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Ripper Street Season 5 Episode 3 Recap

Nathaniel (Jonas Armstrong) has started a new life outside of Whitechapel. We watch as he fishes for eels. After Nathaniel has collected his eels, he gets a visit from Jasper Sumner (Gerry O’Brien). Jasper takes the eels and gives Nathaniel money in return. Nathaniel tries to have a conversation with the man, but he departs with haste. After Sumner leaves, Nathaniel tries to occupy himself with a game of solitaire. He becomes mesmerized by a small bug. And, the cycle starts all over the following day. One day, Jasper doesn’t arrive. Instead, Augustus (Killian Scott) arrives with a bag full of food and a bottle of lemonade.

Jonas Armstrong Ripper Street Series 5

Nathaniel asks about the hunt for Reid (Matthew Macfadyen). He also sees a picture of Abel in the newspaper. He complains to his brother than the information is erroneous. He insists Croker wasn’t a bad man and he was good to them. Nathaniel tries to pay for the items, but his money is returned. He turns the conversation to Sumner. Nathaniel expresses his desire to take the eels to Sumner’s cabin. His brother advises him against it. Dove promises his brother he will be able to return home, one Reid is captured. He also insists he’ll bring books next time. Nathaniel insists he would like to see Connor. Despite some hesitancy, Dove invites his brother over to the house for supper.

nathaniel and dove ripper street s5 e3

We jump forward and watch Nathaniel have dinner with Agatha (Ellie Haddington), Connor and his brother. Nathaniel steps in and helps Connor cut up his food against Agatha’s wishes. That night, Nathaniel speaks with his brother about his urges. Augustus insists they’ll get him professional help, once Reid is out of the picture. Meanwhile, Reid reads the newspaper and exclaims that the walls are turning fiercer against them. He confirms that the newspaper articles have turned the local residents into henchmen for Inspector Shine (Joseph Mawle). Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) chimes in and admits the playhouse is beginning to feel like a prison. Mimi (Lydia Wilson) has no problem showing him the door. A knock at the door stops their complaining. Frank Thatcher (Benjamin O’Mahony) is let inside moments later.

frank thatcher ripper street

Reid asks about Thatcher’s search. He reveals that Nathaniel has not killed again. Jackson contemplates whether or not Dove would’ve killed his brother. Susan (MyAnna Buring) reminds everyone of their bond and insists Dove wouldn’t. Thatcher admits Shine doesn’t give him many details. He also confirms he only learned about the bounty on the trio, thanks to the newspaper. Thatcher leaves, after he is insulted. Susan and Reid argue momentarily afterwards. Mimi tells the trio she is heading home. Nathaniel becomes bored and visits the Sumner home. When he arrives, he is introduced to Prudence Sumner (Maeve Dermody). He learns that Jasper has passed away. Prudence introduces Nathaniel to her brothers, Caleb (Jack Bannon) and Robin (Joseph Harmon).

ripper street Maeve Dermody

Nathaniel agrees to help dig Jasper’s grave. Once they’re finished, Prudence invites him to stay for dinner. She eventually manages to talk him into it. During the meal, Caleb seems very interested in Nathaniel and his history. It is also clearly obvious that the boy likes his alcohol. Nathaniel makes up a story about his brother heading west and leaving him the cabin. The next day, Prudence and Robin visit Nathaniel to obtain his eels. Prudence asks Nathaniel for assistance selling the fish in Whitechapel. Despite knowing it would be a bad ideal, Nathaniel eventually relents and agrees to help. On the way into town, Prudence tells Nathaniel about her upbringing and being forced to care for both of her brothers.

Nathaniel and Prudence Ripper Street

The carriage is stopped at one point and Nathaniel is forced to dislodge a stone from the horse’s shoe. Prudence becomes more impressed by the minute. Nathaniel helps cut up the eels. Moments later, Thatcher and another officer arrive. Nathaniel hides his face, until they leave. After the work is completed, Nathaniel is escorted back home. Prudence invites Nathaniel to join them at any time. He helps the following day as well. This time, Caleb joins them. Nathaniel watches as Caleb rips off a Hebrew man. Robin complains about being hungry, so Nathaniel offers to buy them dinner at a fancy restaurant. The family quickly accepts his offer.

ripper street s5 e3 sumner fish

While Robin and Prudence are happy with the dinner, Caleb is not. He continues to dig deeper into Nathaniel’s history. He catches Nathaniel in a lie. That night, Nathaniel tosses and turns. The next day, a man steals money from Robin. Nathaniel chases him down, brings him back and forces him to return the coins. He breaks the man’s wrist, before the cops arrive. Nathaniel hastily retreats. Robin visits him at the fishing hole later. He brings Nathaniel his knife and the man agrees to teach him how to fish for eels. The lesson is ended when Prudence arrives. Prudence learns that her new friend is skilled in many areas, but cooking is not one of them. She agrees to teach him how to cook the eels. During the culinary lesson, Nathaniel notices burn marks on Prudence’s wrists.

ripper street series 5 Matthew Macfadyen

She insists the burns were caused by an accident. Nathaniel apologizes for running from the market, but she admits it is none of her business. That night, the pair shares dinner together in Nathaniel’s home. He also tells the woman about his father and being forced to flee his home country when he was very young. Nathaniel notices bruises on Prudence’s necks and inquires about their origins. She finally admits that Caleb can be abusive when he drinks. Before she leaves, Prudence makes it clear their door is always open to him. She gives him a kiss on the cheek, before departing. Next, Dove pays a visit to Mathilda (Anna Burnett) and Samuel Drummond (Matthew Lewis). He asks Mathilda if she regrets handing over his father’s note. She admits it was difficult, but also reveals she believes she did the right thing.

ripper street dove and drummond

Dove admits he likes Mathilda’s answer. He finally reveals he intends to give Drummond a promotion. He promotes the man to inspector. Thatcher asks Shine about the promotion. Shine admits he was concerned Thatcher couldn’t do his job and Dove believed Drum was the future. Thatcher becomes visibly upset after Shine leaves. Shine makes it to the alleyway and begins to shake and tremble. He visits a drug house and gets his fix. In the morning, Dove visits his brother and learns about Prudence. Augustus becomes enraged that his brother refused to obey his orders. Dove insists his actions could get them both hung. After Augustus leaves, Nathaniel waits patiently for Prudence to arrive. She never does.

nathaniel ripper street season 5

He eventually goes on the hunt for them. They’re visibly frightened by his presence and Caleb emerges from the house with a shotgun. Prudence reveals that the police came looking for him. Nathaniel is forced to return home. Next, Dove speaks with Agatha and learns that Connor is outside with his dog. Dove heads outside and becomes startled when he finds Connor with Nathaniel. Nathaniel lashes out at his brother for not trusting him. He reveals he came to pick flowers for Prudence. Prudence finds a letter and the roses moments later. She ventures over to Nathaniel’s cabin later that night. Nathaniel tells Prudence the truth, while insisting he isn’t an animal. Nathan contemplates leaving it all behind, but Prudence admits she cannot leave Caleb, because Robin needs him.

prudence and robin ripper street

Eventually, the pair has intercourse. Back at the theater, Jackson speaks with Mimi in private. Mimi finally tells the truth about why she lets Jackson stay at her place. She admits she still has feelings for him. However, she knows those feelings will leave when he does. Later, Nathaniel joins the Sumner family for dinner. Caleb begins to drink heavily and loses his cool. Prudence promises to visit Nathaniel later and sends him home. However, Nathaniel turns around and returns. He stops Caleb from beating Prudence. During the chaos, it is revealed that Caleb is her brother, as well as Robin’s father. Caleb attacks him from behind, but is quickly over powered. Nathaniel bites a chunk out of his neck killing him instantly.

Prudence Ripper Street s5 e3

Prudence grabs a knife and stabs him several times in the back. Nathan grabs her and accidently breaks her neck. He regrets it immediately. Robin watches and quickly flees the scene. Agatha informs Dove that his brother is outside in the garden. Dove comforts his brother and calls to Miss Chudley to get help. However, Nathaniel tells his brother to just let him bleed. Then, we see Inspector Shine shooting up. She scours through his paperwork. He finds the name of Dove and Nathaniel’s mother, Goluba.


Ripper Street Review

The 3rd episode of Ripper Street’s 5th season was definitely much different from the previous two. While it was somewhat slower, it was also much more bleak. While Augustus, Shine and Nathaniel are clearly meant to be villains, this episode made them much more human. It is hard not to sympathize with Nathaniel.

I also appreciated the addition of Maeve Dermody, although it was very short lived. Will Nathaniel be saved? Will Reid be able to use his latest crime against Dove? We’ll have to wait to find out. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Ripper Street right now!

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