Red Band Society: We’ll Always Have Paris Review

Kara Souders

The episode begins, with Kara Souders (Zoe Levin) speaking to Hunter in her dream. She explains she cannot take his heart, since she doesn’t deserve it. He admits to knowing about her and Leo, but still wants her to take it. She turns around and watches herself, being operated on. Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer) removes Hunter’s name from their whiteboard, before cleaning his belongings from his room.

Leo (Charlie Rowe) lays around and soaks in his sorrow, while Jordi (Nolan Sotillo) enjoys time, with his grandmother, at the chapel. Dr. McAndrew (Dave Annable) suggests to Dr. Erin Grace (Many Moore) that Jordi’s grandmother can sign off on his surgery. They discuss each of the kids and their conditions, before going their separate ways. Dr. Naday (Adrian Lester) has been working with Charlie (Griffin Gluck), by allowing him to play video games. Jackson continues to push away from Naday.

Dash (Astro) and Emma (Ciara Bravo) discuss Leo. Mae (Jessica Lu), an online associate of Dash, shows up. Dash leaves Emma to cover for him. Hunter and Kara watch, as the doctors operate. Hunter suggests heading to a place that makes Kara happy. Afterward, McAndrew speaks with Jordi’s grandmother, Alma Quintana Leon (Bertila Damas). She criticizes the doctor for not getting her consent, before performing the operation. She refuses to give him consent this time around. Hunter’s mom, Lindsay Cole (Lacy Camp) arrives and Nurse Dober (Rebecca Rittenhouse) doesn’t know how to handle the situation. Thankfully, Jackson takes over.

Red Band Society Charlie Jackson

Lindsay attempts to find one of Hunter’s shirts, before admitting his funeral is today. She also invites Jackson to the funeral. Meanwhile, Kara and Hunter share hot chocolate in Paris. Meanwhile, Leo’s mom tries to speak to him, but he continues in silence. Mae takes photos of Emma, as she watches Leo from afar. The pair depart to Mae’s room, before she speaks about her boyfriend.

McAndrew speaks to Jordi and believes he can convince Alma to allow Jordi to have the surgery. However, Jordi has no interest in it. After Leo and Hunter’s predicaments, he seems to have no faith in doctors. Naday finally gets Jackson to join him for lunch. Jordi tells his grandmother he no longer wants the surgery and only wants to go back to Mexico. Erin and McAndrew speak about Jordi and Hunter. She suggests he isn’t in control, as much as he thinks he is, before attempting to leave. He asks her to show him the good about being a doctor again, before the pair kiss.

Emma returns to Dash and tells him about Mae’s boyfriend. He suggests he could be the boyfriend she is talking about. Mae catches him speaking about trying to hook up with Delaney Shaw and storm off. McAndrew gives Alma Jorid’s file and his cell phone number. Afterwards, Mae tells Dash to stay away from her. Leo receives a psych evaluation, but everything seems fine. Meanwhile, Kara suggests she wants to stay with Hunter, before running towards the light. Doctors struggle to get her to accept Hunter’s heart.

Red Band Society Jordi

Dash tells Emma that he can’t be with Mae, because of their conditions. Jordi tells his grandmother he is ready to go, but she suggests it might be a mistake. Jordi admits he has begun to lose his faith, but prayed to make his grandmother happy. He admits to still being afraid. Meanwhile, Naday invites Jackson on a road trip to several locations, but she denies all of his advances. Next, Hunter attempts to talk sense into Kara. He insists she needs to live for him.

Red Band Society TV Show

Jordi tells McAndrew he wishes to stay and have the surgery. Meanwhile, Jackson prepares to go to the funeral, before discovering Hunter’s toothpicks in her pocket. She calls Naday and tells him he was right and the day wasn’t normal at all. Dash tries to win back Mae. He succeeds and the pair kiss, before Kara wake up and is comforted by her mother, who has brought he Macaroons. Naday takes Jackson to the funeral. Jordi tells Leo he is going to help him this time around. Jordi suggests getting up in the morning and continue fighting. Leo agrees.


The latest episode of Red Band Society had a few cheesy moments, with Dash and Mae, but the entire episode was bleak and depressing. Kara continued to suffer from the loss of Hunter, in a unique and clever way, although slightly cliché. Still, it was effective and certainly emotional. On the other hand, Leo’s relationship with Jordi seems to flourish at the end. This too was slightly depressing. With 1 episode left, it’ll be interesting to see how the whole thing ends. The episode deserves an 8 out of 10.

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