Rectify Season 3 Finale Recap

When the episode opens, Daggett (J.D. Evermore), DA Sondra Person (Sharon Conley) and Christopher listen to Trey’s voicemail that he left for Christopher. Chris tells them about his conversation with George Melton and admits he told George not to tell, before he insists he has changed and isn’t the same person, as he was back then. He says it wasn’t premeditated, before he admits that they raped Hanna Dean.


Ted Sr (Bruce McKinnon) speaks with Janet, before Janet announces her trip with Daniel (Aden Young). Janet informs Ted about Teddy wanting to stay over, so Tawney (Adelaide Clemens) can move back home. They agree to speak about it later, before Janet departs. Daniel speaks to Jon (Luke Kirby) and learns about his requirement for meeting with the  probation office in Tennessee. Amantha (Abigail Spencer) arrives with food, before Janet arrives and attempts to steal Daniel’s fritters.


Christopher and his lawyer continue speaking about Hanna. Chris reveals Hanna was apologizing and pleading with them not to tell Daniel. He admits Trey (Sean Bridgers) agreed not to tell. He also says Trey threatened him, in order to keep him quiet. He reveals that Trey arrived at his house early the next day and insists they needed to change their story in case Hanna claimed rape. He admits to being at the sheriff’s station, but never being questioned. Chris admits he felt relieved, when Daniel admitted to the rape and murder. He insists he didn’t know that Hanna was dead, when Trey arrived at his home that morning.


Next, Daniel and Amantha say their goodbyes, before Jon and Daniel do the same. Ted Jr (Clayne Crawford) lets Tawney into the home, before telling her than Daniel is leaving and not coming back. She questions about the kitchen project, before Ted admits he ended up finishing it. Before Teddy leaves, Tawney admits she wants to change the locks. Teddy reluctantly agrees. The pair share an awkward goodbye, before Teddy leaves with his belongings.


Daniel and Janet drive along, while reminiscing about old times. The pair agree to take a side trip. Next, Trey enters and begins speaking to Sheriff Daggett. The sheriff questions him about the last time he used the handgun, which was found beside his bed. They discuss the day, after Daniel was released, but Trey insists he cannot remember it. The conversation switches to Chris and Trey admits he left a message, but can’t remember what it was. Jon Stern and Amantha discuss their futures.


Amantha thanks Jon, but he insists Daniel would’ve been better off with someone, who was less distracted, before he departs. Daniel is shown staring at the prison from afar. Back in the car, he tells Janet he sometimes wanted to walk up to the front gate and ask them to let him back into his box. He says today he wants to go to the beach and tell Janet about Kerwin (Johnny Ray Gill). They switch seats, so Daniel can drive, before continuing on their trip.


After a break, Daggett confronts Trey about the rape. Trey admits to having sex with Hanna, but insists it was consensual. The pair continue sparing back and forth, before Trey finally says he’ll tell what really happened. He insists he didn’t kill George. He reveals the truth about George’s suicide, but Daggett doesn’t believe him. The Holden road trip continues, until Daniel and Janet arrive at the beach. Daniel speaks about the rehabilitation program and seems to have a little bit of hope. He winds up playing ball with a young boy.


Daniel wades in the water. We see a flashback, in which he imagines Tawney visiting him in prison. Tawney insists he is lost and lonely. They speak about God and Tawney losing her belief. They continue speaking for awhile. The pair begin to kiss, before Tawney is shown relaxing on her bed. After a break, Senator Roland Foulkes (Michael O’Neill) gets a visit from Jon Stern. Jon speaks to him about the investigation into George Melton’s murder. He speaks about the statue of limitations of rape and alludes to Trey knowing about a different crime.


He threatens to expose the Senator and finally clear Daniel, but the Senator isn’t scared. Amantha discovers Ted Jr at Janet’s house. He reveals that Jared (Jake Austin Walker) and Ted Sr are out. Meanwhile, Daniel and Janet enjoy a classy dinner. Janet hands over Daniel’s checkbook and ATM card, before they share a mini dance. Meanwhile, Amantha and Ted Jr share Chinese together. They speak about Amantha’s non-relationship, as well as Teddy’s marriage troubles, before agreeing to play cards.


At the Sheriff’s department, Trey continues insisting George committed suicide. He admits to planting the gun in George’s trailer. They decide to keep Trey overnight, so they can search for the bullets, at George’s suicide spot, in the morning. Amantha and Ted play cards, before Jared enters and joins them. In the morning, Trey shows the police the place of George’s suicide. They’re unable to find anything, since the river is too high. They arrest Trey for the murder of George.


Daniel and Janet finally arrive at their destination. They speak about Daniel having a roommate, before Ted Sr and Jr finally finish up the kitchen. Ted Sr speaks to his son about his mother and Teddy insists he always thought it was his fault somehow. Ted Sr admits it wasn’t all Margret’s fault and admits to seeking out attention from another woman. He says he hopes Teddy will do all he can to save his marriage. Daniel insists Janet stays outside, while he goes inside alone.


Before he does, he tells Janet to try and forgive herself, since he did the best she could. The episode ends, with Daniel entering his her residence.


Rectify Finale Review

The finale episode of Rectify was very good and strongly emotional. Trey and Chris finally admitted to raping Hanna, but many questions still remain. The imaginary flashback involving Tawney and Daniel was very interesting. With Trey arrested for the murder of George, it is likely Daniel will be forced back to Paulie one way or another.


With questions still remaining, we’ll have to hold on tight, until Rectify Season 4 airs! The finale was great. Extremely sad. A 9 out of 10 is deserved.

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