Red Band Society Review: So Tell Me What you Want

The episode opens with Kara Souders (Zoe Levin) tossing and turning, before getting up and running into another patient. She questions Charlie’s accident, which puts us into a flashback staring Charlie (Griffin Gluck). Charlie is seen enjoying a party, eating candy and chatting about video games. His dad insists on taking him home.

Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo) meets with a social worker, who discusses the possibility of emancipation. He explains that he doesn’t need a home and must be in charge of his own medical decisions. Dash is discussing something on the phone, when Dr. Jack McAndrew (Dave Annable) enters and give Dash (Astro) a new pager. He explains that Dash has been moved up the list for an organ. Kara questions Dash’s condition and need for an organ, but he doesn’t want to answer.

Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer) talks to Charlie’s father, Nick Hutchison (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and tell him that Charlie’s wife is in the hospital and he should leave. Kara questions the situation, Jackson blows her off and says that the day isn’t the day. Turns out that the one Kara ran into at the beginning of the episode was Charlie’s mother.

We flash back and Charlie and his father are driving down the road. It is rainy and Charlie is getting sick. His father reaches back to buckle him up, but a big semi-truck crashes directly into their vehicle.

As the show returns, the social workers show up and confront Nurse Dobler (Rebecca Rittenhouse), who asked whether she is being audited. Of course, Jackson handles the situation, after they explain that they’re here to investigate Charlie.

Emma and Leo pay a visit to Ruben Garcia (Griffin Dunne), who is on his way to India. Ruben is eager to give away some of his belongings, before embarking. The trio leave. Kara confronts Dash about his condition and he explains that he has cystic fibrosis and he a lung transplant. Kara blames herself for not getting on the organ list and requests help from Dash. He explains he’ll help, if she can help him get into a group of condos.

The social workers are discussing whether or not to transfer Charlie to a long-term facility. Dr. Jack and Jackson argue against the decision, before discussing the night that Charlie arrived. Nick explains that Charlie threw up in the back seat and wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.

Leo and Emma guides a blind Jordi outside. Ruben shows up in a classic green car, which was supposedly connected to David Bowe. Ruben declares Jordi has become a man today and gives him the opportunity to drive the shiny car. Emma says she’ll help teach Jordi to drive. Although Leo had reservations at first, he eventually joins the group, as they pull off.

Kara tells Dash she can’t find anyone she knows at the condominium. Although she has discovered that apartment 5C is empty, Dash already knew this tidbit. She claims to be able to get them into the condos thanks to her mother’s job. Dash explains that the people who get on the organ donor list are those that act responsibly and are able to care for the organ. Kara questions who is on the board and Dash responds, with apartment 5C.

The insurance managers declare that Charlie has been out of ICU for 8 weeks and chances of him getting out of the coma are slim. They continue insisting on sending Charlie to a long-term facility. Dr. McAndrew admits to doing everything in his power to helping Charlie. The social workers give the team 48 hours to appeal their decision.

Out on the road, Emma and Leo attempt to teach Jordi to drive. Emma and Jordi share a conversation, while ignoring Leo’s presence, aside from one comment. Obviously, he is beginning to feel like a tag along.

Dr. McAndrew seems to be ready to cave into the suit’s demands, but Nurse Jackson isn’t prepared to give up so easily. Jackson confesses to making a promise to Charlie, which she insists on keeping. We flashback to Charlie and Jackson, before Charlie’s operation. Charlie admits that he is scared and Jackson begins to tell a story about walking home in a bad storm. She says she was extremely scared and lightning split a tree, right in front of her. She tells Charlie how she willed her way home. She promises Charlie she’ll be there, when he wakes up.

As the show returns, Emma insists Jordi take the car onto the freeway. By now, Leo is clearly upset and is beginning to criticize Jordi’s driving. Emma insults Leo’s inability to drive and Jordi says he’s tried. Kara and Dash go to the condos. After a few politically incorrect jokes, the realtor shows up to show the pair the condo.

Charlie’s mom, Mandy Hutchinson (Susan Park), begins checking out Charlie’s origami and instantly knows Nick has been coming to see Charlie. She declares the pair agreed to keep Nick away from Charlie. The show flashes back to Nurse Dobler’s first day. She tells Jackson she is looking for Jackson, before making a total fool of herself. Before Dr. Jack heads to the operating room, we see Charlie’s parents fighting over the accident. Jackson continues to unite the parents for Charlie’s sake.

The realtor shows the condo to Dash and Kara. Dash explains he needs to be in the condo alone to come up with some design ideas. Finally, Kara questions their presence. Dash and Kara end up on roof of the building and Dash pulls out some spray paint. As Kara watches, Dash goes to work painting a big mural on the wall. The pair definitely seem to making headway.

Nick and Mandy begin discussing the situation. Nick questions Charlie’s future at the hospital, to which Mandy ignores. As the show flashes back, Dr. Potter (Michael Bryan French) is explaining Charlie’s condition and admits that Charlie is in a coma. He admits he doesn’t know if Charlie will ever awake.

As Jordi, Leo and Emma return to the hospital, Jordi goes back to the car to get Emma’s phone. With some alone time, Leo apologizes to Emma for making fun of her condition in the past episode. Emma says Leo is clearly interested in Kara. However, he completely disagrees with her assessment. The two declare they don’t want to be friends, before sharing an angry kiss, as Jordi watches from the doorway.

As the show returns, Nurse Jackson sits down and apologizes to Mandy for not mentioning Nick’s presence. Mandy accepts the apology and admits Nick is right that nothing will ever change. She begins questioning whether Charlie will ever wake up. She says she isn’t giving up, but needs to start thinking about what is right for Charlie.

Dobler is giving Dash some oxygen to loosen his mucus. Kara tells Dash she had a lot of fun and begins discussing Dash’s future in a positive manner. He questions whether or not he wants to have the surgery claiming he probably won’t have a normal life, even with the new lungs. He declares he doesn’t want to live for ever, but would like to be remembered.

Ruben and Leo begin sharing a goodbye.  Ruben doesn’t like goodbyes and says it is simply a moment. Leo spies on Charlie’s parents and learns from Jackson the insurance people are demanding to move Charlie. Leo explains he talked to Charlie, during his first operation. We flashback to that time, when Charlie and Leo first meet in their dreams. We get to see Leo with hair and legs. Leo declares they cannot take Charlie away.

Kara, Dash and Jordi are summoned to the roof. Leo and Emma join them with drinks and explain to the group that Charlie is being transferred. From the rooftop, the group is able to see Dash’s artwork. Jordi and Emma begin holding hands, which slightly angers Leo.

Jackson begins messing with the blood samples. She places Charlie’s name on someone else’s blood sample. Is this her plan to keep Charlie nearby?


This show has been consistently providing us with solid episodes throughout the season. It is a shame that more people won’t watch the show. Maybe people don’t like the bleak and depressing mood of the show? If you’re anything like me, you enjoy it.

Okay, this week, we finally discovered the truth surrounding Charlie’s accident. It was difficult to not feel bad and sad for Charlie and his father, during and after the flashbacks. The love triangle between Jordi, Emma and Leo is definitely starting to heat up. It seems we’re building up to an eruption and it isn’t going to be pretty.

Kara is finally starting to develop into a likable character, which is likely thanks to Dash, who is suffering from difficulties of his own. The episode was good and put all of the puzzle pieces together. For that, it deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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