Ripper Street Review

Ripper Street is a crime drama that revolves around the 1889, Whitechapel England murders that were never solved, but thought to have been the work of the monstrous Jack The Ripper. 

When the show opens, we are introduced to the man in charge, Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen, Little Dorrit) and his tenacious sidekick, Detective Sargent Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn, Game Of Thrones). Of course, they can not solve the crimes without the eccentric veteran army surgeon, Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg, Mad Money). Jackson proves to be more of a “Jack Of All Trades”, because he scientifically probes deeper into the murders, fires, and other crimes that occur in the East End Of London. 

This dedicated trio is about to be put to the challenge of solving another murder that resembles the handywork of no other than the killer, Jack The Ripper. It is up to Jackson to get his hands dirty, by examining the remains by scientific, medical autopsy, but not without the help of weak stomached Drake. 

Drake proves to be a physically strong detective and does all of Reid’s dirty work. He is a lonely man that has never gotten married because he is so involved in his career. While Reid is married to the beautiful Emily (Amanda Hale, Jekyll), he fails her as a husband because he has his heart set on another, Jane Cobden (Leanne Best, Salting The Battlefield). The disapearance of their only daughter has also pulled a rift between the couple. Jackson is also having difficulty maintaining control over the Tenter Street Brothel madam, Long Susan (Maryanna Buring, The Twilight Saga), who is currently courting.

They must devise a stratagem to take down the cold hearted swine, Detective Inspector Jedediah Shine (Joseph Mawle, Birdsong, Game Of Thrones), who brutally murders the debilitated Elephant Man, Joseph Carey Merrick (Joseph Drake).

They battle crime on the streets, in brothels and other Whitechapel establishments, while struggling to maintain their sanity and their relationships with their families, friends, and co-workers. Nothing is as it seems and nobody is who they say they are (hint, hint).


I loved Ripper Street because it touched on real life events that have taken place at some point in history. It was genius that writers and the producers enveloped these happenings into the show. My favorite character was the charismatic Jackson played by the talented Adam Rothenberg. I was also touched deeply by how well Jerome Flynn brought his lonely character, Drake, to life. Matthew Macfadyen has again outdid himself with his role as Detective Reid. I have been a fan of Joseph Mawle ever since I watched him in Birdsong. He is truly a gifted actor that always becomes his character, no matter what role he plays. 


If you like period dramas/crimes you will love Ripper Street. The first season is not as strong as the second season but together they build a very strong television series. Thank you Amazon for picking up the third season of Ripper Street, to give those of us that loved this fabulous show, a true ending. This series deserves an 8 out of 10.

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