Red Band Review S1.E4

The episode opens with a nice narration about coming home and friendships. We’ve already got the big event for the episode, Homecoming. That was fairly obvious from the title of the episode. Kara (Zoe Levin) is already in the swing of things, as Becky brings her some outfits to try on. In the meanwhile, Leo is attempting to get his legs underneath him. Of course, he is still struggling with his new leg.
We learn that Nurse Dobler (Rebecca Rittenhouse) has broken up with her boyfriend. She doesn’t seem too upset about it quite frankly and quickly changes her social media status to reflect this. Jordi’s mother, Eva, is fully embracing her new role, of actually being a mother. She is already browsing for jobs closer to the hospital. Jordi questions whether or not he’ll ever get out of the hospital. Of course, Eva gives him reassurance.
Emma (Ciara Bravo) is still struggling with her condition, as Dash shows up to interrogate her about her relationships with Leo (Charlie Rowe) and Jordi. Dash is instantly protective of Leo. Kara continues stressing out about the homecoming, while Dobler is finally showing the stress of her breakup. Nurse Jackson catches Eva hoarding doughnuts. She instantly begins to smart mouth Eva, who is well aware of Jackson’s feelings for her.
Emma and Nurse Dobler share a little dress up and Emma explains that she wasn’t popular at school and never attended homecoming. Dobler expresses her concern that Emma is becoming too comfortable with life at the hospital and insists that she join her for homecoming. Sounds the homecoming is going to turn into a showdown between Emma and Kara.
Leo has a new outlook on life, as he discovers the possibility of playing soccer, with his new leg. Nurse Jackson has setup training sessions for Leo. Eva and Dr. Jack McAndrew are working through Eva’s motherhood problems together. The doctor confronts Nurse Jackson over her actions against Eva and tells her to back off. Jackson continues to belittle Eva, as she questions McAndrew’s motives.
Kara and Becky begin preparing for the homecoming. Kara gets all dolled up, with the help of Becky. The mood is quickly destroyed, when Kara begins harassing Emma and insisting that Emma doesn’t come along. Of course, Dobler takes control of the situation and refuses to leave Emma behind. Within seconds, the pair enter the homecoming dance. Definitely a sad moment for Emma, until Leo shows up looking dapper and carrying a red rose. The pair take to the dance floor.
Leo says all of the right things, as the pair share a moment on the dance floor. It seems their relationship is beginning to kick back into full swing. Emma is obviously enjoying the attention. Back at the hospital, Dash and Jordi are playing poker. Dash isn’t very good and continues losing. Eva shows up and gives Jordi some money, to which Dash claims Eva to be awesome. Of course, I still don’t believe this to be true.
Kara is shown having a terrible time at homecoming. She tries to assert her power over the other cheerleaders. Leo encounters an old friend, while grabbing drinks for Emma and himself. His old friend is definitely inconsiderate. Leo is insulted, by the individual, before the show heads into a commercial. This homecoming is beginning to turn into a moment from Carrie.
Emma is seen sitting at a table alone, as two girls approach. They immediately begin commenting on Emma’s small figure and praise her for it. They begin parading her around like something out of a freak show. Back at the hospital, Dash and Jordi begin growing closer, as they are seen at the theater. Jordi finally discovers that Dash is getting close in an attempt to protect Emma. Jordi admits that he isn’t going to throw away his friendships for a girl. He doesn’t seem too confident in his mother sticking around, which Dash disagrees with.
Kara’s night continues to grow worse, after getting raped (her words) by Anna. The other cheerleaders have put together a video montage, in which they all discuss Kara, as if she is already dead. Definitely a lowblow from the mean girls. Back at the hospital, Eva gets into trouble with the doctor for allowing Jordi to leave the hospital. She propositions Dr. to a drink, which he turns down.
Back at the dance, Dobler is alone on the bleachers, as she begins sobbing. As Kara is leaving, she runs into Leo. She begins telling a sob story about her fall from grace. Leo describes Kara as a Tony Soprano, before she runs out and insists that she doesn’t like pity. Now, the home coming queen selection. Kara wins the honors, but is escorted to the stage in a wheelchair, which she obviously finds humiliating.
Eva is alone at the hospital. Nurse Jackson has a conservation with her and apologizes for her actions. Jackson admits to having no children of her own, which Eva uses to her advantage. Leo rejoins Emma, who is quickly falling into bad relations with her two new friends. On the stage, Kara continues being the blunt of all of the jokes. The tribute video is beginning to play on stage, as Leo stops the action. He begins insulting Kara on stage. Of course, Kara loved the effort and kisses Leo. Emma is left in the distance alone.
At the theater, Jordi passes out. As the show returns, Jordi is back at the hospital. Jackson explains that he is suffering from the effects of the chemotherapy. Eva attempts to comfort Jordi, to the best of her ability. Kara and Emma are both upset, while Leo seems torn between the two. Eva escapes Jordi’s room in order to get ginger ale. Of course, the good doctor follows her.
Back to Emma, who is obviously upset with Leo. She instantly attacks Leo for standing up for Kara. Leo says that no one pities Emma, since her condition is self-induced and she doesn’t need to be in the hospital. Jordi is left alone, as she stares out the window. He catches the doctor and his mother arguing on the street below, before Eva escapes in a taxi. A flashback shows Eva putting a young Jordi on a city bus alone. Has she abandoned him once again?
Back at the hospital, Jackson and Dr. Jack share a conversation. Jack explains that Eva wants no guardianship of Jordi and he is well on his way to becoming a ward of the state. The pair seem compelled to protect Jordi. Kara is getting an update on the homecoming. Of course, she claims that she no longer cares. She declares to never go back to the school. She runs her friend off. Charlie’s father shows up and begins playing guitar.
Leo turns down the offer for training sessions, as he doesn’t want to be a sob story and would prefer to be a regular guy. Emma sits down for lunch, as she browses through the pictures on her phone. She instantly pushes away the food. It seems as though she is going to continue worsening her condition. A montage and narration from Charlie, about home and friendship, takes us to the end of the show.

Overall, the episode definitely paced itself well. A lot of character development took place including Leo growing comfortable with his condition, Emma’s condition worsening and Dash growing closer to Jordi. Of course, it is likely Kara that has changed the most, during the episode. It seems the episode finally put an end to Eva, who has likely disappeared into the night.
This was certainly a strong episode that played on emotions, with Emma at the dance and Jordi and his mother. This was a good episode that deserved an 8 out of 10.

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