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Ripper Street Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

When “No Wolves in Whitechapel” begins, we see a young boy drawing a picture. He shows the picture to his friend and insists it represents the golem. Both look outside and spot a figure, which closely resembles the wolf in the drawing. After the intro scene, we see Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) arguing with Rose (Charlene McKenna). Rose is adamant that she saw Susan outside of her window, but Drake isn’t buying it. Mathilda is brought over to watch over Connor, while Rose gets some sleep. With that, Bennet heads to work and leaves his other troubles at home. Next, Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) and Susan (MyAnna Buring) argue about Susan’s behavior. Susan insists Connor was calling for her and she couldn’t leave him. Jackson is afraid that they’re going to end up at the end of a rope for their efforts. They agree to break into the vault and make their escape later that night.

ripper street s4 e5

Nathaniel (Jonas Armstrong) and Abel Croker (David Threlfall) read the newspaper and learn that Augustus Dove (Killian Scott) has been rewarded by the Queen for his efforts at the police station. Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) quickly learns the same soon after his arrival at the station. rank Thatcher (Benjamin O’Mahony) insists he isn’t upset with the Queen’s decision. Seconds later, Drum (Matthew Lewis) receives a phone call, which alerts him to the presence of a dead body. Drum breaks the news that the dead man is Thomas Gower (Giacomo Mancini). Next, Homer Jackson runs into Bennet on the streets. Jackson inquires about Drake’s night and attempts to figure learn about Rose’s behavior after seeing Susan. Moments later, Reid interrupts and the men find themselves scouring over Gower’s lifeless body.

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Jackson quickly concludes that Gower wasn’t killed in the current area. He insists the abrasions on the man’s knees and hands meant he likely traveled a moderate distance. Seconds later, Rachel Castello (Anna Koval) and Deborah Goren (Lucy Cohu) arrive. Deborah attempts to belittle the men, while Rachel tries to get a picture of the body. Thatcher smashes her camera to the ground, before she is escorted away. Reid returns with Deborah, while the others fan out and try to find the murder scene. Deborah asks Reid why he hasn’t visited her since Isaac’s hanging and he admits he felt shame. During the conversation, Deborah tells Reid about his daughter and her frequent visits to the newspaper building. He also receives the children’s drawings of the big, bad wolf.

Ripper street season 4 episode 5

With Thatcher’s help, Jackson and Drake discover the real crime scene. Jackson finds what appears to be dog’s hair nearby. He collects a small portion, before we jump to the newspaper office. Reid scolds Rachel for her handling of his daughter, but she insists she never meant to betray Reid. Edmund quickly discovers her treasure trove of research regarding the Bloom case and asks her about it. She insists she’ll let him see it, as long as he provides her with the police’s documents. Back at the station, Jackson inspects the body and finds a small bite mark around Gower’s ear. Jackson quickly connects the mark to that of Bloom’s case. Drake learns that Reid has kept the files and maintains interest in the case. The pictures are brought inside and Drake insists the bite marks are nothing alike.

Ripper Street S4 Captain Jackson

Jackson lays out his evidence and points to an overbite, while proclaiming the bite to be the same. Despite concerns from Drake, Jackson is convinces that Ratovski’s killer is also Gower’s killer. Drake turns his attention to Reid, who insists he only wants to help wrong the world. He admits he returned to Whitechapel for Isaac, but stayed for his friendship with Bennet. He confesses he wants to identify the boy’s murderer and see if it is in anyway connected to Ratovski. He convinces Drake to walk him through all evidence convicting Isaac Bloom and Jackson agrees. Next, Rose awakes and speaks with Mathilda Reid (Anna Burnett). Their conversation quickly turns to Susan and Rose strongly ridicules her old friend, before Connor freaks out. Rose sends Mathilda to the store to find something to calm him down. She watches as he leaves.

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Next, Susan speaks with Croker about her plan. Susan attempts to convince Croker to act tonight. Despite his concerns, Croker admits he would like to see Susan steam away from him on still waters. Susan admits she is afraid that the snare is closing in and she must act quickly. Abel loses it, when he discovers that Susan has been seen. Back at the station, Jackson ridicules himself for helping Susan, while preparing a concoction to do just that. Rose visits the prison cemetery and confronts the guard, Theakson (Michael Liebmann). She attempts to force the man to admit he helped Susan escape, but he calls her crazy and leaves. Meanwhile, Drake and Reid visit the site, where Ratovski’s body was discovered, while chatting about the golem. Drake admits the location was overrun by the press, when he arrived.

ripper street no wolves in whitechapel recap

Next, they decide to head to Isaac’s room. They’re run out by the new tenant. Mathilda visits the police station and asks Drum about Drake’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Reid attempts to convince Drake that all of the evidence seems a little too convenient and Isaac’s behavior made him the perfect suspect. They argue about one another’s motive, before another body is hauled into the station. Rabbi Max Steiner (David Warner) also enters and ridicules Drake for his inability, which forces Reid to take over and begin asking question. Max admits he gave the man a room and care for him. Thatcher is tasked with escorting the Rabbi back to the synagogue. Reid comforts the man and insists they’ll get to the bottom of the murder.

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Reid attempts to convince Drake that he is not responsible Nagleman, Gower or Bloom’s downfall. Drake is unconvinced. In the dead room, Jackson confirms Nagleman was likely killed around the same time as Gower. Reid mentions the date and connects it to a double murder of the Ripper. Jackson reveals that the murderer bites the victim and shakes like a dog. He pulls out the dog hair and the evidence begins pointing towards an animal. Jackson admits it could be a timer wolf, as he pulls out the children’s drawing. A phone call comes in and alerts the men to Augustus Dove’s arrival. Drake tells the man in private about his mistake and Dove attempts to comfort him. He insists he needs to get intense and put the same amount of effort into the current case as he did that of Isaac Bloom.

ripper street season 4 episode 5

Moments later, Rose arrives outside. She belittles everyone for refusing to believe her regarding Susan. She continues arguing with Drake, until Jackson steps in and tells them to calm down and take Connor home. They eventually come to reason and do as Jackson says. Back in the station, Thatcher asks Drum about the accusations. Drum admits these things are best unheard. Moments later, Reid enters and asks to speak with Drum in private. Jackson returns to the dead room and grabs his material, which is still too wet to be effective. Afterwards, Reid speaks with Drum and learns that Augustus was the one, who gave the warrant to search Bloom’s room and also placed the injunction on the newspapers. Afterwards, Augustus pays a visit to Abel and tells him about the two murders. Augustus insists Abel needs to keep a closer eye on Nathaniel, before he agrees to do his best to keep them out of the investigation. We also learn that Nathaniel confessed killing the rabbi to the men.

ripper street abel croker and augustus dove

Jackson heads to the warehouse and meets up with Abel, Susan and Nathaniel. During his time there, he finds a wolf suit and becomes suspicious, when he sees Nathaniel eating his apple. He manages to inspect the apple closely and match the bite to that of the victims. Drake returns Rose home and comforts her, before tell her he needs to return to work. She tells him to do whatever he must. Back at the station, Reid tell Drake the Bloom could’ve have killed Ratovski, since the killer is still alive. Reid attempts to convince Drake the Dove was involved in setting up Isaac, since he delivered the fingerprint, the warrant and the newspaper injunctions. Still Drake isn’t buying it. Drake admits he needs Reid for this fight, but tells him to leave Dove out of it. Next, Dove pays a visit to Rose.

ripper street season 4 episode 5

He attempts to convince her to tell him about the evil deed she mentioned already. She admits it involved Drake, Reid and Jackson, but refuses to provide any further detail. Reid returns to the dead room and snaps some photos of the bite marks. He takes the evidence to Rachel Castello. Next, we jump to Jackson and Susan. The group makes their way into the Queen’s vault and prepare to blow open the door. Jackson’s bomb doesn’t necessarily work as it was intended and he approaches. When he gets closer, the bomb explodes and pushes him backwards. Croker and Nathaniel dispose of the coming guards, while Jackson and Susan grab a few items and everyone makes their escape.


Ripper Street Season 4 Review

No Wolves in Whitechapel was definitely an effective episode. First and foremost, the episode pushed Rose to her limit. She totally lost it. Despite being correct, nobody seemed to believe her, aside from Augustus, who obviously has his own motives. Now, we have a good ideal who is killing everyone, yet the motive remains a mystery. Perhaps the killer is just mental?

The episode has setup what should be a fascinating finale. Reid is on his own and Augustus and potentially manipulate Rose into providing him with information, which will incriminate everyone. And Jackson and Susan? What will those crazy birds do next? All in all, an excellent episode that deserves a 9.5 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of Ripper Street right now!

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