Rectify Season 3 Premiere Recap

Teddy Jr (Clayne Crawford) learns that it is too late from him to press charges, as the plea deal is already done. Sheriff Daggett (JD Evermore) informs him that Daniel (Aden Young) will have approximately 30 days to leave the area. At home, Daniel confronts Ted Sr (Bruce McKinnon), who is working on the kitchen. Daniel offers to help, but Sr. seems to want nothing to do with it.

Senator Ronald Foulkes (Michael O’Neill) is questioned by DA Sondra Person (Sharon Conley) about Christopher. Foulkes blows it off and congratulates her for convincing him to go along with the plea deal. He suggests they can all go on now. Foulkes speaks about Daniel’s previous trial and Hanna’s potential sleeping around. Teddy Jr returns home and imagines he hears Tawney (Adelaide Clemens). Amantha Holden (Abigail Spencer) meets with Jon Stern (Luke Kirby) at the bar. Stern reveals he has packed up and is leaving.

Stern tells Amantha that Daniel confesses, but he insists he doesn’t think Daniel truly knows. Stern insists Daniel needs help, but Amantha doesn’t seem interested in lending a helping hand. Jared (Jake Austin Walker) hangs out with a girl friend, Claire, and speaks about Daniel’s new confession. Ted Jr and Janet (J. Smith-Cameron) prepare the food, while they speak about Tawney, who hasn’t been returning Janet’s calls.

The trio have dinner and Daniel claims to be unable to remember an old restaurant. Teddy Jr enters during the meal and an awkward moment ensues, before Teddy Jr congratulates Daniel and tells him about Tawney’s miscarriage. Tawney is shown at a diner calling Kathy and attempting to plan a visit. Teddy Jr prepares to leave, before Janet offers to fix Tawney a plate and he agrees. Teddy asks to speak to Daniel in private, as they head outside.

Teddy Jr questions about Tawney’s whereabouts and why Daniel told Tawney about the coffee grains attack. Daniel insists he was hoping it would help Tawney clarify things. Teddy suggests Daniel put his spin on the attack and claims Daniel was trying to have Tawney. He insists he’ll press charges, if he finds out they were together. Carl Daggett and DA Sondra inspect George Melton’s corpse.

Daggett confirms he isn’t going to speak with the Senator about the investigation. He mentions speaking to George’s father, who insisted his son was depressed, before he contemplates the death being a suicide. That night, Daniel wakes up Teddy Sr, while sanding wood. Teddy Sr insists Daniel tell Janet what he did to Teddy Jr. He also suggests Daniel leave and stay with Amantha, until he leaves.

The next day, Daggett watches divers search for the gun, but they do not find it. Janet confronts Teddy Sr and Jared about Daniel, who has disappeared. Jared learns about the miscarriage, before Janet heads to Teddy JR’s to look for Tawney. Meanwhile, Tawney is shown at Beth’s house. Beth speaks about her therapy with her husband. Janet arrives at Teddy’s and learns about Tawney’s disappearance.

In a flashback, Daniel is led into the death chamber and sits across from the lethal injection chair. In the present, Daniel visits the park and speaks with a mother. Daniel insists he only came to read, before he departs. Next, Amantha is shown at work. She speaks with her boss, who thanks her for opening up the shop. She reveals the previous worker is coming back and suggests Amantha needs to go to college, otherwise she’ll need to get rid of her.

Teddy Jr receives a call from Tawney. Teddy Jr tells about his visit with Janet. Tawney reveals she is staying with Mitch and Beth. Teddy pleads with Tawney to come home, but she insists she needs time.In a flashback, Daniel seems himself being strapped to the lethal injection chair. He speaks to himself about his last words and his mother being at the execution. He insists it is just a game that happens over and over again and they just want to get it over with anyway.

In the present, Amantha confronts Daniel outside. Daniel asks permission to stay for awhile. She insists she cannot he his keeper, but she agrees to let him stay. Senator Foulkes is shown at the cafe. The Senator has a stroke.



Wow, Rectify is just as slow as ever and that is what makes it so special. What it lacks in action, it makes up for in emotion! The show oozes emotional and mostly bleakness. Everyine is together, but everyone seems so lonely and depressed. The take on the death penalty was brilliant and couldn’t have been truer. Overall, an excellent premiere. A 9 out of 10 is deserved.

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