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Rillington Place Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the second episode, Reginald Christie (Tim Roth) allows the police inside of his house. Christie remains downstairs and listens as the police begin scouring through the property. We flash over to Tim Evans (Nico Mirallergo). The boy angrily slams his hands onto the table and screams uncontrollably. The police head out back and discover the body of Beryl Evans (Jodie Comer). We flashback and see Beryl and Tim during happier times. Next, Tim and Beryl examine their new residence. Tim complains about how thin the walls are. Beryl becomes flirtatious and manages to quickly change the subject. Tim heads to work and is ordered to transport some goods to Windsor. Tim flirts with his young boss and tells her a lie. Of course, she spots it right away.

rillington place Beryl Evans body

Later that day, Reginald introduces himself to Beryl and Tim. He quickly gives the couple rules and lies about his time with the army and police force. Tim chimes in and explains that his uncle is a traveling doctor. We jump forward to 1949. Before Tim heads to work, he speaks with Ethel (Samantha Morton) and asks her to keep an eye on his child, Geraldine, until Beryl returns. Ethel reminds Tim that today is rent day. He is unable to pay and insists he will speak with the landlord next week. It is revealed that Tim is several weeks behind now. Tim is shown at the race track. Lucky for him, he actually wins. He tells the baby about his exploits, before Beryl finally arrives home. Beryl insists the girls kept her out later than expected. Reg interrupts and hears Beryl complain about Tim never letting her out. Beryl asks Reg if he followed her home. He denies it. Reg asks to speak with Tim alone.

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Reg tells Tim that Beryl has been spotted with another guy. Reg agrees to tell Ethel to have a word with her and instruct her how to be a good wife. In the morning, Tim and Beryl argue over Lucy Endecott (Pearl Appleby). Tim insists he doesn’t want his wife hanging out with the girl. Beryl demands to know who saw her, but Tim doesn’t give up Reg’s name. Beryl also reveals that Tim’s uncle isn’t a doctor. He actually works in a garage. Tim follows Beryl downstairs and watches her flee the property. He speaks with Ethel and thanks her for agreeing to speak with Beryl. It is clear Ethel had no say so in the matter. Nonetheless, Reg is adamant that they’ll have Beryl back on track in no time. Tim finally arrives at work and is scolded by Adler (Glyn Grimstead) for being late. When he returns home, he discovers Ethel and Beryl chatting. Tim also discovers that Reg has donated them money and a gift.

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Next, Tim pays a visit to his mother. Tim quickly unveils his motives. He needs money, but his mom refuses. She insists she will give him money, when he stops badmouthing Beryl. When he returns home, he finds a syringe and other tools on the kitchen table. He speaks with Beryl and learns she is pregnant and has been trying to abort the baby. Despite Tim’s desire to keep the baby, Beryl refuses. Tim is adamant that she’ll have to get rid of him, if she gets rid of the child. The next day, Tim becomes upset when he discovers Lucy in his home. Nonetheless, he remains calm and seems excited about a new job prospect. After the encounter, he heads to the bar and complains that his relationship is likely over. He also talks about the girl at work who has caught his eye. When Tim returns home, he discovers Ethel caring for the baby. He rushes out and tracks Beryl down. They return home together and get into a big argument. It is revealed that Tim didn’t actually get a new job. He blames Beryl’s brother for labeling him as a thief.

tim roth rillington place

Beryl insists he deserves everything he got. She throws a bottle at him and the argument settles down. Tim is forced to admit his new job is bogus. Tim rushes outside and is confronted by Reg. Reginald tells Tim that women need to be handled with care. He insists a small act of kindness always works with Ethel. The next day, Tim returns home with a new rug. He finds Reginald upstairs with Beryl. Reg tells the couple about the builders outside, before exiting. The couple heads outside and discovers Tim’s mother with a new stroller. She tries to convince Beryl that the second child will be much easier. Tim speaks with Reginald in private later and learns that the couple have been worried about him and Beryl. Reginald complains that Beryl’s method of choice is dangerous. He attempts to convince Tim that he can perform the abortion safely. He also tells Tim that bringing an unwanted child into the world would be unwise.

jodie comer rillington place

When Tim returns to his wife, he learns she wants to go back to work. Beryl admits she trusts Reginald and his skills as a doctor. She tells Tim to tell Reginald that everything is alright, if he agrees to the abortion. Tim tosses and turns all night. Again, Beryl reminds him to give Reginald the order. Before he leaves the property, he tells Reg that everything is alright. Tim finishes at work and returns home. When he enters, Reginald tells him something has gone terribly wrong. They head upstairs and Tim finds Beryl dead on the bed. He questions why there is blood. Reg partially covers the body. Tim contemplates contacting the authorities, but Reg insists that would be a terrible ideal, since they would blame him. He also admits he can dispose of the body down the drain. Tim tells Reg he needs to take the baby to his mother’s place. Reg agrees to give the baby to a couple that cannot have one of their own.

reginald christie and tim evans

Tim has little choice, but to follow Reg’s lead. He packs his belongings and prepares to leave. Christie gives him a pair of Beryl’s jewelry. Reg also insists Tim can send for the baby when he gets set up elsewhere. Tim hands over the baby and leaves. He sells the jewelry at the pawnshop and boards a train. He visits his aunt and uncle. He makes up a lie about his vehicle breaking down and his wife and child going to Brighton for a holiday. Everything goes well, until Violet (Nia Roberts) receives a letter from Tim’s mother. They sit Tim down and try to get the truth out of him. The letter explains that Tim, Beryl and the baby have all gone missing for at least a month. It is also revealed that Tim owes a bunch of people money back home. Tim makes up another lie about Beryl leavings him for another man. He also admits to handing over the baby to a couple for the time being. Tim is given a smoke and sent on his way. He is also told to sort things out.

aunt violet rillington place

Tim quickly heads over to the police station and speaks with two detectives. He tells them that he found a stranger, who gave him medicine to abort the child. He admits the medicine killed Beryl and her body was put down the drain. Tim is interviewed again. He is told the officers looked in the manhole and didn’t find a body. He is forced to change his story once more. He admits he made up the story to protect Christie. Tim pleads with the detective to speak with Christie and get the address where the body is being held. Tim is told the bodies of Beryl and the baby were discovered at 10 Rillington Place. Tim is transported to the prison and coerced into making a confession. He eventually receives a visit from his mother. He tells her that Christie is the only one who can help him now. His mother tells him that she visited Christie last night and she called the police on him. Christie is led into a nearby interview room. Tim’s mother tells him Christie is the one, who is accusing him of murder.


Rillington Place Review

The 2nd episode of Rillington Place delved into Tim Evans and his relationship with Beryl. While Tim had his own troubles, he most certainly wasn’t capable of murder. Nonetheless, his naiveté led him into quite the quandary. In the end, Tim dug himself into a big hole that he was simply unable to escape. While Tim is not unlike today’s young men and women, his mistakes were amplified by the devious behavior of Reginald Christie.

Had he never crossed paths with Christie, it is likely his problems would’ve remained minor and Beryl would’ve remained alive. Nonetheless, Reginald Christie lured in his prey and sunk his fangs deep into their neck. By that time, Tim was too far gone. Christie’s cerebral behavior is intriguing. At times, he is almost childlike, yet he is still wise enough to outsmart his rivals. All in all, a great episode. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Rillington Place now.

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