Red Band Society: How Did We Get Here? Review

In latest episode of Red Band Society, Kara and Hunter’s relationship begin to warm. While Leo and Emma grow closer, Emma receives some stunning news. Meanwhile, Dr. Jack McAndrew (Dave Annable) attempts to rekindle his tryst with Dr. Erin Grace (Mandy Moore).

When the show opens, we see a montage of the patients behaving badly and McAndrew sporting a nasty black eye. Next, Jordi (Nolan Sotillo) signs the papers to get emancipated. The only problem? He doesn’t have the money to pay the court costs. A celebrity, Delaney Shaw, is checked into the hospital and quickly begins making trouble for Nurse Dobler (Rebecca Rittenhouse) and Kenji (Wilson Cruz).

Andrew questions Dobler and discovers that she is going on a date. Afterwards, he chats with Dr. Grace, who brings up old feelings. Meanwhile, Kara (Zoe Levin) and Hunter (Daren Kagasoff) are making out in the bathroom, before being caught by Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer). Jackson tells Kara the pair shouldn’t be together and it’ll only lead to problems.

Emma (Ciara Bravo) meets with her counselor and attempts to convince her she has improved. At the same time, Leo (Charlie Rowe) is seen working out diligently. Both Emma and Leo receive news that they could potentially be sent home early.

When the show returns, Dash enters and listens to Delaney Shaw (Bella Thorne) singing. Afterwards, McAndrew tells Jackson he is thinking about getting back together with Dr. Grace. Leo and Emma discuss the possibility of getting out of the hospital. Leo seems confident about the future of their relationship once they get out, but Emma does not.

Meanwhile, Kara removes her heart monitor and places it onto an old man, which gives her and Hunter some free time. McAndrew discovers that Erin already has a potential love interest, Sam Houston (Donny Boaz). Shaw questions Dash about his condition. After Dash makes a proposition, Jordi enters and tells Shaw about his musical talent. She is willing to let Jordi speak to her manager for ten minutes, if he gives her ten painkillers.

In order to get time with Shaw’s manager, Jordi tries to convince Dash to help him get drugs. McAndrew is upset with Erin and says she blindsided him with Sam. Afterwards, Jordi wanders around the hospital, in hopes of getting the painkillers, by chatting with older patients. He successfully steals the medication, while Kara attempts to track down a condom, by speaking with Emma. Of course, she is insulted and sent away empty handed.

Afterwards, McAndrew encounters Nurse Dobler at the bar, with her date. McAndrew attempts to break up the date by saying that Dobler is pregnant. She responds with a crazy yarn of her own. After her date flees, Dobler thanks him for getting her out of a terrible date. Afterwards, the pair share a drink. Shaw calls Dash into her room and gets him to pierce her belly button, before trying to make out with him. Jordi breaks up the encounter, with eight pills, which gets him eight minutes. Jordi plays a song for Shaw.

While Jordi plays, Emma and Leo meet on the roof, where Leo has setup a romantic dinner. The pair discuss their life, as if they were outside of the hospital. The romantic encounter is ruined, when Leo’s shoe catches fire. In the meantime, McAndrew and Dobler continue drinking and growing closer, before the pair kiss. After the kiss, McAndrew suggests it was a bad idea.

Kara returns to Hunter, who has obtained a condom. Of course, Kara beings confessing to her relationship troubles and growing bored of her ex-lovers. After a little contemplation, the pair agree to wait till tomorrow. Hunter unexpectedly passes out.

After Jordi finishes playing, Delaney compliments his skills, but refuses to introduce him to her managers. She gives him money for the pills and we switch back to Kara, who discovers Hunter’s parents have arrived, which makes her worry about his condition. Jackson tells her this is what she meant earlier in the episode about getting hurt. Next, Dobler wakes up in McAndrew’s bed. Jack suggests keeping the news of their relationship secret and says he was hoping this was a one night stand. Dobler punches him in the eye, before leaving.

Afterwards, Leo delivers a present to Emma, which turns out to be chocolates. Emma refuses and gets upset, before admitting her condition hasn’t improved. She suggests Leo should go home and forget all about her. When the show returns, Leo’s physical therapist (Omer Mughal) says he has one or two more weeks at the hospital. Erin questions McAndrew about his black eye. Erin admits to still thinking about their relationship.

While Emma is allowed to be released, Leo is left behind. Before she leaves, Leo suggests she tell everyone the truth, but she leaves her red band behind and makes her exit.


Overall, much of the episode felt like a soft core porno. Much of the romance was unnecessary. While it was nice to see Dobler finally have her wish come true, it was quickly soiled. Emma has discovered how to manipulate her therapist, which results in her being sent home. How will Leo cope with the news? While Fox has halted production of the show, we will still get to see the fall finale next week, which will hopefully pull together any loose ends. From there, who knows what the future holds? We can only hope it doesn’t contain anymore cheesy, over sexualized episodes of Red Band Society.

For that, this episode deserves a 7 out of 10.

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