Red Band Society: Get Outta My Dreams Review

At the end of the last episode, Charlie (Griffin Gluck) finally woke up from his coma. In this episode, Dr. Naday (Adrian Lester) visits the hospital to treat Charlie, which was Nurse Jackson’s (Octavia Spencer) decision. Will she soon regret her actions? On the other hand, Dash, Jordi and Emma begin looking for a special gift, while Kara (Zoe Levin) discovers the truth about Hunter (Daren Kagasoff).

The show opens with everyone gathering around Charlie, who is finally awake. While his eyes are open, he isn’t moving or talking. Next, the Red Band crew visit Dash and let him know about Charlie’s condition. Their group consider getting Charlie a gift. Meanwhile, Hunter gets a visitor.

Dr. McAndrew (Dave Annable) inspects Charlie and attempts to get him to communicate. While he has lost his motor skills, Charlie is responsive. McAndrew demands to go through with the tests, despite Dr. Naday arriving soon.

Dash questions Jordi, if he’d ever been rejected by a female before. He remembers a time, when he was younger and got rejected. Jordi (Nolan Sotillo) says he doesn’t know how to be around them. Dash tells him to just be cool. Meanwhile, Charlie’s parents visit and get an update on his condition. During the commotion, Dr. Naday arrives. Naday is definitely unconventional.

Kara is upset that Hunter has a girlfriend. She discusses her troubles with Nurse Dobler (Rebecca Rittenhouse). Dobler quotes Oprah and gives everyone douche chills. Meanwhile, Charlie’s parents interrogate their son. Naday insists they calm down. Jackson attempts to provide Naday with Charlie’s patient history, but he blows her off. He plays around on his phone and suggests a sandwich. Afterwards, he takes a selfie, which Charlie.

Meanwhile, the Red Band Crew is out in the city and searching for their gifts. Emma Chota (Ciara Bravo) reluctantly eats one of Leo’s chips. Next, Kara and Dobler are seen meditating. The mysterious girl (Jes Macallan) with Hunter enters and confronts Kara. Much to Kara’s surprise, she introduces herself as Hunter’s sister.

When the show returns, the crew has entered a pet store. Dash buys Charlie an iguana. Before they leave, Emma seems frustrated with the chip residue on her fingertips. Meanwhile, Naday and Charlie’s father play some tunes together, including Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine”.

Hunter’s sister begins telling Kara about Hunter’s secrets. She reveals that Hunter is suffered from leukemia and had a previously failed transplant. She came to give him her live, but he adamantly refuses the offer. She suggests Kara talk some sense into her brother. Meanwhile, McAndrew confronts Jackson and questions Naday’s eccentric techniques.

Dash, Leo and Jordi go to a strip club, in an effort to get a stripper for Charlie. Meanwhile, Emma goes to the bathroom and washes the food residue from her fingers. Dash attempts to bribe the bouncer, with an Abraham Lincoln. Next, Leo (Charlie Rowe) tries to use his cancer, as a way to get in. Of course, the bouncer is too smart for them. The boys leave without a woman. Meanwhile, Kara begins trying to change her appearance. Naday continues playing music, with Nick (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and Dobler.

McAndrew questions Naday about his techniques. Despite McAndrew’s questions, Naday insists his time would be better spent with Charlie. Kara skateboards through the hospital and runs into Hunter. Hunter questions Kara about her new clothes, before telling her to stay away from him and his family.

Meanwhile the Red Band crew gets hotdogs from a roach coach. As Jordi’s car is towed away, Emma throws her hotdog in the garbage. McAndrew visit Erin and demands Naday be sent away. It seems their relationship is on the mend, as Dobler walks by and catches them holding hands.

Kara confronts Hunter and says she is done trying to impress him. She also calls him an idiot for refusing to take his sister’s liver. Hunter tells Kara about his younger brother, Jack, who jumped from their roof into the pool, fell into a coma and died. He is afraid for his sister’s safety during the operation.

Meanwhile, the Red Band crew is running out of luck. They have no gifts and the vehicle has been towed. To make matters worse, Leo’s leg is bleeding and Dash is beginning to cough. Leo and Dash grab the bus, which leaves Emma and Jordi alone. Meanwhile, McAndrew suggests he will make it work with Naday, since Erin’s job is on the line. Nurse Jackson begins to doubt her decision to bring in Naday.

Kara explains the situation to Hunter’s sister. She suggests Hunter’s sister shouldn’t act without Hunter’s permission, as it will only drive him further away. When the show returns, Jordi speaks with Emma and says he is happy she is eating. He thinks Emma is mad at him. Very awkward.

Meanwhile, Naday is playing the guitar, when Jackson tells him to pack his belongings and leave. She tells Naday he is a fraud, but he suggests he has made process. He finds out that Charlie is an only child and Nick has moved out of the family home. It is clear that Naday has been working to bring Charlie’s parents back together, which he thinks will help Charlie. Jackson decides to let him stay, so he enters Charlie’s room and plays “I would walk 500 miles” with Nick.

Hunter and Kara share a kiss. Meanwhile, Emma returns and learns about the Iguana eating the origami paper. Leo says they’re just going to order pizza for Charlie and Emma doesn’t have to eat any of it, which upsets her and she refuses to eat the dinner that Dobler brings her.

Leo, Dash and Jordi try to lure Charlie awake with the pizza. The iguana is spotted on the ground in Charlie’s room. The episode ends with Emma on the floor cleaning up her mess.


With Charlie finally awake, the crew has a new purpose. They seek out a gift for their friend. Meanwhile, the crazy, eccentric Naday arrives at the hospital and pretty much just gives Charlie a concert each day. Of course, there is a method to his madness. It was touching to see how he attempted to bring Charlie’s parents back together.

On the other hand, Emma is beginning to lose control. Is she freaking out over her anorexia? Or is it just boy problems? Either way, it was a little difficult not to feel sorry for her, despite her acting out like a spoiled brat. This was a fun episode and it was cool to see the crew attempt to go above and behind to get Charlie a good gift. This episode deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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