interesting. They’re all messed up and trying to escape from a bad situation in their own way. Unfortunately, most end up propelling themselves into further calamity.


The acting is very good. All of the leads are very believable and compelling. As long as you don’t expect the characters to interlink too aggressively, you’ll find the series as a whole to be interesting, exciting and very bleak. Each episode seemed to get better and the finale offers an intense chase scene, which is well worth the wait. Although the ending is open ended, it is somewhat fitting. Overall, I enjoyed the series. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to check it out on Hulu right away!

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