Red Band Society: Waiting for Superman Review

Red Band Society Charlie

When the episode begins, Charlie (Griffin Gluck) has gotten really good at Call of Duty, while Kara recovers from her surgery. Dash and Mae seems to be getting along pretty well, until they’re caught in the morgue making out. Nurse Dobler (Rebecca Rittenhouse) and Kenji (Wilson Cruz) escort them out, before discussing their plan for keeping them apart. Dobler and McAndrew (Dave Annable) share an awkward moment, when discussing Adam’s relationship with Erin (Mandy Moore). Afterwards, Charlie’s dad successfully feeds him, before Naday suggests taking him off of the feeding tube.

Red Band Society Emma

Emma (Ciara Bravo) attends counseling, with her parents. During the session, Emma shows a major lack of distrust for her mother, Caroline (Marin Hinkle). Meanwhile, Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe) receives bad news of his own. He finds out that his cancer has moved to his lungs and is inoperable. McAndrew has no choice, but to suggest chemotherapy and a new trial drug. After he leaves, McAndrew tells his mother in a subtle way that they’re out of options.

Afterwards, Mae (Jessica Lu) and Dash are forced to watch an educational video, which discusses the nasty and dangerous side effects of two CF patients kissing. Wendall and Stu, the kid’s new bodyguards, arrive. Kara’s (Zoe Levin) mother knocks ice water on her, but she is unable to feel it. Sarah (Andrea Parker) insists Kara needs to be better. McAndrew runs into Leo’s mother, Sylvia (Rebecca McFarland), who is trying to find something in the gift shop to cheer Leo up. She insists she has learned to live, with Leo being sick, but not sad. Mae watches the pair from a distance. Meanwhile, Dash tries to get Jordi and Leo to create a distraction, so he can get to Mae. Jordi (Nolan Sotillo) suggests using Spartacus, before Dash texts the word to Mae.

Jackson Red Band Society

Emma’s dad, Jon (John Allen Nelson), attempts to get to the bottom of Emma’s condition. She finally says Kayla Alprin is the reason for her anorexia. Emma explains she had nowhere to sit in the cafeteria, so she went to the library, where food wasn’t allowed. This routine eventually became normal and translated from lunch to dinner and breakfast. She insists the not eating allowed her to ignore the fact she had no friends.

Meanwhile, Charlie’s dad, Nick Hutchinson (Thomas Ian Nicholas), learns from Dr. Naday (Adrian LEster) that his condition is basically unpredictable. Jackson (Octavia Spencer) suggests he may never get better, but Nick is still impressed and happy, with the results. Naday tells Jackson he is heading to Florida today. Meanwhile, Emma tells her mother that she doesn’t think it’ll ever get better. Dash and Mae attempt to pull off their plan. Jordi, Leo and many other patients race the halls in wheelchairs.

Mae questions Jordi, if Leo is fine, before following him into his room. Dash finds himself all alone on the rooftop, while Kara makes her way outside, where Sarah tells her that her father is coming. Mae confronts Leo and tells him that Dash refers to him as Superman. She attempts to use reverse psychology to make Leo forget about his condition. Dobler speaks to Emma’s mom in the hospital and tells her how amazing Emma is. After her mother insults Emma, Dobler stands up for her and attempts to talk some sense into her.

Charlie gets a new wheelchair and scrolls around the hospital, while Jackson thanks Naday for Charlie’s improvements. Caroline finally returns to Emma and explains she had a bad relationship, with her own mother. She mentions a dress that she bought for her daughter and how Emma used safety pins to make it fit. Kara speaks to her mother about all of the things she is going to have to get used to, before admitting she can change. She insists her mother must stick with her and fight for her.

Nurse Dobler

Meanwhile, McAndrew can’t get into the computer database, but Dobler solves the problem quickly, while explaining how she helped Emma’s mom. Kenji informs them of Dash and Mae’s behavior. Mae finds Dash, who seems jealous. He insists he is upset, because she could make Leo laugh, when he couldn’t. He suggests it is better, if they stay apart, so she can stay healthy. Before Jordi’s surgery, he plays poker with Dash and Leo. McAndrew comes and drags Leo away. Emma speaks with Kara. The pair discuss their mothers. Emma says she doesn’t know, if she can get her mother a chance, but Kara convinces her she can.

McAndrew tells Leo he made it into the trial. Leo finally comes clean and insists he isn’t superman and can’t handle the pressure. Meanwhile, Emma’s session ends. Caroline questions, whether or not she should come back, since she doesn’t know if it is good for Emma. She tells Emma she only wants her to get better. Emma admits to being embarrassed and not telling her mother, because she didn’t want to hurt their relationship. Jackson and McAndrew discuss the surgery, which could take a few hours. They also reveal Charlie is headed home. Jackson says the worst thing about the hospital is that everyone leaves one way or another.

Emma finds Leo on the roof and tells him about Charlie. Dash, Charlie, Kara and Jordi join them. Leo suggests the Red Band Society is forever, before everyone begins to sing along, including Charlie, which surprises everyone. Charlie thanks Leo and Jackson, before he heads home. Next, Claire is wheeled into the hospital and receives her Red Band.


The last two episodes of Red Band Society were excellent, bleak, but excellent. Yes, there are some cheesy moments and wonky dialogue, but it slacked off in the latter part of the series. The show had bad ratings and is likely to be cancelled, which is certainly a shame. It is one of the best new TV shows, but it might be a little too depressing for people. Although its not totally realistic and doesn’t toll the medical line, it is still good enough at what it does, which is promote strong emotions in the viewer. The finale deserves a 7.5 out of 10. I really hope we get a Red Band Society Season 2 somehow.

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  1. jim says:

    love the call of duty bit. Gives the show a very real feel to it. granted I hate call of duty. People camp all the time and it just gets old quickly. It's like playing ww1-2 over and over yet dropping 60 bucks each time they release a new game. Anyways i guess i'm getting off topic and ranting.

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