Ripper Street: Heavy Boots Review

With Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) in a coma, the streets of White Chapel turn to chaos, as two brothers, Teddy (Sam Gittins) and Walter Shipman (Billy Cook), begin terrorizing pub owners for not buying from their brewery. When the show opens, we see Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) inside of a bar drinking away his sorrows. A musician plays a song about Reid, before a group of youngsters, who are led by Walter Shipman, enter and destroy the place. They specifically target the bartender, with a vicious assault.

In the morning, Chief Inspector Fred Abberline (Clive Russell) goes to work gathering up his men. He makes a stop at Bennet Drake’s (Jerome Flynn) place, where Drake has spent the night with his old flame, Rose Erskine (Charlene McKenna). Next, Abberline heads to Jackson’s, where he finds Mimi Morton (Lydia Wilson) trying to get inside. A swift boot to the door gives them access inside, where they find Jackson passed out on the bed. Fred Abberline takes both men to visit Reid, who is in a coma at the hospital. Although Dr. Amelia Frayn (Louise Brealey) believes Reid is still alive, Jackson disagrees. Regardless, Abberline convinces them to act as though Reid is alive and continue on with their duties.

Drake heads to the bar, which was ransacked the night before. Inside, he finds a photograph, before running into Teddy Shipman and his young lady. Although the pair tells him nothing, Drake is obviously suspicious of them. Next, Drake walks down the street and runs into Mathilda Reid (Anna Burnett), who remembers him as Uncle Ben. Jane Cobden (Leanne Best) arrives and speaks to Reid in private about the Reid and Mathilda situation. Next, P.C. Bobby Grace (Josh O’Connor) walks along the ravaged streets, where he discovers a barrel, with blood coming out it.

Back at the station, it is revealed that a body was inside of the barrel. Jackson begins investigating the body and the mysterious death. Afterwards, Teddy confronts his brother, Walter, on the streets. He gives him a few knocks, in hopes of straightening him out, but Teddy begins smothering and coughing, before P.C. Grace shows up and scares Teddy off. Grace takes Walter to the police station, where he cares for his wounds and learns the boy’s name. After Walter leaves, Grace looks for Walter’s name in Reid’s criminal archive.

Next, Fred Best (David Dawson) pays a visit to Susan Hart (MyAnna Buring) and photographs her for a newspaper article. He also questions her about the bonds. That night, Drake and Jackson go drinking at a bar, where Jackson questions Drake’s relationship with Rose. Both men, who are now drunk, head to the music hall, where Drake speaks with Rose and insists she tell her fiancee, Edgar Morton (Richard Goulding) about their relationship. After she insists it is not the right time, Drake attempts to confront Edgar, but is escorted out, by Jackson.

The next day, another body in a barrel shows up. With Jackson’s autopsy, it is discovered that the men have been drowned, by forcing alcohol in their mouths. With a little help from Reid’s archives and Bobby Grace, the team learns about the Shipman brothers. With the information, they head to pick up Teddy, while Bobby goes to collect his girlfriend, Lily. Although Drake is able to bring Teddy in, Bobby winds up being abducted by Walter and his gang.

At the police station, Jackson speaks with Teddy, after learning about his sickness. Jackson also speaks about his brother, which seems to relate to Teddy. Next, Lily shows up and tells Drake about Grace’s abduction. Jackson is able to convince Teddy to help them stop Walter. At the Black Eagle brewery, Walter begins to drown Grace with alcohol. Drake and Jackson arrive in time, with Teddy, who is able to talk his brother out of the murder. Teddy’s condition continues to worsen, as he dies in the clinic, with Lily by his side.

Jackson returns to his study, where he breaks down in tears about the situation and the horrors he’s witnessed. He seeks comfort in Mimi. Next, Reid is shown in the hospital, as he relives his past, before Susan enters. When she gets close, Reid awaked to Susan asking him, “Sir, who am I?”.


Although this episode wasn’t as good as the last two, it was still effective. Sam Gittins was excellent, as the ill Teddy, while Billy Cook was chillingly realistic, as the sadistic, ruthless Walter. It was also bleak to witness the behaviors of Jackson and Drake, due to Reid’s situation. It is difficult not to fear for Drake, who runs the risk of heartbreak with Rose once again. Meanwhile, Jackson finally broke, but he seems fully in love with Mimi, which should help him overcome Susan’s grasp.

And finally, Reid awakes, with of all people, Susan in his presence. What will she do now that she knows Reid is alive? The episode deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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