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Ripper Street Season 5 Episode 1 Recap

Detective Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) is placed in a casket and laid to rest. Mathilda Reid (Anna Burnett) watches with Drummond (Matthew Lewis) by her side. Rose (Charlene McKenna) bawls, while Augustus Dove (Killian Scott) comforts Connor (Kahl Murphy). A second later, we jump over to Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen), Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) and Susan (MyAnna Buring). We see that the trio has been hiding in the sewers for several days. Jackson leads to others to a safe house. On the way there, we see wanted posters for all three. Jackson breaks into the theater. Out of nowhere, a gunshot rings out. Hermione Morton (Lydia Wilson) addresses the group.

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After the intro scene, we see Jenkins (Ian Pirie) taking bets for the upcoming dog fights. After the fights end, Jenkins heads home. He is confronted on the street by Nathaniel (Jonas Armstrong). Jenkins is attacked viciously and his dog is stolen. Mathilda reads about her father’s actions against Swift in the newspaper. Edmund does the same. Reid looks at himself in the mirror and seems to ponder on his actions. Mimi interrupts his train of thought with food. Reid expresses his concern that the woman might not be trustworthy. Nonetheless, Jackson is adamant that Hermione is loyal. Mimi and Jackson head to a private room, while Reid plans to visit his daughter. He tells Susan he wants to see if Mathilda has lit her candle. Jackson tells Mimi that Reid has barely spoken since watching Drake die.

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Mimi asks if Jackson was there when Drake was killed by Abel Croker. Jackson confirms the newspaper was wrong. He is then asked about Swift. He admits he is never blameless. Mathilda heads to her room and prepared to light her candle. She stops herself and puts the matches down. Edmund watches all of this through the window. Reid gives Jackson and Susan a shock when he returns. He immediately grabs a drink to down his sorrows. Jackson insists everything is fine, since Drum is now with Mathilda. Nonetheless, Reid remains concerned about his daughter. Reid complains that Nathaniel is free to roam the streets, while Augustus continues to slander his name. Reid attempts to convince the others that it is time to get their justice. Susan and Jackson speak in private. Susan insists Reid’s quest for vengeance will bring their world down around them.

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Susan remains suspicious of Mimi. Susan makes it clear she intends to visit Abel’s warehouse, while also urging Jackson to see Connor. She dyes her hair black as a disguise. At the station, Frank Thatcher (Benjamin O’Mahony) speaks with Drum. Jenkins enters moments later and reports the robbery. Thatcher heckles Jenkins for being involved in dog fighting. They’re interrupted by the arrival of Dove and the new chief. The wagon pulls up outside of the police station and Jedediah Shine (Joseph Mawle) steps out. Inspector Shine ventures inside and learns about the station’s telephone. Shine then turns his attention to the micro reader. Shine is given a tour of the facility. He complains about the jail being empty, before making his way to Drake’s old office. Augustus and Shine speak in private. Shine interrogates Dove about Bennet’s killer.

jedediah shine ripper street

Dove insists the man was a nobody, but Shine doesn’t believe it. Shine tells Dove about his fight with Drake at Edmund’s request. Dove admits he knows the story and confirms Drake saved Shine’s life by disobeying Reid’s orders. Shine has a headache, but insists the doctors deemed his fit to serve. Shine is given his orders to capture the fugitives. Mimi returns to the theater with food and is joined by Reid. Reid asks about Mimi leaving and returning. She admits she couldn’t escape the allure of Whitechapel. Meanwhile, Jackson manages to sneak into Rose’s carriage. He gives her a fright and forces her to reveal Connor’s location. Rose reveals she gave up Connor to Augustus Dove. Moments later, we see Dove meet with Connor’s new babysitter of sorts. Mrs. Headley seems to be very stern. Connor is introduced to her. He says nothing and Headley does not seem impressed.

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Susan attempts to visit Abel’s lockup. She discovers that this warehouse has been sprayed with hateful graffiti. Before she can enter, Dove pulls up with several officers. Dove gives the officers orders to look for his brother. He tells them this is not a police matter. Jackson returns to Reid with the news. Reid insists Dove will use his son against him. Dove realizes Jackson will not leave within Connor by his side. Susan insists Dove must capture Nathaniel to keep him quiet. Reid expresses his regret for Drake and says he will return his voice, before he died. The group agrees to try and capture the beast. They head to the Jewish quarters to begin their search. They find a motel that doesn’t allow dogs. Nonetheless, Nathaniel and his new pet have been there. They quickly realize that Nathaniel may fight the dog. They find information leading to a church. With a little work, they discover the location of the dog fighters.

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Before they can investigate, Nathaniel makes his move. He cuts the ropes on the dogs and sets them free. Nathaniel is confronted by Jenkins. This time, he lets his new dog, Abel, loose on the man. After Jenkins is bitten a few times, Nathaniel and Abel makes their escape. They are pursued by Jackson and Edmund. A shot is fired and Abel is shot in the thigh. Back at the station, Shine convinces Drum to introduce him to Mathilda. He does so moments later. Shine learns about Mathilda’s work, before telling her he heard about her resurrection in Ireland. Shine also tells the girl about his role in hunting down her father. He promises to be her defender. Jackson and Reid speak about Nathaniel. They agree the man isn’t fighting dogs. He is releasing them. Jackson comments that Nathaniel may have developed an affection for Susan and vice versa. Reid insists Susan may be able to use that affection to help them trap the beast.

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Meanwhile, Susan speaks with Mimi. She ponders why Mimi would help a man, who let her down so bad. Mimi admits she must reopen the theater at the request of Eric at the land registry. Mimi tells Susan about Dove’s household looking for staff. Jenkins returns to the police station and argues with Thatcher. Shine steps in and gives the man a good bashing, before he is locked in a cell. Jenkins is tied up by his hands and lifted off of the ground at Shine’s request. Next, the duo investigate the crime scene. They find the dead dog and Jackson’s bullet. Thatcher admits it most likely belongs to Jackson. The pair share lunch moments later. During their meal, they come up with a plan to use Jenkins to lure Reid and Jackson. They return to Jenkins and torture him a little, before he agrees to do as he is told. That night, Drum speaks with Mathilda about Shine’s pursuit of her father. Drum admits he doesn’t believe justice is Shine’s only motivation.

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Mathilda admits Shine was right about her resurrection. She also fears she may be lost to Edmund twice. She heads to her room and lights the candle. Reid witnesses the action from outside. Later, Susan tells Jackson about her intention to head to Hackney to see Connor. Mathilda meets with her father and asks him about Swift. She also tells her father about Dove and his plan to recapture him. Jackson meets with Jenkins and learns the location of the next dog fight. Susan watches the guards speak with the staff candidates. Connor is led outside by his new babysitter. Reid returns to Jackson with the information. They come up with a plan for a counterattack. They manage to trap Thatcher and use him to send a message to Shine.

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Thatcher is sent back to the station naked. He had a sign, which reads “Welcome home Jedediah”. Shine lashes out and screams into the crowd. He insists he will capture Reid, before ordering the men to search the nearby houses. Reid and Jackson escape a nearby building. They run through the streets, while the crowd cheers them on. Before the episode ends, Nathaniel puts Abel down.


Ripper Street Review

Initially, I thought Ripper Street would not be able to survive without Drake. However, this episode proved otherwise. Thatcher and Drummond managed to pick up the slack. And now, the shoe is on the other foot. Reid, Jackson and Susan will need to work together to reclaim their names, while also restoring faith in Drake. The return of Shine was unexpected and very welcome. Joseph Mawle should prove to be a great villain once again.

A good episode, which deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Ripper Street right now!

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