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As the show opens, Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer) continues her operation to keep Charlie (Griffin Gluck) in Ocean Park Hospital. She takes the blood samples to the lab to be tested. She explains they’re going to need the lab work, before Charlie’s transfer. Back on the rooftop, Dash explains his art to the Red Band Society. Kara Souders (Zoe Levin) begins blanking out and tells Leo she cannot see anything. Leo begins escorting her downstairs.

Jordi (Nolan Sotillo) and Emma (Ciara Bravo) acknowledge their hand holding and Jordi admits to having feelings for Emma. He insists she must have feelings for him too. She admits its true, before sirens sound, which means a helicopter is arriving at the hospital. Leo continues leading Kara downstairs. After a little arguing, Leo (Charlie Rowe) leaves Kara to get help.

Nurse Dobler (Rebecca Rittenhouse) and Dr. Jack McAndrew (Dave Annable) share a conversation about granola bars. McAndrew says they’re waiting on the lab work, before Charlie can be transferred. Kara is in the hallway trying to use her phone to get help. A guy shows up and begins talking to her. Kara accepts help from Hunter (Daren Kagasoff), who puts her in elevator and hits the down button. Leo and Dobler show up with a wheelchair, but Kara is already gone. Downstairs, Kara receives help, but the nurses think she’s having contractions.

Leo joins Emma at the bingo hall, where Emma volunteers on Wednesday nights. Emma questions Leo’s presence. Leo questions when Emma is going to tell Jordi about their relationship. Of course, Emma is upset about Leo leaving with Kara. She is clearly jealous. Leo leaves Emma with a decision to make, after telling Emma he’d choose her over Kara.

As the show returns, McAndrew returns to the hospital and is greeted by Dobler. He reads the lab work for Charlie and discovers Charlie could have an infection. Until the problem is solved, Charlie cannot be transferred. Meanwhile, Jackson visits an old friend, who discusses her adventures with Doctors without Borders. Jackson explains she is there to discuss Charlie.

Kara is explained that her weakened heart couldn’t get enough oxygen, which results in a temporary loss of sight. The doctor explains they’re going to put a pacemaker in. Dash, Leo and Emma join a glass. Jordi is introduced as the new student. The students are required to pair up in groups. Emma insists that Dash become her partner, which forces Jordi and Leo to work together.

Jackson continues talking to her old friend. She learns that the Meadows facility is good, but she still doesn’t want to let Charlie go and insists Charlie’s friends are at Ocean Park. She mentions Leo’s visions of Charlie and her friend insists discussing this with McAndrew.

Kara’s mom visits and Kara insists the surgery be cancelled. She requests her mother not sign the consent form. It is obvious she is used to always getting her way. Her mother says she’ll get the pacemaker and its the end of the story, before running off to a meeting. After Kara gets upset, her mother says she can change her schedule to stay around, but Kara demands she leave, before we enter a commercial break.

As the show returns, Emma and Dash begin working on their project for prejudice. Dash tells Emma to just pick Leo and be over with it. Emma insists it isn’t that easy. She explains the aspects of each guy that she enjoys and has put them into a spreadsheet on her computer. Dash says Emma should enjoy them fighting over her and follow her gut. She explains she doesn’t understand why either of them like her, since she doesn’t even like herself. Dash says she needs to begin liking herself, but she says she doesn’t know how to do that.

Outside, Kara encounters Hunter again and bums a lighter. Kara asks whether Hunter is deaf. After a sarcastic remark, Kara recognizes Hunter’s voice and threatens him to Nurse Jackson. Of course, Hunter isn’t a patient and is only visiting his brother, who has cerebral palsy. He explains his brother’s terrible condition. Kenji (Wilson Cruz) intervenes and demands Kara to head to surgery. In a shocking twist, he demands Hunter return and get back on an IV.

Jackson’s old friend, Erin, pays a visit to McAndrew. Erin explains she wants to discuss Charlie’s case. Dobler and Kenji begin discussing Erin and Jack’s relationship. Kenji explains they developed a relationship, but Erin went to South Africa and McAndrew stayed behind. McAndrew tells Erin they’re waiting on lab work. Erin insists on bringing some outside help to assist with Charlie. Erin explains Jackson came to her with Charlie’s case and McAndrew seems upset by the revelation.

Meanwhile, Leo and Jordi are working on the assignment. Jordi seems upset with Leo. Jordi opens up about seeing Leo and Emma’s kiss. The two begin explaining their sides of the story. All of them decide to visit Kara, before her surgery. Charlie’s father, Nick, shows up to inquire about the infection. Jackson tries to ease his nerves. McAndrew confronts Jackson about her visit to Erin. McAndrew insults Jackson and insists seeking outside help is a waste of time and resources. The pair argue and McAndrew says no to bringing in outside help, before we get another commercial.

As the show returns, Kara is given a red band, as she is prepared for surgery. All of the kids arrive and give her advice. Hunter is carted past and pushed beside Kara. Hunter makes a joke about Kara having friends. She insists those people aren’t her friends. Emma, Leo and Jordi walk the hallway together. Dobler and Kenji mention the smell of young love. Kenji begins questioning whether or not Dobler has a crush on McAndrew. While he insists she doesn’t need reassurance from a doctor, he says it is nice to have someone believe in her.

Kara begins going on a wild rant, before Hunter pins her down and forces her to admit she is afraid. Hunter jokes about the pacemaker surgery and reveals he is in to get an operation for a liver. Supposedly, someone on a motorcycle crashed and died, which got Hunter his liver. Of course, Kara doesn’t believe the story.

Emma and Dash continue working on their assignment, while Jordi and Leo do the same. Of course, Jordi and Leo stay separated. Kara is put under, as Jackson talks to Charlie. Jackson insists she is doing her best to keep him in Ocean Park. She says she needs Charlie to give them a sign, to ensure the others will be keen on keeping him in his place.

As the show returns, Dobler is staring at McAndrew, before approaching and apologizing. She offers her friendship and comfort, but McAndrew insists its okay, since they broke up awhile ago. He notices the difference in the blood work and discovers the blood could have been labeled incorrectly. Dobley insists it was impossible, since Jackson labeled the blood work, which sets McAndrew into a fury.

As Kara wakes up, she finds her mother crying by her side. Kara says she is fine, but her mother continues crying. Kara hopes the surgery has helped to push her farther up the donor list. Her mother tells her she isn’t on the list, because she failed four out of five drug tests, since she’s been in the hospital. She explains real change is going to be needed and admits she hasn’t been able to change herself.

Back at class, Emma and Dash give their presentation and receive an applause. Leo and Jordi get up to provide their presentation on prejudice. They begin talking over one another and arguing. Leo pushes Jordi. And Jordi punches Leo, before Leo rushes out of the room.

As the show returns, Emma visits Leo, who is holding ice to his face. Emma admits that she is into Leo and it scares her. The pair share a kiss and embrace. Jordi arches from outside of the room, before kicking a cart. Kenji confronts him, but he continues on his way. Kara questions Kenji about Hunter’s surgery. Kenji insists he can’t answer. Hunter surprises Hunter and confronts him about the toothpicks in her room. Turns out he didn’t have surgery at all. The pair seem destined for something.

On the rooftop, Dash tries to comfort Jordi, who says he doesn’t care, is sick of them and sick of being sick. He says he wants to be alone, before ripping off his red band and throwing it over the building’s edge.

McAndrew confronts Jackson and says he is willing to bring in outside help. McAndrew insists it is his job to do the right thing and tells Jackson he was forced to report her for altering Charlie’s lab work. Charlie’s narration justifies Jackson’s actions, before the episode ends.


Red Band Society continues getting better each week. We finally got to see the explosion of the love triangle between Jordi, Leo and Emma, which went a little further than expected. Kara is developing slowly but surely. Perhaps she’ll be likable, before too long? Her character will definitely become more interesting, if Hunter sticks around.

On the other hand, the Jackson and McAndrew plot was great and suspenseful. Overall, I liked this episode tremendously. For that, this episode deserves an 8 out of 10.

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