Red Band Society: What I Did for Love Review

In the latest episode of Red Band Society, Emma Chota (Ciara Bravo) tries to cope, with living back at home. Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo) contemplates committing an illegal act.

Leo (Charlie Rowe), Astro (Dash Hosney), Jordi and Kara (Zoe Levin) discuss Emma’s departure and lack of a formal goodbye. Meanwhile, Charlie (Griffin Gluck) is beginning to show improvements. He can communicate thanks to Dr. Naday (Adrian Lester) and technology. Afterwards, Emma returns home and greets her sister, Finley (Kennedy Brice), and mother. Emma nearly faints on her way up the stairs.

Meanwhile, Jordi receives a visits from a girl, which was arranged by Delaney. It turns out the girl is trying to score drugs. Jordi refuses and throws away the girl’s phone number, when she leaves. Karen checks on Hunter (Daren Kagasoff), who is receiving a visit from Dr. McAndrew (Dave Annable). Hunter and his parents agree that Hunter should be at home, which upsets Kara.

Hunter confronts Kara and admits he doesn’t want to leave, but his mother is very demanding. Leo leaves Emma a message, which Kara overhears. It makes her even angrier. The pair decide to bust out of the hospital and go for a cruise. Meanwhile, Emma hides a piece of pizza in her dresser. She argues with her mother for not coming and visiting her. Kenji (Wilson Cruz) and Nurse Dobler (Rebecca Rittenhouse) get a little silly, before McAndrew enters and questions Jordi’s whereabouts. Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer) enters in search of some makeup. She checks on Charlie and speaks with Naday.

Kara’s friend brings her the vehicle. Leo and Kara leave her behind and Leo tells Kara the direction to Emma’s house. When the show returns, Leo and Kara visit Kara’s school. They spy on the football team and cheerleaders. The pair argue and Kara admits she isn’t interested in returning and being a cheerleader. Leo admits he has no idea, what he is going to do, when he is released. At the same time, Jackson and Naday’s relationship begins to build, as Jackson indadvertedly invites Naday over to dinner and he accepts.

Emma learns about her grandmother, who was also an anorexic. Her grandmother was hiding food, which she hadn’t eaten, all over the house. Emma grows angry at her mother for keeping the secret from her. Back at the hospital, Hunter prepares to leave and receives goodbyes from Dash and Jordi. Hunter’s pager goes off, which lets him know he is going to receive a liver.

Nurse Dobler tells Jackson and Kenji about her one-night stand with McAndrew. Meanwhile, McAndrew speaks to Jordi about his tumor. He suggests going back into surgery, where other doctors would invite chemotherapy. Meanwhile, Kara and Leo get ready to play soccer. With a little encouragement from Kara, Leo scores a goal. Kara suggests that Leo should go home and forget about everyone at the hospital. Leo suggests it would be hard to forget Kara.

Emma finally receives Leo’s voice message. Finley enters and tells her it is time for dinner, but Emma denies being hungry. Emma apologizes for putting Finley through so much. Meanwhile, Hunter tells Dash that he is the one, who is holding things together. He gives Dash a note to give to Kara in case he doesn’t make it, before he heads into surgery.

When the show returns, Emma is having dinner with her family. Her parents argue over Emma’s eating habits. She stubbornly begins to eat. Meanwhile, McAndrews argues on the phone, before entering the hospital and running into Dobler. He goes off and tells her to get over it, or get out. Jackson blows off Naday and tells him it was a bad time for her.

Leo and Kara arrive back at the hospital, but stay in the car. He admits to keeping Jackson updated throughout the day, which is why she hasn’t been looking for them. Leo tries to prepare Kara for life at the hospital, without Hunter. The pair begin to kiss. Afterwards, Emma locks herself in the bathroom and grabs her phone. She grabs a toothbrush and makes herself vomit.

McAndrew confronts Jordi and tells him that his social worker doesn’t want to let him go through with the surgery. They’re going to force Jordi through another round of chemo. Jordi says he can emancipate himself immediately and McAndrew suggests he can help with the process. Since Jordi’s leg hurts, he request pain killers and begins calling the Melissa’s number.

Naday and Jackson discuss the possibility of a relationship. Jackson suggests it would be a bad idea, since they work together. Afterwards, Hunter is being prepared for surgery, while Hunter requests to know the name of the individual, who donated the liver. Meanwhile, Leo and Kara get more frisky. Jordi steals the pills. Emma’s father attempts to check on her. He busts the door open and finds her passed out on the ground.


I don’t know whether or not we’ll get to see the remaining episodes of Red Band Society, but this was definitely a bad way for it to end. While I am sure Emma will be fine, it would still be nice to see what happens. Overall though, this episode was definitely better than the last. Despite a lot of romantic scenes, they didn’t seem as cheesy and forced as they did in the last episode. There were definitely some emotional moments here, which made the episode a worthwhile watch. Therefore, the episode deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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