Ripper Street: Live Free, Live True Review

When the episode opens, we are introduced to Mary Tait (Emily Taaffe), who visits a medical clinic, where he purchases a bottle of medication from Currie (Enda Kilroy). After Mary consumes the medication and stumbles outside, she begins to vomit and go into a seizure. When she wakes up, she is at home with her boyfriend, Edwin Havelock (Martin Compston), who begins to care for her. Afterwards, we’re introduced to Mary’s father, George Tait (Haydn Gwynne), who gets into an argument with Ewdin.

Back at the station, Captain Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) successfully collected a fingerprint from the gun, which was used when Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) was shot. Next, we see Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) at home. Before he leaves, he looks at a ring, which he sticks in his jacket pocket. Edmund Reid and Bennet Drake arrive at the clinic and find Currie dead. Drake grows concerned about Reid, who obviously hasn’t fully recovered from his injuries. After a closer inspection, the pair find money stuffed into Currie’s mouth.

At the station, Jackson discovers more evidence in Currie’s throat, before P.C. Bobby Grace (Josh O’Connor) enters and gives Reid some evidence, which sends him to the Obsidian Clinic, where he runs into Dr. Amelia Frayn (Louise Brealey). After the doctor inspects Reid’s recovery, she complains about women, who get pregnant, abort their babies and get pregnant again. Afterwards, Dr. Frayn meets with Dr. Anthony Rolle (Peter McDonald, Moone Boy) and agrees to their previously discussed deal. Next, Rose Erskine (Charlene McKenna) is shown carrying her belongings to Susan’s (MyAnna Buring) place, where she moves in.

Currie’s Apprentice (Bradley Hall) is intimidated by Reid and Drake, before revealing the location of Currie’s deserted surgery, where they discover a locked safe. The safe is transported back to Jackson, who can’t open it just yet. After this, Doctors Frayn and Rolle visits Susan, with a proposition. Back at the station, Mathilda Reid (Anna Burnett) arrives unexpectedly, which upsets Reid. He sends an officer after Jane Cobden (Leanne Best), who arrives quickly. Cobden tries to convince Reid that Mathilda came to the station, because she needed to see him.

Drake runs into Rose on the streets and learns she has moved into the Obsidian Estates. Drake tries to convince her this is a bad idea. Afterwards, he visits the construction site and speaks with George Tait. Mary has been transported to the clinic, since her abortion medication has done more harm than good. George tracks his daughter down and attacks Edwin, before both are arrested. Meanwhile, Susan is blown off, when she tries to gain control over Obsidian and the construction. Back at home, she talks to Rose and questions her about specific individuals and their favorite prostitutes.

Jackson comes up with a clever way to open the safe, which could potentially blow up the police station. Thankfully, his small explosion works and he gains access to the documents inside. He also takes note of the gunpowder dust on the table, which smeared his fingertips. Next, George Tait is questioned and provides the detectives with a riddle. By using the information she gained from Rose, Susan is able to regain her claim in Obsidian. Outside, she runs into Fred Best (David Dawson), who questions her about her father, Theodore Swift (Ian McElhinney), who closed his businesses, liquidated his assets and has gone missing.

Drake shares an ice-cream with Mathilda, who provides him with the key piece to solving the George’s riddle. Next, Susan speaks with Dr. Frayn and tells her she is pregnant. She also agrees to help fund Frayn’s abortion clinic. Reid visits Jackson and learns about the abortion clinic, which was an attempt to experiment on the women and not a form of birth control. Afterwards, Drake confronts George Tait and learns that he is actually a she. She admits to the murder and insists she was only trying to protect her sister, Mary. Reid officially charges her with the murder, as she is led outside.

Next, Dr. Rolle speaks with Dr. Frayn, who has figured out that Rolle wishes to sterilize the women. During their conversation, Reid and Drake enter and arrest Rolle. Mary and George share a final goodbye, before George is led away to prison. Reid is shown speaking to Mathilda. He insists they’ll head to the sea, after he’s finished with one last thing. Next, Drake proposes to Rose and she accepts.

Before the episode ends, Jackson pays a visit to Susan. He cleverly gets her to smear her fingertips with the dust, before placing them on a picture. With the evidence, he prepares to leave, as Theodore Swift enters.


This was a good episode, which set up the finale perfectly. Of course, the episode was interesting throughout thanks to a murder mysterious, which offered a look at abortions, within the era. The twist of George being a female was definitely effective and made for a sad ending. Meanwhile, Drake and Rose are set to marry, while Reid and Mathilda are on the verge of leaving WhiteChapel for good. Whether or not Drake and Rose make it, Jerome Flynn and Charlene McKenna have immaculate onscreen chemistry and their romance feels authentic.

With the evidence that Jackson collected and the appearance of Susan’s father, the finale should be interesting. The episode deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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