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Rectify Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Daniel Holden (Aden Young) finally meets with his PTSD therapist. He tells the man about being attacked in the showers and raped by several other inmates. The conversation is recorded. Daniel explains that the inmates cheered one another on, as they took turns raping him. After the intro scene, we jump over to Paulie. Janet (J. Smith-Cameron) and Jared (Jake Austin Walker) sell their old belongings online. Janet makes a total of $185.50 on her old bicycle. Ted Jr. (Clayne Crawford) and Ted Sr. (Bruce McKinnon) look at property together. Teddy admits the location is nice, but he finally tells his father the truth. He tells Ted that they no longer need to look after one another. He also admits he doesn’t know if he even wants to continue selling tires.

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Meanwhile, Jon Stern (Luke Kirby) meets with Amantha (Abigail Spencer) at the skating rink. Moments later, Bobby Dean (Linds Edwards) enters and apologizes to Amantha for attacking Daniel. Amantha refuses to accept the apology. Bobby hands over a note from his mother to Janet, before leaving. Meanwhile, Daniel returns to Chloe’s (Caitlin FitzGerald) place and tells her about his therapy session. He reveals the therapist wants him to relive the event over and over again, until it becomes boring. Daniel also pressures Chloe into getting off of the couch and begin packing her belongings.

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Next, Amantha interrupts Jared and Janet’s attic treasure hunt. She demands that the pair better not sell her belongings. Amantha makes a snooty comment about Janet spending time with Jared, before handing over the letter. She also tells her mother about Bobby Dean’s apology. Sondra Person (Sharon Conley) meets with Sheriff Daggett (JD Evermore) and former Sheriff Pickens (Frank Hoyt Taylor). Pickens admits he always knew this day would come. They take their seats and Pickens begins to tell them about the investigation into Hanna’s death. Ted Junior, who has returned to smoking, gets a knock at the door. He is surprised to fine Tawney (Adelaide Clemens) standing outside.

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The pair speaks about their upcoming divorce, while agreeing to find a mediator. Then, Teddy tells Tawney about his conversation with his father. Tawney also reveals she told Janet about their divorce. Teddy admits he doesn’t know what he’ll do now, but contemplates finding a job and working for the man. Tawney speaks about her own future plans. She insists she wants to finish school and then help others. After the conversation, Teddy convinces Tawney to go out for pizza as friends. Back at the station, Pickens speaks about the rumors regarding Hanna and her sexual behavior. He explains that the boys were questioned about those rumors, while Holden was questioned throughout the day.

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He admits Trey and George were questioned. While Trey denied everything, George changed his tune after being pressed by Roland. Pickens explains that Roland was concerned George was nervous about something he had seen and not something he had done. Pickens alludes to the fact that Roland subtly put Daniel’s name in George’s mouth. He also confirms he got tunnel vision, but claims Roland had it far worse. Then, the former Sheriff explains they confronted Daniel with George’s allegations. He reveals that Daniel denied everything at first, but changed his statement after 10 hours of interrogation. Sondra asks Pickens about Daniel’s claim that the other boys had sex with Hanna and he did not.

rectify season 4 sheriff pickens

He admits he wanted to question George more, but Roland set him free after Daniel confessed. He also explains how Trey behaved after being confronted with the allegations. He admits Trey asked Roland to repeat what George said and Roland did. Otherwise, Trey sat there and seemed to contemplate something. Then, Trey insisted he didn’t see any sexual intercourse between Daniel and Hanna. However, Trey did admit to seeing them arguing with one another. Pickens confirms they didn’t believe Trey, but was never able to get him to break. Pickens eventually reveals they felt that Trey was protecting his friend, Daniel, with his lies. Next, Pickens turns his attention to Chris.

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Pickens reveals that Chris’ father is Roger Nelms and was a big supporter of Roland. Pickens admits he doesn’t know what Roger’s role was. He explains that Roger took his sweet time bringing his son down to the station that day. Roger, who is a lawyer, refused to allow his son to be questioned without being by his side. Pickens confirms Daniel mentioned a Chris during his testimony. He also admits that Roland and Roger had a conversation in private. Pickens begins to explain that Roger had big plans for his son. He admits a rape charge wouldn’t have been a part of those plans. Chris was also afraid of his father, so Pickens could easily see him being led by his dad. We learn that it was Roland’s idea not to speak with Chris officially right away.

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Next, we jump back to Chloe’s place. She has now decided to help pack, but not for long. She stops and returns to her book, before alluding to the fact that she doesn’t want to leave. Daniel admits he probably isn’t good for her. She also tells her he just wants the best for her. Eventually, Chloe asks Daniel if he likes Harry Nilsson. He admits he doesn’t know who that is. Chloe puts on a record and urges Daniel to ask her to dance. He does. Chloe is impressed with Daniel’s moves, which he learned from his mother. Meanwhile, Janet tosses out some of her belongings. The noisy neighbor asks her about her actions, before Teddy arrives. Teddy tells Janet it is time to tell his father about his divorce. She agrees to be there when he breaks the news.

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They head out back and Teddy finally musters up the courage to tell his father the truth. Ted Sr. handles the news fairly well. Teddy is told he shouldn’t be alone and he is always welcome at their home. Ted Sr. heads inside to clean up. Amantha receives a visit from Jenny Paar (Rebecca Henderson) at Thrifty Town. They head outside and speak in private. After getting caught up, Amantha apologizes for just disappearing. Jenny insists there is no reason to apologize, before they joke about Amantha’s new line of work. Janet heads inside and offers to scrub Ted’s back. Ted seems distraught over the news. They express their love for one another.

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Next, Daniel sits on his bed listening to something on his phone. Pickle (John Marshall Jones) enters and tells Daniel he found a job at a dryer cleaners. Pickle explains his mother’s reaction to the news. Daniel is invited to the celebration, before Pickle leaves. Daniel turns the audio back on. We hear the audio, which is his own testimony during the therapy session at the beginning of the episode.


Rectify Review

The 7th episode of Rectify’s last season was most certainly impactful. The episode pushed us closer towards the final conclusion. With help from Chloe, Daniel finally took steps to overcome his problems. Daniel’s testimony to the therapist was very dramatic. The Daniel character isn’t the only one to evolve drastically over the series.

Ted Jr. has also changed. He has mellowed out, while also forcing himself to break away from his father. In fact, he has become very likeable this season. And finally, the interview with Sheriff Pickens was definitely insightful.

While I’ve enjoyed most episodes this season, I am somewhat concerned with the rate at which things are playing out. The finale will need to cover a great deal in order to deliver a fitting conclusion. I am afraid those watching the show to learn the truth about Hanna’s death may be disappointed. Will we get a cliffhanger or the truth?

I hope I am wrong. Nonetheless, this episode was great. A 9 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Rectify right now!



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